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Has anyone information or experience of Pelvic Renal Dilatition

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donotshoutatmummy Thu 14-Feb-13 18:04:17


My first daughter had this, but only in one kidney. We found out at 20 week scan and obviously was very worried. The sonographer said they usually settle down by 32 weeks, so we had another scan then and her right kidney was really swollen and holding loads of wee. We ended up seeing a neonatal nephrologist (kidney doctor).

To cut a long story short, and every case is different, DD1 was born with this problem (hydronephrosis) and was started on trimethoprim (an antibiotic) from birth. She had a narrow tube exiting the kidney and this could only be fixed by removing that piece of tube. She had the op at 4 months of age. She was on antibiotics for a year. She is fine now.

As I said every case is different. My fingers are crossed for you as I know how stressful the whole thing was.


FrillsandLaces Wed 13-Feb-13 19:54:49

I had my 20 +2 day scan today and it showed a problem with my little boys kidneys and bladder. His bladder is too big and both of his kidneys are swollen. One is measuring at 10mm and I think the average size is meant to be 7mm? I have a scan on friday with a consultant. Does anybody have any experience of this? Im worried whats going to happen from now on

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