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Blood sugar test-advice needed

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StiffyByng Tue 12-Feb-13 14:50:22

I've just had the results of my screening blood test back and have been referred for an OGTT. The number was 9.4 which I know is high, and I'm pretty freaked out. But the blood was taken less than an hour after I'd eaten a bowl of Special K and a banana. From googling it seems that this level an hour after eating would suggest glucose intolerance rather than GD, although of course I have no idea what the two hour result would have been. But can anyone with experience of monitoring blood sugar tell me if this result, less than an hour after eating what I now realise is a pretty sugary breakfast, dooms me to GD? I was 26+6 on the day of the blood test.

StiffyByng Wed 13-Feb-13 20:51:04

Countmyblessings, you might want to google but I'm pretty sure I've read that GTT after 36 is contraindicated as so many women are having insulin issues by then.

Countmyblessings Wed 13-Feb-13 21:32:25

Thank You - never had this before and in my last 2 pregnancies got tested and was all clear, so I already decided I wasn't going to do it this time, its just added stress I don't need now!
Thanks Ladies - take care x

StiffyByng Thu 21-Feb-13 15:15:25

Just wanted to update this. I saw the diabetes nurse yesterday - bit of a delay as I was away for a bit. She was very sensible and listened to my concerns. My random blood test and my HBA1c test results were both within normal levels yesterday morning and as my results from the GTT were borderline, she decided I should do three days of finger pricking and if my levels continued to be normal, I could be discharged and declared non-diabetic. I'm two days in and all results are well within normal ranges, other than one, which made no sense at all as if it was right, my blood sugar went down after eating rather than up (I think I messed up the test!), so I'm very hopeful that I can have a stress-free pregnancy.

I have gone back to my healthy low-GI ways and feel better for it all round, and it's obviously helped my blood sugar settle down a bit.

I was heartened though that my very lovely midwives were already mobilising an action plan to make sure I could have a homebirth even with GD. So it is possible!

spinaltap Tue 26-Feb-13 11:47:04

I've just had my urine tested by the midwife (am 23 weeks, 2nd baby) and the reading was very high. She hasn't put the actual figures in my notes, just "+++ glucose". I really hope it's a one-off, as I had just had a piece of toast with chocolate spread on!

MW really scared me though by saying GD causes stillbirth and I'll have to have consultant led care, which round here appears to rule out the home birth I wanted.
Going back for another urine test on thurs, and then it's the GTT.

I'm glad to hear that home birth is possible, stiffy, and from other posters that GD really isn't the end of the world. From what my midwife said and the nhs web page on GD I was getting really upset!

StiffyByng Tue 26-Feb-13 20:16:37

Hi Spinal

I've been having an aggravating time as was discharged on Friday and then the nurse had second thoughts and recalled me. I attended the horrible clinic today and it was all quite stressful. However, the consultant obstretician was very good indeed and very down to earth about me having a very mild case. He was happy for me to have a home birth still as long as everything stays diet-controlled. The diabetic consultant was more dramatic but I found the experience as a whole very frustrating.

The risk of stillbirth is very, very slightly higher with GD and some doctors dispute the link altogether. Don't let them scare you. What this thing boils down to is your body's hormones not producing enough insulin temporarily. 80% of women regulate it with diet alone and if you have your blood sugar under control, you mitigate any problems anyway. I take big issue with the blanket diagnosis of gestational diabetes anyway. I think it's scaremongering and causes unnecessary stress and upset.

spinaltap Tue 26-Feb-13 20:51:01

Too right it's scaremongering! The still birth comment was the only thing about it she mentioned to me so I've had to go away and google for myself. I'm not terribly keen on this midwife... smile

Sorry to hear they've been stressing you out. Your consultant sounds good though. Hope you get your home birth!

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