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Swollen hands and feet and history of pre-eclampsia: quick advice needed

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Artigene Fri 01-Feb-13 09:43:18

I'm 24 weeks with DC3. With DC1 I had late inset pre-eclampsia (35/36 weeks), nothing with DC2. Only 48 hours ago I had routine appt and my BP was fine, no protein in urine, uterine artery Doppler v slightly high but not abnormal.

Last night by feet and hands swelled. It seems early for this at 24 weeks. Have others had non sinister swelling so early? GP said to go to clinic just to check but road works near my house mean I've been on a bloody bus for 45 mins and moved 3 blocks, hospital several miles away, DC2 needs picking up in 2.5 hours, ill never get back on time. I'm just wondering if a check is REALLY necessary given recent check, lack of other symptoms and only minimal swelling.

lotsofcheese Fri 01-Feb-13 12:45:21

Based on experience, I'd say yes: I had severe PE at 28 weeks with NO symptoms. I truly believe if I hadn't had a routine midwife appt that day, neither me or DS would have survived.

Could you phone your midwife? Or triage? They'd be able to give you advice.

Don't mean to alarm you, but better safe than sorry.

Artigene Fri 01-Feb-13 13:18:48

Thanks Cheese. I had to give up and come home but my MiL let me have her home BP monitor and I took my BP which was exactly the same as it has been throughout this pregnancy (nice and low). I spoke to the midwife who was happy for me to stay at home as long as BP OK, I feel well and the swelling is only around my ankles. Obviously I am now obsessing over whether my face looks puffy but I think all is OK!

lotsofcheese Fri 01-Feb-13 14:08:36

So glad to hear that! The chances were everything would be ok, but you've done the right thing & I hope you're reassured by it.

I'm a week ahead of you (25 weeks) & all is well - no sign of PE!

Here's to long, boring pregnancies & healthy full-term babies for us! Xx

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