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Need a hand to hold

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DreamingOfTheMaldives Mon 04-Feb-13 19:25:20

I had a miscarriage in September and am now 10 weeks pregnant again. I've had some bleeding, a burst of dark red period type blood. I've been to EPU but it was out of hours so they can't scan me until sometime tomorrow. I have to phone up in the morning to book in.

We had a reassurance scan at 7 weeks and there was a heartbeat.

Since I had the bleed I've had a little bit of stomach pain; the same as the pain I had last time, but I don't know if I'm imaging it because I know I've bled.

Can't believe I'm in this position again; I know i should try to think positive but i can't. I just feel so scared and spaced out.

The morning seems such a long time away

Haylebop12 Mon 04-Feb-13 19:27:44

Hand holding here and hoping tomorrow is good news for you.

Good luck op.

MissyMooandherBeaverofSteel Mon 04-Feb-13 19:30:03

<holds hand> keeping everything crossed for good news tomorrow.

Have you got someone with you just now?

Juanca Mon 04-Feb-13 19:30:20

Good luck for tomorrow, OP. You must be feeling wretched. Hope you get some rest.

elvislives2012 Mon 04-Feb-13 19:31:08

Good luck. Will be thinking of you tomorrow xxxx

DreamingOfTheMaldives Mon 04-Feb-13 19:31:26

Thank you.

My DH will be home soon - he was meant to be working away

rcs19 Mon 04-Feb-13 19:32:08

Try to stay positive, although I know it's not that simple. I had a mc at 7 weeks, became pregnant again and had a bleed at 7 weeks. I was terrified and, like you, had to wait overnight for a scan. It turned out to be a cervical ectropion and dd is now 2.7. I really hope all is well for you. Good luck.

DreamingOfTheMaldives Mon 04-Feb-13 19:35:49

Thanks RCS, it's good to hear that.

lovemybabyboy Mon 04-Feb-13 19:36:13

Sorry to hear that you are in this stressful situation, I had a miscarriage in my second pregnancy, where I started spotting etc and found out at my dating scan that it was a mmc (baby died at 8/9 wks) I was 13 wks when I found out, only started spotting a few days before scan.
With my third pregnancy I was always fearing the worse and I started spotting at 7wks, I was spotting/bleeding nearly constantly untill about 24wks, it was caused by cervical erosion and DS2 is 16 months now and I am 16wks with DS3!!
So I know that you will be fearing the worse but just wanted you to know that just because you are having some blood it does not mean you are definitely miscarrying.
Best of luck for tomorrow, hope all goes well.

browneyesblue Mon 04-Feb-13 19:42:18

Another hand to hold here x

I know how scary it is, but try to stay calm. You've experienced the worst case scenario before (as have I), but the scan you had is a good sign. Please try to take some comfort in the fact that bleeding is very common in pregnancy. I bled on and off for the first 12 weeks and was terrified, but the bleeding turned out to be meaningless. I hope the same is true for you.

Put your feet up, take a couple of paracetamol (perfectly safe in pregnancy) and let your DH take care of you when he gets home.

DreamingOfTheMaldives Mon 04-Feb-13 20:20:56

Thanks ladies. It's good to know there are some happy endings, even when it doesn't seem possible

phoenixrose314 Mon 04-Feb-13 22:51:21

I've been there. Miscarried 3 times, devastating - now 35 weeks pg and I had bleeding and cramping early on in this pregnancy. Was sure I'd miscarried again but got early scan and sobbed with relief when I saw that little heartbeat on the screen!!

Only 5 weeks from due date now and all is well. Don't panic just yet, read a book or something else that will help divert your mind til morning... and best of luck. Keeping my fingers crossed for you xx

beckie90 Mon 04-Feb-13 22:57:16

Had bleeding in all 3 of my pregnancys, ds2 was bright red gush blood, turns out it was an ectropion. I still have it now. Here for hand holding. Try stay calm even though I know its easier said than done, there is posative outcomes. Sorry your going through this stress and worry xx

babyradio Tue 05-Feb-13 01:02:24

i'm so sorry for the stress, no advice really just wanted to let you know you're not alone!

DreamingOfTheMaldives Tue 05-Feb-13 07:36:14

Thank you so much ladies. Managed to calm down a bit once my DH got home and your experiences have helped me be able to stay positive.

Slept better than I thought I would, but have been awake ages now, willing the clock towards 830 when I can ring EPU.

I know that most pregnancies are successful after a heartbeat has been seen, and we saw one at 7 weeks, so I'm just trying to concentrate on that.

Haylebop12 Tue 05-Feb-13 09:47:37

Any news in a scan dreaming

browneyesblue Tue 05-Feb-13 10:26:20

Thinking of you x

DreamingOfTheMaldives Tue 05-Feb-13 11:48:54


I just had the scan and all is well. We could see the head, body, little legs and arms and a strong heartbeat grin I burst into tears when she told us it was good news this time.

No explanation for the bleeding, just one of those things apparently.

So relieved and happy, neither of us expected to be leaving the hospital with good news.

We're on the way to MIL's now to tell her the news as we'd been going to go last night but obviously didn't when I found the bleed. Then we're going out for lunch as a celebration that everything is OK.

Thanks so much for all your support, it really helped to know that someone was rooting for us.

flowers for each and every one of you x

Haylebop12 Tue 05-Feb-13 11:50:36

So so so pleased for you.

Look after yourself.

Juanca Tue 05-Feb-13 12:09:20

Hurrah! That is awesome news. Enjoy your day!

Muggle1978 Tue 05-Feb-13 12:13:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

browneyesblue Tue 05-Feb-13 12:49:44

What happy news for you and your DH - so pleased for you smile

MissyMooandherBeaverofSteel Tue 05-Feb-13 13:37:43

That is fantastic news grin

Have a fantastic day.

beckie90 Tue 05-Feb-13 14:50:24

Thats great news smile very pleased for you and your DP have a lovely day :xxx

rcs19 Tue 05-Feb-13 14:53:33

Brilliant news, so happy for you!

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