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Baby essentials

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ThroughTheRoundWindow Mon 04-Feb-13 21:41:27

Good advice I was given is to be very sceptical of anything that shops or magazines tell you are "baby essentials". Babies actually need very little, their needs are very simple. A few clothes (you'll be given loads anyway), blankets, muslins (although don't go too mad - I have a drawer full of the flipping things that haven't been used since DD was 6 months) nappies + cotton wool (top tip: soft flannels are much better than cotton wool or wipes on sticky pooh!), a bed, a pram or sling and car seat and your pretty much there.

Anything else is gravy - everyone buys a baby monitor but my Mum just tutted at mine and said "we never had one". (But then she said the same about stair gates followed by "and only one of you ever fell down the stairs once and he wasn't hurt" - well that's ok then!)

Do not buy a top and tail bowl. Just use a single dish of water and start and the top and work down! Baby baths are useful but do not ware out, take up loads of space and last forever. See if a friend with older babies/children can give or lend you one. They aren't expensive but it is less waste to landfill to use a pre-loved one.

Hooded baby towels are cute - but I bet you have a whole load of lovely fluffy hand towels that will suit your baby just fine. And when he gets bigger you can wrapped him right up in a big bath towel.

The problem with most baby stuff is that is lasts longer than your baby is a baby! With hindsight and a houseful of clutter you never use anymore you realise how little of it you ever needed. smile

scissy Mon 04-Feb-13 14:26:38

Muslins. Oh yes. DD is 6 days old and muslins have saved my clothes a few times (and left embarassing patches when she got a bit that wasn't covered with muslin). I'd start with a few sleepsuits and vests but wait to see how your baby is - you might find yourself doing an emergency dash to the supermarket if they're particularly sicky.
Baby wipes for meconium nappies. I know they say use nothing but cotton wool and water for the first few weeks but seriously, we tried using cotton wool pads to wash it off and wipes did a much better job!

shelley72 Mon 04-Feb-13 14:02:17

actually maybe i will watch this thread too. i am sure that i will need to get more stuff smile

shelley72 Mon 04-Feb-13 14:01:32

a top and tail bowl and/or washing up bowl will be fine for first few weeks. and muslins, boobs/bottle to feed.

other essentials are probably just a few sleepsuits, vests, outer layer(s) and hat for going out. blanket, sheets for moses/pram (cover with a muslin, save washing sheets all the time, just wash the muslin)

i bought WAY too much with my first - everything the books said and more - and didnt use half of it. as long as they are warm, fed and cuddled then all should be fine <lax parent>.

TashEv Mon 04-Feb-13 13:55:25


I am in the process of getting all my baby bits (29+2) and I wondered whether I needed to worry about baby baths/supports yet or would I just be top and tail washing her for a few weeks?

I'm sure I could have waited to ask my midwife but I'm impatient!

Actually while I am on here are there any other essential items I should get now that I may not already have on my list?


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