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25 weeks and sharp pains on movement.

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Megsie99 Fri 08-Feb-13 15:06:49

Dont want to worry MW uneccesarilly and its only been happening today about a handful of times as i've gone to get up off a chair or as im walking there has been a strong shooting pain that feels like its on the inside of bump right from the top of bump to very bottom of pelvis. Its only happened a couple of times and been quite sudden when its come and gone. Its just worried me abit though because most of the pains i've had so far feel like they are quite obviously stretching pains and more on either side of bump on closer to the skin. Feel like im just being paranoid obviously im a first timer! I've felt no change at all in movements.. I'm still getting strong kicks. Am i just panicking over nothing? I dont finish work til late tonight and cant really rush off just yet.

Susieloo Fri 08-Feb-13 15:17:21

I had all sorts of pains including some sharp shooting pains all the way through my pregnancy but I would definitely try and speak to a midwife so they can reassure you-I rang at least once a week and found them really helpful and they never minded! All was well but I would still ring them just so they can give you suggestions for what it might be and put your mind at ease.

RachaelH1983 Sat 09-Feb-13 22:03:00

Hi I'm 26+3 I've been having these pains for weeks. I've seen my midwife a couple of times for general appointments and mentioned it + she has said its stretching pains and as I get them every time I walk some where which is a lot as I don't drive she has now referred me to get fitted for a tummy support

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