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37+3, intense discomfort in pelvis, sore back & nausea

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leannac Thu 14-Feb-13 14:45:49

I got to sleep finally last night by sitting up. I've googled spd & sounds like could be that although also sounds like could be labour. Ach, who knows! Everything at this stage is a mystery. Thanks for advice though. I'm planning a home birth & my midwife I've seen for all apts is on hols til next fri so was partly hoping to hang on til then but if bubba wants to come sooner then not much I can do about it! LOVING the sound if a 1.5hr labour as dd1 was horrific traumatic birth. Maybe this baby is getting nice & low ready to make things easier. Does spd feel a bit like you need to do an enormous poo out of your vagina? Is that the kind of pain we are talking about?

BettyandDon Thu 14-Feb-13 13:51:30

It sounds like SPD? I had this and my labour was 1.5 hrs. Baby was very low almost fell out smile.

There is not much they can recommend for SPD except rest. I wasn't able to lie on my side and had to sleep sitting up hmm

Maybe ask the MW at next visit?

LibertineLover Thu 14-Feb-13 13:49:15

Sounds like baby getting ready to me, call your midwife, see what she says, good luck smile

JollyRedGiant Thu 14-Feb-13 13:47:53

I would call your midwife or labour ward for a chat. Could be the start of labour!

leannac Thu 14-Feb-13 13:46:24

I'm 37 weeks & 3 days with my second baby. First baby had no symptoms (aside from a show a week earlier), one day contractions just started & that was proper labour.

For past 24 hrs my back has been really really sore (can't sleep sore), I've had constant nausea & the weirdest part is feeling like I've got a bowling ball (or something equally as heavy & hard!) trying to come out! My vagina feels sore & swollen, my inner thighs even ache & my lower tummy/top of pelvis is really tight & uncomfortable.

Is this just cos I have no muscles left inside after dd1 (naughty mummy should have done her pelvic floor exercises) & I might be in this much pain & discomfort for another 3-5 weeks or does this level of discomfort & baby so low usually mean labour won't be long away? I've not been able to sleep much past couple nights as just can't find a position that's not painful & don't want to resort to taking painkillers now when have lasted 37 weeks without any !

Still feeling lots of kicks & have acid reflux too, both of which are confusing me as I was under the impression you only get these when baby high ??

Can anyone help ?

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