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What are you most looking forwards to/ or not after baby is born!

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Countmyblessings Wed 13-Feb-13 14:42:27

I'm looking forwards to - the end of heartburn,insomnia constant peeing, feeling full after only half my meal! And the dreaded spd!!!!!
Not looking forwards to - the wave of intrusive family members,non - helpful tips ( like I'm a 1st time mum)
The after pain (dc4) I expect it too hurt!

Have I missed anything?

FoofFighter Fri 15-Feb-13 18:50:38

You can safely eat Stilton and smoked salmon!

Discolite Fri 15-Feb-13 19:10:10

Hi Count, my due date twin!

I'm looking forward: to meeting my baby
Finding out if its a boy or a girl
Seeing my DP hold our baby
Seeing my mum with her first grandchild
Having a pint
Poached eggs
Walking/running quickly!

I'm not looking forward to: sleep deprivation
This sounds ungrateful but highly gendered clothing gifts
The fear that comes with being a mum for the first time and not knowing how I'll cope with the massive change in my life.

The good definitely outweighs the bad though.

Countmyblessings Fri 15-Feb-13 19:33:14

It really seems that we are all -
Forwards to - seeing baby after all this time, I just want to see who it looks like as none of my other dc3 look like me at all!
Different foods without having heartburn and drinking gallons of gaviscon or crunching rennies!!!!!
You cheese lovers seem to be on a mouth dribbling countdown!
With 4 weeks to go Disco - I just need a sleep without the internal kicks, punches and trips to the loo!!!!!!!!

Not looking forwards to those strangers that feel its ok to put their nasty
hands in your babies face ( I seem to have a 6 sense of this and stop them just in time) they look at YOU like your in the wrong!!!
Thinking of excuses when you don't want someone to hold your freshly newborn!!!!! Oh boy!!!!!

sundaesundae Fri 15-Feb-13 19:36:18

I'm looking forward to meeting my baby, very nervous something is going to go wrong, so the sooner the better.

I have eaten everything I have wanted to, the only thing I haven't had is pate, so looking forward to that. Some people seem to have some funny info about what and what isn't allowed.

Not looking forward to labour pain.

Countmyblessings Sat 16-Feb-13 23:01:41

Looking forwards to the end of - SPD!!!! And all the pain its bringing right
Now!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh

10storeylovesong Mon 18-Feb-13 09:05:19

Looking forward to:

- bringing my baby boy home finally. He was born a week ago at 27 weeks weighing only 2lb 3.5 oz. He's currently in an incubator battling away. If all goes well we're aiming for his due date in May to bring him home.
- showing my little fighter off to family and friends who can't wait to meet him.

Not looking forward to:

- nothing. Everything else pales in comparison.

Countmyblessings Mon 18-Feb-13 13:40:07

10storey- I can't imagine how your feeling but yes def bringing your baby boy home after all what you have endured is def Priceless and pales to any thing else!
I pray your hearts desire of bringing your boy home will come soon.
Be strong x

Countmyblessings Wed 20-Feb-13 12:28:38

10 Storey - hope all is well with your lil boy getting stronger every day!

fruitypie Wed 20-Feb-13 14:50:07

Looking forward to;
-Being a Mommy for the first time.
-Sleeping on my tummy (quite common i see).
-Breast feeding.
-Getting drunk again (obv after breast feeding has stopped).
-Watching DH hold his baby girl for the first time.

Not looking forward to;
-Sleepless nights.
-tons of 'advice' from know it alls.
-Looking after baby for the first time on my own.

Countmyblessings Wed 20-Feb-13 15:10:47

I'm really looking forwards to my baby falling asleep on my chest to the common sound of my heart beating and me smelling baby's hair!!!
Strange one I know!!!!

Springforward Wed 20-Feb-13 22:12:48

I am looking forward to not being pregnant. I never have to be pregnant again after this!

glossyflower Thu 21-Feb-13 09:27:07

Most looking forward to is cuddling my first baby.
Also being able to see my vagina again, not that I want to look at it all the time but I can't trim up without a mirror and I can't see where I'm wiping after going to the toilet!

Least looking forward to is lack of sleep.
I get very grumpy when I'm tired!

Countmyblessings Thu 21-Feb-13 22:30:16

@ Spring - so many would agree, this has been a long journey and my final lap around this track!!!!!
@Glossy - lol to wipe blindly is one thing to shave and not see what your doing is just madness ( but needed)

NewYearNewBoo Thu 21-Feb-13 22:34:36

Yep, I'm on the home stretch of my last lap too, I am very happy not to do this again!!

Yy to the madness of blind shaving shock

AdmiralData Sun 03-Mar-13 00:43:39

Feta cheese.
Sleeping on stomach.
Lifting heavy things.
Being totally independant again.

Most importantly, meeting my son <3

Lydia161290 Sun 03-Mar-13 01:09:44

Looking forward to:
-My baby/being a mum
-Being a family with my partner
-Being rid of random sickness
-Sleeping on my back
-Not peeing a lot

Not Looking forward to:
-Unwanted advice
-People interfering
-Not getting sleep
-Not having an excuse to be lazy.
-Not having an excuse to make fiance go out and buy me

Countmyblessings Fri 08-Mar-13 02:49:36

Well now baby is here-
I'm loving baby cuddles.
I love the way she routes with her mouth to find my breast for milk!
I love my baby girl! So glad she's here!
Not too keen on -
While changing her projectile poo and near misses!!!!
Sore nipples!
Hardly any sleep.
Not being able to sleep on my front as have full and sore breasts!

Although I have now had my baby please keep this thread going its so much fun to read!!!!!!!!!

Szeli Fri 08-Mar-13 09:57:54

I'm looking forward to (aside from the cuddles of baby b) when me and the other half can get a night away for a night of filth! Honestly, looking at hotel rooms with hot tubs is what's got me through the last few weeks - is that wrong? That and a big dirty Marlboro Light and a gargantuan glass of red... Oddly enough tho very little desire to go out though.

From a baby point if view I'm looking forward to dressing him up and taking him swimming :D xx

MammaCici Fri 08-Mar-13 12:05:47

It's kind of funny how 2nd / 3rd timers don't say they are looking forward to better sleep.

I'm a second timer.

Looking forward to:
Holding baby
Finding out the gender
Having labour over with
Losing some weight so that I don't feel like there is a tonne weight attached to each limb
Summer with my new bigger family!

Not looking forward to:
Sleepless nights
Dividing my time between two children
I'm hoping not to feel as much anxiety / fear as first time - I've dreaded a repeat of that

Teaandflapjacks Fri 08-Mar-13 17:10:52

like loads of others, looking forward too- wine, pate, really ripe brie running off the plate (mmmmm), DH says he will make me a little picnic for the sofa and I can sit and stuff face. I plan to do this for my bday (two weeks after due date) and will express so I can enjoy large glass of wine..... although you never know when they come or what will be - I can dream though! Also looking forward to gazing at and smelling baby (minus poo), moving into our new house later as a family together by christmas, and first christmas by the tree in our new house with our dog....

Not looking forward to:-
lack of sleep, lack of time at first for daily make-up/beauty regime/me time (as vain as that sounds - I only do a '5 minute 'going shopping' make-up job, but still, i 'need' it....), poo...

simultaneously - looking forward to and dreading - having someone else to worry about for the rest of my life. My mum said you just never sleep the same again once you have a baby, even when they grow up, don't know if anyone else who has had a baby thinks that too though.

Also love this thread!

explosioninatoyshop Fri 08-Mar-13 21:51:19

Looking forward to
Remembering what it feels like to fall in love with your gorgeous newborn again
Dressing baby in cute newborn things - (oh those teeny tiny socks!)
Watching DH dote on a tiny baby again
Not being massive, uncomfortable and unable to sleep in any position any more
Weirdly, the birth, in the hope that I'll be able to do it all myself this time (last one ended in assisted delivery)

Not looking forward to:
MIL trying to invite herself up to stay every weekend & holiday for the next year & generally having no sense of personal space!
Sleepless nights
Strange competitive child rearing from a friend who recently had her first baby and feels the need to impose her views about all things baby on me - seems to have forgotten I've done it once before!

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