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Wedding booked for June - just found out I'm pregnant - dress woes

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learningaswego Tue 29-Jan-13 05:45:01

Completely thrilled with the news but am now freaking out about the wedding part.

Ordered and paid for my dress Sat - been trying to get hold of the bridal shop to cancel order (as this isn't a dress that I'm going to be able to have let out enough) but think I'm going to have to go in and talk to the management, which I'm going to find really embarrassing as I only look about 12 (rather than 24)... but alas life goes on. Before I sort it out with the shop really need to decide on these 3 options:

1) Bring the wedding forward to March (partner takes professional exams in April that are very important to career). I'd prefer this but partner is reluctant as we had planned June for a reason...lalalala. I know this sounds really vain - and it completely is - but I'd just like to feel pretty on the day and in the pictures.

2) Keep date set in June.. have to find a "maternity wedding dress" sad

3) Postpone...

I don't suppose anyone knows typical bump sizes for 23 weeks? (That could help me in pursuit of a dress that might fit in June..

Thanks anyone who made it to the end. This post is purely based on vanity and wanting to look good on my wedding day... but it doesn't mean I'm not grateful to be pregnant. Anyone in the same boat out there?!

GoldPlatedNineDoors Tue 29-Jan-13 16:07:59

Some of these are beautiful!

Inertia Tue 29-Jan-13 16:11:30

Oh definitely go for 23 weeks rather than a few weeks in. I was permanently green for the first 16 weeks ; much better to feel well and have a bit of bump in a beautifully fitted dress than squeeze into a regular dress and feel ill. And it'll give your DP something to look forward to once his exams are over, rather than spending the whole wedding worrying about his exams.

You will still look beautiful!

Rockchick1984 Tue 29-Jan-13 16:31:28

I got married at 3.5 months pregnant, and wore a normal wedding dress despite having a reasonable bloat all over and an early bump you can't tell now looking back at the photos - just be aware that your measurements can change a lot within a matter of days so I went for a corset style that I could fasten as tightly as I'd wanted!

Personally I'd do it earlier rather than later, but that's just because I'm not keen on maternity wedding dresses smile I didn't really get much sickness so that wasn't a problem for me.

owlface Tue 29-Jan-13 21:17:36

I got married at 30 weeks and wore a Tiffany Rose dress. In some photos you can't tell I'm pregnant! I wanted to get married before the baby was born. I didn't compromise on anything and had exactly the day I wanted, it was a lovely day. Go for it!

Trishstar Tue 29-Jan-13 21:29:58

Like other posters have said it depends if you want to be married before baby arrived?

We do and are getting married when I will be 34 weeks.

For us we are more concerned with the people closest to us sharing the day. The fact I won't be a slim bride makes no difference. But then again I'm not a girly girl so I doubt it would have bothered me if I wasn't pregnant getting married, I certainly wouldn't have been one of those that would have dieted to fit into a dress wink

Just my opinion xx

SaggyOldPregnantCatpuss Tue 29-Jan-13 23:04:44

Maybe something like this?

learningaswego Wed 30-Jan-13 12:40:24

Thanks everyone I think you have given me a much needed reality check!! During my last pregnancy I was as sick as a dog til 4 months so bringing it forward (as well as being a blind panic for everyone, especially poor boyfriend) would have been a nightmare! I love the links you have sent me, I am suddenly feeling a lot more confident and much less worried about looking frumpy - rrreow you're friend is gorgeous.

I spoke to the dressmaker yesterday who was actually really lovely about it and is convinced I can still have the dress I had planned on but she'll just order a bigger size and take it in everywhere but bump (if its even there).

Ladies, you have saved me from going crazy... this week anyway

(Now to decide on church or civil, yay!!!)

3rdtimelucky73 Wed 30-Jan-13 14:55:16

I'm going to agree with the other posters and say go ahead!

I got married four weeks ago, at 21 weeks.

It was a small quiet wedding which was totally our choice and a really lovely day. I bought the dress about a month before, and luckily the style that suits my boobs/curves was also flattering with the bump (just a size up)! I did also have a true 'maternity dress' on standby, but I knew ages before hand I wouldn't need it.

I think it does depend whether you want to be married before baby comes too (as well as the sort of wedding you desire - I would have married him in a bin liner!) - we had wanted to get married anyway, and the realisation of organising it with a baby, meant for us, it was now or 5 years in the future, so we grabbed the chance.

Thumbwitch Thu 31-Jan-13 02:15:46

Ah learning, so pleased you're going to carry on as before! And that the dressmaker is being so helpful, that's fantastic.

Now all you have to do is link to the dress you've ordered to satisfy our nosiness grin

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