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What are you most looking forwards to/ or not after baby is born!

(71 Posts)
Countmyblessings Wed 13-Feb-13 14:42:27

I'm looking forwards to - the end of heartburn,insomnia constant peeing, feeling full after only half my meal! And the dreaded spd!!!!!
Not looking forwards to - the wave of intrusive family members,non - helpful tips ( like I'm a 1st time mum)
The after pain (dc4) I expect it too hurt!

Have I missed anything?

AlohaMama Thu 14-Feb-13 05:13:30

Oooh I like this thread smile

Looking forward to:
- Holding newborn again
- Watching ds bond (rather than torment) baby sister
- Lovely red wine we bottled 12 months ago and haven't been able to drink
- Sushi ignoring the fact I ate that anyway
- buying occasional cute girl clothes

Not looking forward to:
- not being able to walk w/o pain for days/weeks after delivery
- rock hard boobs
- coping with newborn and toddler
- spongy belly

purrpurr Thu 14-Feb-13 05:54:59

Oooooh! Lovely positive thread in the Pregnancy section, OMG shock horror.

Looking forward to:

- No more heartburn and the vaguely ridiculous accompanying concern that the heartburn I've had has somehow burnt a hole in my stomach because the residual pain at other times is such a niggle (I know this is impossible, but there we are)
- No more insomnia. So so very sick of not sleeping. Although on the plus side, as long as I'm not asleep, I'm not having dreams about giving birth to kittens...
- No more endless, uncontrollable weight gain. In particular, no more comparing the amount I've gained so far with the amount recommended by the medical profession and feeling disgusting and fat.
- No more eating my body weight in chocolate to compensate for not being able to enjoy a nice smoke.
- Smoking smoking smokerooooo ahhh lovely faaaaaygs. Come hither my beyowtees and let us sit in the garden and drink very strong coffee and puff white smoke into the air whilst the birds chirrup. Ahhhhh.
- Pate and runny eggs. Fairly sure now that we ARE allowed runny eggs in pregnancy - eggs from supermarkets should be 100% safe - but can't STAND the judgemental looks, the little snide comments... DIPPY DIPPY EGG YAY, only 80 days to gooooooo!
- Hopefully losing the weight and being able to go back to being slim, if a bit saggy. Ugh. I've rigorously controlled my weight to within a pound since I was 14, if I end up staying much heavier than I should be it'll crush me.
- Sex. That is, if my DH will ever fancy me again after this experience.
- Being able to shave my legs! OMG! I did one leg the other day and still haven't recovered enough to do the other one. I know. I'm sexy and I know it...
- Nice underwear. With underwire.
- HOT baths.
- No one commenting on my compact or neat bump as if that's a compliment. Society is mainly obsessed with women being small/compact/neat. Don't start in on my baby before she's even born. Her being unduly small is kind of a bad thing.
- No more fighting against my mother's insistence that I'm going to have a premature baby, because I was premature. I'm 28 weeks, she keeps saying the baby could come at any time!!! ... I am crossing my legs 24/7. And, btw, DM, how lovely you are to continually gleefully suggest that my PFB will be premature - to the point of having to go into an incubator. What is WRONG with you?

God I could go on all day. What am I not looking forward to? The rest of the pregnancy. I would get hit by a bus three times a day for a MONTH rather than do pregnancy again. I'm already under pressure to start planning DC2 and DC1 isn't even out yet. Jesus.

cupcake78 Thu 14-Feb-13 06:33:11

What I'm looking forward to:
Not being pregnant and all the horrors that go with it.
Meeting baby.
No more discussions over appropriate family names with the in lawsangry.
Making some new friends.
Being able to exercise without breathlessness and spd getting in the way.
Sleeping on my front.
All those foods I can't eat and love!

Not looking forward to:
The persistent visits annoyance and fuss of the in laws.
The ridiculous amount of money wasted by the in laws on unnecessary tatt!
The in laws pinching my baby and not giving it back at every opportunity.
Falling out with the in laws because of the above + more!
Early mornings, sleepless nights.

Dolallytats Thu 14-Feb-13 06:40:45

Lots of people are saying they aren't looking forward to afterpains-I'm pregnant with DC3 and, although I've heard of them, have never had them. How common are they and what do they feel like??

HenD19 Thu 14-Feb-13 07:11:36

Looking forward to:
The over excitement of the first couple of weeks before the exhaustion sets in (a 'not lk forward to' too)
New baby smell
Cuddling a newborn
Getting the newborn baby clothes put of the loft
Seeing my other 2 DC with the baby
Having more than 1 glass of wine in a sitting
Blue cheese
Not answering pregnancy related qus soon to be replaced by annoying newborn qus
Seeing my DH holding a baby again

Not looking forward to:
Sleepless nights and ridiculous early mornings (remember being up at 4am and the like with other DC)
Really nervous about how I'll cope with 3, especially on school runs
My mum wanting to come and stay and 'help' more like having a guest that needs looking after and entertaining
Breastfeeding troubles-it was never been easily done with my other 2
Not loving sex as I do when pregnant
Having to lose weight
Having to exercise
Feeling like I have no time or life for first few months
Being an emotional mess
Hating my DH-has happened with other 2DC

Am hoping I'm not being negative and those with nothing to not lk forward to are unknowing 1st timers?

HenD19 Thu 14-Feb-13 07:29:17

Oh and the main 'not lking forward to' is my DC aged 2 not being my baby anymore and how he'll cope with the changes. Quite worried about this one.

Fluffeh Thu 14-Feb-13 08:35:43

Looking forward to-
Meeting my baby,
Breast feeding boobs (bigger I'm hoping),
Wearing real clothes with non stretchy waist bands,
Lots of pretty cloth nappies.

Not looking forward to -
Cs recovery,
Saggy belly instead of rounded bump,
Dirty (yet still pretty) cloth nappies.

ExhaustedMamasita Thu 14-Feb-13 15:49:11

Looking forward to being a loved up Mummy! Plus of course guilt free wine and caffeine!

NewYearNewBoo Thu 14-Feb-13 15:57:24

Looking forward to -
Meeting dc#3
Introducing dc to its daddy and big brothers
Moving about more easily
Chocolate (GD sad)
Wearing clothes with NO elastic!
Brie, rare steak, Jack Daniels,
Lots of remedies when I get a cold
Having my body back

Not looking forward to -
Family visits
Sleepless nights then busy days with toddler
Trying to lose baby weight
DH going back to work after his leave

Countmyblessings Thu 14-Feb-13 20:47:45

I think its so funny how so many of us have the same in both lists!!
I'm really not looking forwards to getting the constant visitors coming staying for ages expected tea & feeding! While baby sleeps so I should be sleeping but can't because I'm expected to entertain them with a blow by blow description of my labour!!!!!!
I can't understand why people like to hear about it WHY????????

Dolally- if you have not had or not noticed the " After pains" well I'm def not going to tell you, may you have none- lucky you!!!
Purrpurr- you made me laugh!

NewYearNewBoo Thu 14-Feb-13 21:00:52

Oh the visitors!! My family are a nightmare, after DS2 they literally came round, watched tv for a bit then stared at me until I offered them a brew sad

Am I not supposed to be sat in my lovely hot bath then?

KFFOREVER Thu 14-Feb-13 21:19:29

Im looking forward to eating a big chocolate cake and having an appetite again. Of course im looking forward to meeting bambino too.

Im not looking forward to labour. Im too scared.

dizzy77 Thu 14-Feb-13 21:25:11

Cant wait for:
Tiny newborn
Introducing DS to his little brother
Brie, booze, pâté
Exercising again
Maternity leave, at least the back half.

Not looking forward to:
6 months of chaos
Marshalling toddler DS's adjustment (and my own to being a parent of 2)
And, er, fissures.


Creamtea1 Thu 14-Feb-13 21:46:05

Liking this thread smile

Looking forward to:
-meeting my baby
-finding out if boy or girl
-not feeling sick
-eating a full meal
-few months off work
-new pram

Not looking forward to:
-crappy comments from people if boy (have 2ds)
-fat fatty fatness and having to lose it all
-having to be on a permanent diet again
-sleepless nights
-after pains

Countmyblessings Fri 15-Feb-13 08:42:18

After another nite from hell!
I'm looking forwards to Labour,having my baby out of my belly so that I can finally get some form of sleep!!!!!!

milkyjo Fri 15-Feb-13 10:04:10

The main things

Looking forward to: tummy sleeping, bending down (if not too sore!), walking like a human - not a duck, giving birth (famous last words?), introducing new baby to DS as he is desperate to see mummy's tummy baby

Not looking forward to: hard milky boobs that leak in the night, afterpains when breastfeeding for the first week, my back to normal greasy skin (it has been lovely and clear in my pregnancies), being tired from night feeds and then looking after 2 in the day with no nap for me!

LeBFG Fri 15-Feb-13 10:39:37

Strange that sleepless nights are not mentioned very much. THis is my No.1 not-looking-forward-to thing.

Also not looking forward to
- discharging self from hospital (4 day min stay shock (not UK))
- contant remarks about weight gain and bf in new born hmm

Looking forward to
- taking lots of photos of baby for relatives in UK
- watching DS with baby
- summer fun
- losing weight
- stuffing self with charcuterie and really f*ck-off strong coffee

FoofFighter Fri 15-Feb-13 11:53:29

Aside from the obvious of meeting him/her...

eating blocks and blocks of brie and pate
watching OH grow up!
seeing the grandparents with the baby smile

Msbluesky32 Fri 15-Feb-13 12:47:08

Looking foward to:

1) Meeting baby and showing her around her new world
2) Wearing different clothes. I dont mind what it is - just something different!
3) Any cheese, but Comté in particular. Im going to go out and buy a whole cheese!
4) The odd glass of wine
5) Not having heart burn
6) Seeing DP be a father, he is going to be the best ever
7) Having a spring baby - lots of lounging in the shade (fingers crossed for a nice summer this year)

Not looking foward to:
1) Visitors who turn up unannounced
2) The sleepless nights people keep telling me over and over again about
3) People with their well meaning but really pushy advice/suggestions

BelleEtLaBaby Fri 15-Feb-13 12:58:51

The day I brought ds1 back from hospital, my DH surprised me with this meal: terrine and Melba toast, followed by rare T-bone steak smothered in blue cheese, with a lovely big glass of red wine and a tiramisu for afters, with a huge stinky cheese board which I could pick at all evening while bf-ing on the sofa. I LUFFS him smile after Hyperemesis which lasted the whole pregnancy, I hoovered the whole lot up with glee. It was the only glass of wine I had while bf-ing but I figured one would be ok and I deserved it! I'm looking forward to that again. I even took pictures of it blush

highlandbird Fri 15-Feb-13 13:02:26

8 weeks to go!!

Looking forward to :
No more heartburn and restless legs
Being able to exercise (if I ever find the time!)
Finding out if my baby is a boy or girl
Snuffly lovely cuddles
Watching all the firsts, especially first smile
Visitors!! I love visitors, my friends and family are fab, they make me tea and bring me cake
My family being complete

Not looking forward to:
Nights, hopefully dc2 won't be as much of a sleep dodger as DS!
Early mornings with DS after bad nights
Not having as much one to one time with DS (23months) but hoping he'll enjoy time with all of us just as much
Not being able to sit down or walk comfortably for 4 weeks after giving birth!
Leaky boobs for first few weeks and having to change my top every two hours!

highlandbird Fri 15-Feb-13 13:03:45

Oh yes, rare steak how could I forget rare steak?! Washed down with a large glass of red and some stinky Stilton afterwards smile

Sarahcingram Fri 15-Feb-13 16:55:49

The more I read these posts the more excited I'm getting about the food! (Am really looking forward to meeting daughter as well, honest!) Just now all I can think about is runny poached eggs, smoked salmon and then lots of cheese! Think that may be all I eat for a while!

greatscott81 Fri 15-Feb-13 17:19:26

Looking forward to:

Holding new baby and finding out the sex
Seeing husband hold baby for first time
Being a mummy
Sleeping on front
Not getting up to go to the loo every five minutes around the clock
Runny eggs
Wind (nice)

Not looking forward to:

Having to lose the weight
The pain of birth
Sleepless nights

christilass Fri 15-Feb-13 18:48:02

Looking forward to

Safe arrival of our 1st child
due in 2 weeks .
Holding my baby for 1st time
seeing my husband hold our baby for 1st time
seeing my parents with 1st grandchild
seeing husbands father with 1St grandchild
riding my horses again
pottering about on our farms

not looking forward to

Us 2 40 year olds worrying non stop :-)

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