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very anxious at 5 weeks

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Freyaee Sat 09-Feb-13 18:37:32

Hi apperleydapperley, I'm also 5 weeks today! Congrats smile
Like you, I had a miscarriage with my first pregnancy (though that was 2 years ago). This is the first time we've tried again since then, and I am trying very hard not to think about what happened last time, but the worries will always creep in. As Kilkers said there's nothing you can really do if it is going to happen. We just have to look after ourselves as best we can and hope that this pregnancy will be healthy. Enjoy it!

apperleydapperley Sat 09-Feb-13 17:25:19

thanks all. it actually has made me feel (slightly) better just posting here and reading the replies. I will try and get an early scan at 8 weeks, but 3 weeks seems a long slow way away still.

Hopefully the anxiety is unfounded and as you said kilkers theres not much i can do if things are going to go wrong. Good luck with all of your pgs too x

parttimer79 Sat 09-Feb-13 16:59:50

I didn't even have your very excusable reason to be anxious. I just was and I hated it.
I was totally and irrationally anxious until my scan. Now I am a little better but still far more of a worrier than i was pre-bump.
Fingers crossed that all is well for you and the time passes quickly to your scan.

Midori1999 Sat 09-Feb-13 15:13:20

It's normal sadly. I have had two early losses and have a blood disorder that make me much more at risk to miscarry, although with medication it should be ok, but I am terrfied.

I would maybe go to the GP to see if an early scan is a possibility or maybe consider paying privately for an early scan?

gertrudestein Sat 09-Feb-13 14:42:34

I think this is totally normal, although that might not make you feel any better. Can you ask for an early scan? It won't put your mind at rest completely, but means you can have some reassurance before 12 weeks. Your GP might also be able to recommend therapy to help with the anxiety

Kilkers Sat 09-Feb-13 14:26:38

Hi apperley, what you're feeling is totally normal and natural. I also had a MMC last summer and am currently 8+2. I'm doing my best to keep positive but I still have worries at the back of my mind. Time is passing so slowly, I had my booking in appointment which helped a little although I'm still trying not to get too excited. Try not to worry too much if you can, ultimately there's nothing we can do and what will be will be. Sorry if that sounds harsh but it's helped me a little. Best of luck with your pg x

apperleydapperley Sat 09-Feb-13 14:20:26

Got my BFP last week after MMC last summer and was/am delighted and was feeling really positive about it. 5 weeks today and I have woken up really anxious about things going wrong - I feel like something in my head has changed and I'm worried that it is intuition telling me that the same is going to happen again.

Is it normal to feel this preoccupied or is it a result of the mmc last time? (I have two other DC and didn't experience this before) I'm not having many symptoms which isn't helping. Any tips for coping?

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