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Lying on your back - how bad is it?

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scampadoodle Fri 16-Jan-04 16:06:51

I'm really conscious of this as I love to sleep on my back & am finding it very hard to turn from side to side - keep waking myself up. Also, this lunchtime I had my eyebrows done & had to lie on one of those beauticians' couches (I was on a slight slant from about the middle of my back upwards) & am now paranoid that I have starved my baby of vital oxygen & irreparably damaged it...(I'm 20wks pg). Anyone out there less ignorant than me?

mears Fri 16-Jan-04 16:12:03

Scampadoodle - do not worry at all about it. At 20 weeks it will make no difference your position. You can lie on your back if you are happy. When you are bigger you will find it more unlikely to be comfortable lying on your back because you will feel faint. When there is a blood flow disturbance, you will feel light headed and that is natures way of telling you to lie on your side.

zebra Fri 16-Jan-04 16:12:26

There was a good previous thread about this, the last post by the MW Mears I think is maybe all you need to read!

zebra Fri 16-Jan-04 16:12:57

....and Mears beat me to it, anyway!

scampadoodle Fri 16-Jan-04 16:15:06

Thanks! I still remember the bliss of being able to sleep on my back after the birth of ds...

Babybags Fri 16-Jan-04 16:15:14

I loved to sleep on my back and remember how difficult it was trying to sleep on my left side all the time . I lost count of the number of times I woke up to find I'd been sleeping on my back. My dd was born weighing 9lb 3oz (she's now 9 mo) and obviously didn't suffer any ill effects

I'm afraid the turning over doesn't get any easier as you get bigger but stick in there and try not to worry!

bunnyrabbit Fri 16-Jan-04 21:24:13

I slept on my back, quite a bit and sort of on my front, as it hurt my boobs to lie on my side!!

No problems at all and didn't even feel faint at all.

For the moment, just sleep however you find it comfortable..... there will come a time when nothing will be confortable!!


Linnet Fri 16-Jan-04 22:20:40

I'm 23 weeks and I'm still lying on my back to sleep, sometimes I even wake up lying on my stomach(don't have a big bump yet). I don't remember when I stopped lying on my back last time. I don't think I ever actually stopped I just used to prop myself up with lots of pillows towards the end so I was sort of half sitting.

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