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Waterbirth fashion advice!

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milkyjo Wed 30-Jan-13 17:16:15

For those of you planning a waterbirth what are you wearing? I am reluctant to buy a new tankini purely for a sole purpose. I only have a costume which isn't going to help baby get out! I want to be comfortable and I don't like being completely naked. I had a 'landbirth' with my DS and wore a nightie. I have sleep nursing bra's (they are like crop tops) but quite thick and I don't want to feel uncomfortable like a clingy wet t-shirt. Do you think I'd care anyway when I am in the throws of labour or will it just be so annoying and something else to be stressed about? Have I exhausted all my options here?

milkyjo Thu 31-Jan-13 22:53:12

Thanks for your replies. I am having a home birth so it can be as private as I like but still would like the option of feeling less vulnerable. I think I've probably got a bikini top somewhere or maybe I won't care and be starkers. With my first I think I was conscious that everyone was watching my bum as I was on my knees on the bed!!

Chesterado Fri 01-Feb-13 07:15:24

OP just to add that for me the best ing about being the pool was that I didn't feel as exposed so didn't care that I had nothing on. I was kneeling and leaning on the side when dd came out with dh in front of me and the midwife sort of guided her out from the side. Was much better than the legs akimbo scenario I had envisaged on dry land!

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