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Confused and a little worried!

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DanniiH Tue 12-Feb-13 11:06:23

Hi all,

Please help put my mind at rest!

So yesterday I had an early scan due to brown spotting and mild cramps. From the first day of my last period I figure myself to be 6+2 but the sonographer said from the scan I look just under 5 weeks. How is that possible? All you could see was a yolk sac. They sent me away saying that I have a viable pregnancy and not to worry but I can't help it!

Anyone had this? x

DanniiH Tue 12-Feb-13 11:08:10

I should probably add that my cycle has been a steady 28 days. So over a weeks difference is very odd! x

CluelessNewbie1 Tue 12-Feb-13 11:17:25

Please don't be too worried. Lots of women come across this. I'm not a medical person but I suspect that although the length of your cycle is always the same that doesn't mean that you ovulate as per text book so perhaps you ovulate towards the end of your cycle. A little cramping and brown spotting is very normal at 5/6 weeks as the egg implants. I had this (and thought I was further on too) and I was worried but I am now 25 weeks and everything was fine. x

SeriousStuff Tue 12-Feb-13 11:18:33

It may be that you ovulated later than you thought. I had the same on Sat - went to A&E and had a scan, thinking I was 6 weeks exactly but was only 5+2 according to the measurements. All the ov calculators say I ov'd on 13th Jan but it now seems it may have been later, around 18th Jan!

It is frustrating as you feel you've taken a step back! Will finally be 6 weeks this Thurs now!

DanniiH Tue 12-Feb-13 11:29:46

Thank you for that, I was convinced of the exact weekend of ov/conception and got an early bfp which if I ovulated later would have been before implantation. So i would have got my bfp at 4 weeks exactly. That's what's so confusing! I've had the spotting since 3 days before my af was due so right around implantation but it just carried on since. x

DanniiH Tue 12-Feb-13 11:35:54

I mean 3 weeks exactly by the scans calculations.

ChairmanWow Tue 12-Feb-13 11:45:04

It is possible to get a BFP at 7dpo or even sooner so don't rule out late ovulation. It's good that they felt you have a viable pregnancy but are you not being offered another scan post-7 weeks? The heartbeat is usually seen from that point. If you can't get one on the NHS could you afford to pay for one? I did this with my second pregnancy, post-miscarriage, and it really helped me to relax.

Also, with the miscarriage I had spotting at 6 weeks too. When they scanned me there was no yolk sac and it was clearly not viable. Hard to do, but try not to worry and see if you can get some reassurance.

DanniiH Tue 12-Feb-13 11:51:22

Ahh sorry to hear about your miscarriage!

They said they were at the end of the phone if I need any support and can go back in if I feel I need to but that doesn't mean I'll get another scan. I knew I may not see a heartbeat at 6 weeks anyway but would like to see the foetal pole. I could pay for a private scan. Maybe I'll see how I feel about it in a couple of weeks.

Thank you x

beckie90 Tue 12-Feb-13 12:11:33

I have 28 day cycle but ovulated the month I got pregnant day 17, when I had my early scan I should have been 7+5 by lmp, he was saying I was 6+5. Anyway by time my 12wk scan come, I was 12+6 by lmp, 11+6 by early scan. The scan put me at 12+3. I wouldn't worry too much about how many weeks he's saying you are just yet as its so small any miscalculation can put you a week out. Sounds like all is fine and I bet your not less than 5wk smile my scan at 5+4 I didn't even have a yolk sac, just a sac xx

DanniiH Tue 12-Feb-13 12:22:25

Thanks beckie90 that's reassuring! I think because this pregnancy is so different to my first I'm literally worrying about everything! I've gone through thinking it's ectopic, miscarried and now anembryonic! I need to stop thinking about it for a while I think! I probably shouldn't have had a scan as my bloods came back great last week! x

CinnabarRed Tue 12-Feb-13 12:24:34

The angle that the yoke sac is lying at makes a difference too - it's not perfectly spherical, so if it's "end on", IYSWIM, then you'll measure smaller than your dates suggest.

DanniiH Tue 12-Feb-13 12:44:13

Oh interesting thanks! x

DanniiH Tue 12-Feb-13 12:45:39

I just wonder why they don't tell you all this stuff at the time! I was asking a few questions but they didn't give proper answers just skirted over it really. x

ChairmanWow Tue 12-Feb-13 15:45:48

It's all sounding good. My bloods were terrible when I miscarried - climbing slightly for a few days then staying stagnant. Your HCG must be fine, which is a sign that it's all happening.

Are you any good at making a nuisance of yourself? Maybe give them a few calls and tell them the anxiety is crippling you, you'll go mad if you have to wait til 12 weeks etc and you desperately need a scan to see the heartbeat?

I forgot to say in my last post, when I had the viability scan with my second pregnancy (now a whopping big 22 month old boy btw smile) I'd had some brown blood the day before the scan at 7 weeks and they could see the origin of the bleed, which was from implantation. I was told it's very common.

beckie90 Tue 12-Feb-13 16:15:52

I know danni they don't tell you anything the Sonographer scared me cause she was like nothing in it at all and then sounded negative, after 3hr waiting the doc said its all perfectly normal not to see much at that stage 12 days later the little prawn shape with heartbeat was there smile and hcg remained good and doubling so urs sounds posative hun xx

DanniiH Tue 12-Feb-13 21:46:54

My hcg doubled and a half in 48 hours so I was happy with that. If I start to feel really worried then yes I'll make a nuisance of myself to get a scan, just trying to relax about things for a bit now.

The more people I've told that I've had constant brown spotting the more people have said oh I had that so that's been really comforting.

Beckie90 that must have been a tense wait! My sonographer was actually excellent, very relaxing and she said it just looks like I was sooner than I thought. x

RubyrooUK Tue 12-Feb-13 21:55:18

Don't feel too negative...I am now 35 weeks with DS2. I went for a scan at 6+4 (based on shagging once in a month where DH was away the whole time). The sonographer said the baby measured 5+6 at the most and I had to come back in two weeks.

When I came back, the baby measured exactly to my original dates and that sonographer then said that because the dimensions are so small, there is a margin for error at such a tiny size. A baby may grow more from one week to the next, too.

So fingers crossed you ovulated late or you are just measuring a bit small now. Good news on the bloods. Hopefully all will now go well!

DanniiH Wed 13-Feb-13 09:15:47

Fingers crossed! Thanks ruby. Yeah I could have ov'd a bit late but not like 10 days surely! x

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