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Sudden fat increase - bit of a shock!

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BraveLilBear Mon 11-Feb-13 15:06:43

I'm 17 weeks pregnant with my much-wanted and longed-for first child but my body confidence has just taken a huge knock.

I lost a lot of weight in the first trimester - three quarters of a stone - due to morning sickness and a tummy bug and have gradually put it back on so that now I'm back at pre-pregnancy weight which was 9 stone. I'm 5ft 4in and have always been incredibly fit, active and muscular. I've always been blessed with a flat stomach (I worked for it, mind you!) and have never gone above a size 8-10.

Until this week, I had been watching the slight concave of my lower abdomen with fascination, wondering when it would become a 'proper' bump. But a few nights ago, while jumping in the shower, I noticed huge fatty areas around the back of my hips. A day later, my thighs were fatter. On Saturday, while driving around, I could feel my tummy wobbling when hitting bumps in the road.

This has come as a huge shock to me, and I'm struggling to get my head round it.

This is going to sound ridiculous, but I honestly thought it was possible - even expected - to have one of those 'only baby' bumps like Nell McAndrew et al seem to sport.

I knew I would put weight on, but I never knew it would be fat as well as baby and placenta etc - or at least, never thought it would be this noticeable. As someone who's never had any wobbly bits anywhere before, I'm struggling to alter the years of societal influence that says 'you must be thin and fat-free at all times'.

Has anyone else found this a bit of a shock? How have you coped with it?

bluer Sat 16-Mar-13 08:25:19

Em are you on the right thread children?

bluer Sat 16-Mar-13 08:23:55

I know where you're coming from...until recently I'd spent maybe about eight years as a size 16...joined exercise classes etc and lost a stone and a bit down to a neat size 12. happiest I'd felt body wise since my teens. And know i've put on quite a bit of weight...i'm trying to focus on the positives and at the moment i'm still slimmer than I have been previously but its difficult to see the good work and effort slipping away...

Childrenareanigjtmare Fri 15-Mar-13 18:30:35

My child has asked me for advice on how to get boys to like you, she's in secondary school,and its ok she has an interest in boys,what will get boys to like her?

Childrenareanigjtmare Fri 15-Mar-13 18:29:12

My child is a 5ft 7 11 year old,she weighs 8st3
is she fat?

mrsmellow Wed 13-Feb-13 11:30:06

I completely identify with lots of what has been said here. I'm 18 weeks and just look chubby. This pregnancy didn't come easily and after 3 rounds of clomid and a laparoscopy I'd put on weight even before I got pregnant. I'm hoping to get a bump soon, but for now struggle with just having flab. It is nice to hear that others feel the same way! smile

BraveLilBear Wed 13-Feb-13 11:19:45

I'm beginning to think some mat clothes might be in order as then at least the muffin top will be banished. The challenge is doing so on a very tight budget! My mum suggested the other day to 'just go up a couple of sizes for now' as if it was financial sense to buy stuff that I can only wear for a month, maybe two, at max!

Have struggled with exercise because I had an operation at 8 weeks that left an open wound (deliberately) in a delicate area for about 8 weeks. I do walk 2-4 miles a day though, and will hopefully be able to go swimming soon. It's just pretty boring when I've been used to running and zumba and mountain biking!

phoenixrose314 Tue 12-Feb-13 21:23:52

Getting maternity clothes that flattered my new shape helped me to feel a lot more confident - try and find a New Look or H&M near you that stocks a mat section and go nuts trying stuff on - honestly it can make a world of difference xx

Fairlygrounded Tue 12-Feb-13 21:19:20

Hi I know how you feel - I've spent my adult life watching my weight to stay a size 12 and when I had my DD I put on 5 stone!! I was so ill I just comfort ate, but I lost it in 9 months (was on a mission!). Now 25 weeks pregnant and trying to be good, estimate I'll put on 3 max this time. I do obsess about it, but this time I know I'll be losing it even quicker. You've always been fit and active - it'll come off in no time.
I just seem to look at food and get fatter!!

Emsyboo Tue 12-Feb-13 20:49:36

I was always very fit and when I got pregnant with DS found it a shock I am 5'8" and a swimmer so always been an 8-10 happily eating and staying at 9 stone
I was like you and lost a lot of weight with DS in the first trimester I think I lost muscle from not eating properly and the sickness so found when I did put in weight again I wasn't as toned.
I don't want to scare you but with DS I put on 4& a half stone but much of this was water retention.
5 months after DS was born I was fitter and more toned than before I got pregnant and this pregnancy am 20lbs lighter than the same stage with DS.
Are you doing any exercise? You can do pregnancy friendly exercises if you want to stay fit a friend of mine is 20 weeks and still doing bootcamp although slightly modified for pregnancy.
Also remember Your hormones and body are getting ready for birth so your hips will loosen and spread and with it a bit of extra weight is needed.
When you get a bigger bump you won't notice the wobbly bits and they probably will stretch out a bit.
Dont feel bad about it and how you are feeling it is a confusing time and doesn't help having supermodels airbrushed pregnancy images around x

afrikat Tue 12-Feb-13 20:29:50

Thanks wilderumpus that makes me feel better! Shall attempt to embrace pregnancy fatness and trust I will lose it later smile

loveschocolate Tue 12-Feb-13 13:30:04

I know what you mean. Am normally a 6-8 but am in 10-12 maternity clothes. As you get a bigger bump though it puts it into proportion and you can't tell I'm pregnant from behind even though I'm a bit chunkier than normal(the hospital thought I was at the wrong ward yesterday via the CCTV until I turned around). Did get a lecture from my husband about not losing the weight too quickly afterwards as he pointed out - it's taken 9 months to get this size.

WildeRumpus Tue 12-Feb-13 12:00:31

afrikat I also feel anxious about what my friends will think of me when they see me (they live far far away sadly) but then remember my friend thinking she was Mahousive when she was pg... And she clearly had put on weight but it was impossible to think anything negative because she was pregnant and so to everyone she just looked amazing! She was growing a person from scratch! And of course she has lost it all now, 7 months later.

And now I whine about being fat and the roles are reversed - she looks stunned at my negative self image and says I look amazing and just pregnant smile pregnant people are simply allowed to get fat, end of smile

Woodifer Tue 12-Feb-13 10:46:43

I remember with my previous pregnancy wearing maternity style empire line tops that accentuated my burgeoning bump - because I wanted people to know I was pregnant - not just tubby! (How vain is that?)

I put on loads of weight last time - mahoosive thighs and bum, as well as bigger boobs than I've ever had. If you're used to eating to you rappetite and that being about right - it's really hard to try and eat less than what your appetite is saying.

I prob put on at least 3 stone (maybe a bit more) last time, and lost 2 stone really quickly, had definitely lost it all in a year (think my body wanted to hang on to some of it while I was still breastfeeding). I also feel stronger and fitter than ever - so this time I'm more relaxed about it - because I know it comes off.

afrikat Tue 12-Feb-13 09:54:08

I feel the same - I lost 34lbs last year to get back down to my ideal size and was so much happier - size 8-10, strong and toned and all my clothes fit comfortably. I am only 8 weeks in and haven't really been able to exercise for the last month as I have felt so bad (usually run 20+ miles a week and do a few gym sessions) and already I have put on 6lbs and feel just gross. I am trying to be careful what I eat but am constantly ravenous and I am miserable! I know it's so shallow and it's inevitable I will get big but there is no reason I should be putting on weight now - if I keep going at this rate I will be the size of a house by the time I givd birth!

I just presumed when I got pregnant I would be super active, keep up my running, adapt my gym work out etc and barely change apart from the bump. I didn't bank on feeling this bad!

What makes it worse - I saw my friend who is 7 1/2 months pregnant the other week and she looked great - slim arms and legs, just a neat bump. I feel like all my friends are going to be noticing how much bigger I get and it just depresses me.

I am so happy I am pregnant and would love to just embrace all my body changes and stop being so shallow but I am so upset all my hard work finally getting the body I wanted is going to be ruined!

BraveLilBear Tue 12-Feb-13 09:53:19

Hey everyone - so relieved I'm not the only one! Was panicking that not only am I all wibbly round the edges but I was also being pathetic and selfish.

I am feeling much better today partly because a couple of stored up number 2s have ahem moved TMI and sending plenty of healthy fat and healthy pregnancy thoughts to everyone!

Sunnysummer Tue 12-Feb-13 08:54:58

Also, give yourself a bit of time! My usually-washboard stomach was wobbly and depressing until 20ish weeks because the little fat that was there got pushed out and my abs softened a bit, but has steadily got firmer and rounder as it has grown, and at 29 weeks I love my funny little basketball-tummy! Also, as I started to feel and then see the baby move, it became easier and easier to see my stomach as the little 'home' it is and to be less worried about exactly how it looked, or how it would recover later. Hope it gets better!

WildeRumpus Tue 12-Feb-13 08:37:52

Eek posted too early.

Anyway just had another growth spurt and woomph! Not allowed to exercise this pg either so all wobbly... Not ideal but I hang on to memories of eating cake while bfing while losing the weight and doing a sprint triathlon when ds was one, and not in a manic frenzy to lose weight, just because I could smile

You are growing a baby, wow wheeeee! Good luck!

WildeRumpus Tue 12-Feb-13 08:34:22

Ah! This is how I feel too.

My first successful pg took me by surprise and in the end I put on 3 stone... Big thighs and bum and I didn't ever predict how water retention was going to make me swell up in the third tri! I lost it all bfing tho.

This pg harms.come after lots of heartache and so am a bit more philosophical about the weight gain. Am 27 weeks now and have just had another growth spurt

ArtemisTheHunter Tue 12-Feb-13 08:19:08

Hi Brave and everyone - I'm very grateful for this thread as am just reaching that stage myself. I am 14 weeks with a much wanted and longed-for first pregnancy that has taken us years and much heartache to achieve so am very grateful to be pregnant but struggling to get used to my new shape. I am 5'10" and was size 10 until a couple of months ago but the first 12 weeks of pregnancy brought ravenous hunger and I have been eating everything in sight, plus on medical advice not doing anything like the level of exercise I was accustomed to, with predictable results. All my clothes are uncomfortably tight but I don't have a pregnant shape yet so don't need maternity wear. And to add insult to injury I haven't even got noticeably bigger boobs!!

I was whining at DP last night about my newly-acquired flabby bits - the roll over my tummy, flabby bum (WHY does the baby need me to have a flabby bum?!) and he said 'What did you expect?'. I suppose what I expected was that I would look exactly the same for a while but then would wake up one morning with a neat little bump, like 'ta-da!'. I didn't know about this in-between stage of months looking like I have been at all the pies!

It is helping to try and think of it as 'healthy fat' and it's reassuring to know I am not alone so thank you smile

phoenixrose314 Mon 11-Feb-13 18:16:56

The good thing is, the only person who is really likely to notice is you!! DH never noticed my wobbly bits until I had a huge bump, and even then he doesn't really mind because he's just so enamoured with my bump!!

For me, it'll be post pg I find the most difficult, because its less easy to justify holding onto fat (even though I know it's necessary for breast feeding) - plus getting out of bad eating habits! But we shall survive!!

dubai71 Mon 11-Feb-13 18:07:49

I can TOTALLY understand where you are coming from! I am now 30 weeks- was on steroids for 4 months (which gave me the most ridiculous appetite), an exercise ban for 6 months (normally a bit of an exercise bunny) and this is round 4 of IVF so horrible hormone weight/ fluid also- and dread to think how much weight I have put on, which is not limited to my enormous bump blush It is definitely over the standard guidelines but then we have struggled for years to get this far so I know I should just be delighted/ grateful but I find this fat/lard hard to adjust to. Keep telling myself that it's all good and can be dealt with after the event but that's coming form my head, not my heart. The fact that my 2 pairs of maternity jeans are now really uncomfortable (Tight Fit!) hasn't helped... Hey ho.
Wishing you all the best for the rest of your pregnancy and good luck shifting the weight afterwards.

WeeS Mon 11-Feb-13 17:40:06

I'm almost 20 weeks and up til this week had people saying "god! you don't even have a bump!" which, secretly, I took offence to and worried endlessly what was wrong with me and/or my baby and wondered if maybe I just wouldnt look pregnant til the last minute. THEN, almost overnight, I developed this 'bump' which really I've been looking forward to getting, but if I'm honest, I'm not entirely comfortable with this new extension of my body (which is normally very slim). I've also noticed my legs, bum and back feel a bit flabby and since I've been really hungry the last week it's no coincidence really.

I've decided not to worry about it smile A healthy happy Mum is a healthy happy baby and I'll keep my fingers crossed the weight comes off as easy as it went on ;)

BraveLilBear Mon 11-Feb-13 16:54:49

Haha thanks for making me smile noblegiraffe may well be true! Will have to start demanding photoshop services as part of my 'rider' wink

I appreciate your wisewords twitchytail - I think part of what I'm feeling this past few days has been guilt at 'allowing myself' to have the chocolate bar I was craving or the packet of sweets that I knew would take away the metal taste. Will try and drag my chin up.

noblegiraffe Mon 11-Feb-13 16:43:29

Your body is laying down fat in preparation for breastfeeding. Nell McAndrew probably had hers photoshopped away!

TwitchyTail Mon 11-Feb-13 16:34:27

Pre-pregnancy, I'd never gone above BMI 18 my whole life. I never watched what I ate, or exercised.

Am now 34 weeks and have put on more than 2 stone. On course to put on 2.5 stone by delivery. That's more than a third of my pre-pregnancy weight. A lot is bump, but there is definitely a nice coating of fat on thighs and bum too hmm

But I don't care. I have just listened to my body and eaten what I felt like, just as I always do. I assume that this is what it needs to create a healthy baby. For what it's worth, most women I know in real life (including my mother and sister) who were slim before getting pregnant put on lots of weight during pregnancy, but lost it without much effort afterwards, particularly if they breast-fed.

Cheer up grin

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