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Am I just a miserable cow or is it the pregnancy?

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DaveMccave Tue 05-Feb-13 20:32:45

It's a relief to read this today. I've had days where ivebeen snappy and I'm SO impatient. I just can't help but roll my eyes when DP starts telling me something a lot of the time. We rarely argue but today we had a huge argument because I said I didn't want to go with him to tell his family about the pg, and then refused to talk about it and made him leave. And I haven't even apologised or been back in touch. He's really hurt and confused but I still can't muster up an adequate amount if guilt. I just feel constantly wronged. At least I can recognise it though and will apologise when I feel ready. I'm generally a lot more insular and unsociable too. I wasn't like this when of with dd.

WeeS Tue 05-Feb-13 20:11:21

Im 18+5 and have noticed I have much less patience & get pissed off more easily by others than usual. I also think I may be quite a lot more willing to voice my opinion, especially if it's about someone else. Any excuse for a good old bitch sesh, I'm there.

And I hate it!! Things come out my mouth or enter into my head & I think OMG you horrid horrid person!!! lol! Hoping it passes by the time baby is born so it doesnt have a horrid bitchy woman as a mother!! blush

PhieEl06 Tue 05-Feb-13 09:44:37

I am 16+3 & hate everyone & everything, I don't like going out in public, people just p**s me off & my OH is not enjoying my mood swings. I could be a stroppy cow before I was pregnant but it's like 24/7 now. Waiting patiently for the glowing lovely blooming stage to kick in where I feel on top of the world. (I don't think it's on it's way any time soon.)

Dolallytats Tue 05-Feb-13 07:57:28

I am 16+2 with No3 and warned DH a few weeks ago that I was not enjoying this pregnancy and I just felt bad tempered all the time. I told him it was highly likely I was going to moan my whole way through-although he was a bit 'Oh great', he did say he appreciated the warning!!!

Mummysaysno Tue 05-Feb-13 01:26:02

Pleased to report it's a new day where we live, and so far I've not been horrid to anyone!!

FergusSingsTheBlues Mon 04-Feb-13 14:02:20

Ive been an arse this entire pg, in fact my husband says he couldnt go through it a third time sad

Only three weeks left to go.

Creamtea1 Mon 04-Feb-13 10:04:10

I'm only 10 weeks with my third and am completely grumpy! At least we are acknowledging it - I'm hoping it will improve after 12 weeks and when it's all out in the open.

Jojobump1986 Mon 04-Feb-13 02:05:22

I got so angry with DH a couple of days ago that it was all I could do to restrain myself from actually hitting him/pushing him down the stairs. To be fair, he blatantly deserved it - he decided he was going to bed because it was late & didn't suggest I should get some sleep too! hmm It seemed relatively logical at the time, although I was aware that I may have been a little OTT! I calmed down almost as soon as he walked away but for a while he just stood there asking me why I was so upset - that didn't help!

That was my only irrational 5 minutes of this pregnancy so far - nearly 23 weeks. Last time I had my grumpy moments but they were less severe than that & a lot more frequent. It just seemed like all my moments from last time rolled into one! Hopefully that's the last I'll see of that kind of anger! The only time I've been like that before was when I had depression & anxiety attacks. Really hoping it was a one-off & not the beginning of another episode! confused

Mummysaysno Mon 04-Feb-13 01:32:40

I'm about 22 weeks with DC4, and I'm so bloomin grumpy! Find myself snapping at anyone who comes in my path...fellow drivers, shop assistants, of course DH and DCs!
Was I this grumpy last pregnancies? I don't remember...poor DD (age 8) just looks at me and says pityingly 'you're just very tired'.
Anyone else a complete horror to be around?

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