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Anyone had Pre-eclampsia symptoms that didn't turn into PE?

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Dogsmom Sat 09-Feb-13 18:28:49

Just that really, for the last week I've been monitored every 2 days for PE, my symptoms are high BP, +1 protein in my wee, high abdomen pain and huge swollen feet, ankles and lower legs.

I was sent to hospital weds evening for checks and everything was ok, baby was moving around and her heartbeat was fine, my bloods also came back clear.

The doctor was quiet dismissive of the symptoms and said that the protein could be a sign of infection although my white blood cell count said it wasn't or could be a contaminated sample even though I did two separate ones in new pots. She said that the oedema is 'an old fashioned way of thinking and they don't associate it any longer with PE' (NHS website disagrees)

She said as long as my bloods are clear and I have no headache that I'm fine.

I feel like I'm on a bit of a time bomb and getting a bit paranoid about the headaches, sometimes I get a twinge and do feel a bit 'wooly headed' and out of it today but am so tired and could well be the stress, I worry that I'll miss something and end up putting the baby at risk.

I just wondered if anyone else had experienced 'signs' that didn't develop or is it likely that this is the beginning of it and inevitable that it will end up as PE? I'm 36 weeks.

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