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Boring thread: pregnancy nausea, please someone tell me it will end.

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Buendia Wed 13-Feb-13 13:13:30

Hello I’m 9 weeks and I’ve been having it for the last month,
I am thinking that I will be sick for another month at least...

I feel nausea all day but gets much worse in the evenings, especially ( I think) when I’m on the bus home, mostly because of the movement, but also because of the smells in the bus (people are eating fried chicken on the top floor etc.), so by the time I open the door at home I run to the bathroom and wretch like a wild animal. I hate it, I feel I can’t breathe and I feel that acidic taste afterwards and I get horrible red spots around my eyes that stay for days. So now that the weather might improve a bit I will walk (1 hour) home instead of bus and see if it helps a bit.
It does get better after a proper meal (they say to eat smaller portions but snacking doesn’t help my nausea, I need to eat my dinner to settle the stomach).
I also found that sickness makes want to eat something different every day, partially because I can’t stand the thought of eating the same I ate yesterday. I had days of red meat (fully cooked), now I only want a some salad and fish, then I will hate fish and will want potatoes, and so on.
I’m spending much more money in food this way because I can’t plan a weekly menu, I eat what I feel I can eat in the moment.
But hey this is the best time to take care, listen to our bodies and eat quality food. And rest as much as we can.

So for me what helps a bit is:
Avoid bus
If I can’t avoid it, NO reading or checking my phone while on the moving vehicle. I now download podcasts or audiobooks instead.
No sugary foods (check labels). I only eat non sweetened cereal.
No fatty foods (junk food)
Sparkling water (sometimes with lemon juice)
Rest and sleep as much as possible (no telly at night)

What are your tips?

Good luck to all of us!

Guntie Wed 13-Feb-13 09:40:18

Mine got worse just before it got better. It was terrible 11-13 weeks and then I felt so much better. I hope its the same for you!

Teaandflapjacks Wed 13-Feb-13 00:24:03

I really sympathise. I had mine from about implantation (I was sick every hour and a half for 24 hours, I thought I had the Noro Virus before I tested positive- lol!) through to about a week ago. I am now 15 weeks. Mine also, like parttimer79 is playing hide and seek. At about 13 1/2 weeks it started to be every other day. Then 2 days without, one day with. I was fine from last Thursday morning until midnight Saturday, and fine since (fingers crossed). I feel permanently hungover with it, like I have drunk about 2 bottles of a heavy red the night before.

I found the following things helped me ALOT - very diluted Ribena with very cold water- i get through about 4 litres a day, what with being sick I am so thirsty and plain water makes me throw up more oddly, satsumas - by the bucket load, orange ice lollys (the ones made with OJ you can buy), plain pasta - sometimes with plain tinned tomatoes with some herbs added and salt and pepper - I found I have to have the pasta really al dente, or slightly undercooked or I can't stomach it for some bizarre reason. When less sick and just hungry cornflakes with milk, salt and vinegar pringles. I found just eat a child size portion, even though after you are a starving, and have some more in an hour when you can, helped a bit. When I got over excited and had too much, inevitably I would be sick.

My sister, who is a doctor and has two of her own also recommend english muffins with marmite - she says the salt helps, and she went mad for plain pancakes, sometimes with lemon and sugar. Sorry if this is TMI but I basically eat anything when I could face it that I thought would not hurt too much if I saw it again - so I avoided things like crusty bread, muesli, anything sharp... Stick in there, it does get better, even if you find better ways to cope!

Lionsntigersnbears Tue 12-Feb-13 17:24:51

Mine has just gone (fingers crossed) at 22 weeks. Thought it would never go!

dontcarehow Tue 12-Feb-13 08:36:38

Mine got better about 20 weeks (I know, that seems ages away!). It went through a stage of being worse at about 10- 13 weeks before it got better, I went from just feeling sick all the time to actually being sick, but its never really gone away. I still feel sick quite a lot at 38 weeks, but its more because of the heartburn than how it was in the early days. I second the blood sugar thing, you have to force food in, especially in the morning. scrambled eggs were good for me, and flapjacks! I used to keep energy bars in my bedside table to eat before getting up. I know it doesn't sound great that mine hasn't really gone, but you do get more used to it, and unfortunately something else might soon come along to take your mind off it, like pelvic pain. but I much prefer pain to nausea anyday! Chin up, its only 9 months!!

redwellybluewelly Sun 10-Feb-13 20:10:34

Low blood sugar and tiredness makes it worse for me. And I think much of the evening nausea is acid reflux, gaviscon has made a huge difference for me.

Even late breakfast will trigger low evening blood sugars for me, had a lie in this morning and DH brought me cereal up at my normal time before letting me go back to sleep.

Onlyconnect Sun 10-Feb-13 11:00:28

Thank you. It s a comfor to read similar stories. I just want to believe that it will end at some point.

Jenjen85 Sun 10-Feb-13 09:11:54

I can totally sympathise with you but it does get better (I know it won't seem like that now tho) I had sickness from 6 weeks and was really bad I was off work with it for 4weeks, it eased about 13weeks for about a week but then came back with a vengeance and I had to have another 2 weeks off work then at 16 1/2 weeks it suddenly stopped, it was like someone had turned the sickness switch off an I was normal again. I haven't had any sickness now for about 2 1/2 weeks and I'm 19 weeks now so I think it's safe to say it has now passed. Try to keep hydrated and rest that's my only advice. Hope it eases for you soon!!

TheCountessOlenska Sun 10-Feb-13 07:33:55

I wasn't sick but had constant all day nausea up to about 20 weeks this time (about 15 weeks in first pregnancy). It's sooo horrid I know, made me feel really down at times. BUT it is great when it stops!

Cheffie100 Sun 10-Feb-13 07:27:20

I feel your pain and for lots of people it stops at 16 weeks once the placenta is fully established. I was like you and it got much worse at 14 weeks. Everything crossed you are feeling brighter soon.

fatandlumpy Sun 10-Feb-13 06:54:53

I'm nearly 16 weeks and still dry heaving every now and then sad

Not exactly blooming yet. It seems to be getting better though touchwood

PinglePongle Sat 09-Feb-13 18:00:29

Mine got worse at 13 weeks and I was being sick every night before bed, at about 15 weeks it completely disappeared and i've only had the very occasional feeling of being sick since then (now 36wks)

parttimer79 Sat 09-Feb-13 16:55:53

My nausea is playing hide and seek with me. I'm 14 weeks and threw up today after a few days of relative normality.
I noticed it flares if I smell certain smells or weirdly if I am very tired (which I am this week - stupid work).
I expected to feel fine as soon as I hit 12 weeks, I was so wrong.
Hang in there fellow pukers!

Onlyconnect Sat 09-Feb-13 16:36:58

It really is horrible. Driving me mad. I thought it was getting better but suddenly it's worse!

Quilty Sat 09-Feb-13 16:33:53

I had really bad nausea/sickness from 6 weeks until about 14 weeks, am now 22 weeks and still occasionally get a bit sick but nothing like it was! I know some people get it all the way through but I think for most, the second trimester is a huge improvement! Fingers crossed you'll feel better soon, it's horrible.

Onlyconnect Sat 09-Feb-13 16:25:07


Onlyconnect Sat 09-Feb-13 14:33:29

I have been feeling nauseous for seven weeks. I thought it was getting better when suddenly at 13 weeks it has become far worse. Has anyone else had this? Did it end? Am feeling pretty desperate.

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