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Pain in shoulder 30+3

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TwitchyTail Tue 05-Feb-13 09:16:23

The likelihood is that you've just pulled it a bit (ligaments relax during pregnancy due to the hormones, and it's much easier to injure yourself without even realising, simply by carrying a heavy bag for example). Is it associated with any particular movement?

Alternatively, shoulder tip pain can be felt when the diaphragm is irritated (where the ectopic link comes from, though the irritation can occur for any reason - including baby kicking it), but this is much less likely.

I would see your GP if it carries on, and in the meantime be extra careful not to twist or put strain on it (don't carry one-strap handbags on your shoulder).

plannedshock Mon 04-Feb-13 20:27:38

I keep getting (twice) sharp stabbing pain in left shoulder-really painful lasting 15mins or so. I know left shoulder is associated with ectopic but obviously being 30wks it's not that is there any relevance?

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