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What do newborns sleep in and other silly questions from me

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BonaDea Mon 28-Jan-13 11:58:15

Ok mumsnetters, help me out here. There are some things I need answers to and feel too embarassed to ask such silly questions in real life (incidentally, money is not really an issue so I don't mind buying things I need, but I detest clutter for useless stuff - understand that there will be clutter, but most of it seems needed!):

1. Can I use a 0-6 month grobag sleeping bag (or JL equivalent) for a newborn? Or at that stage should they be wrapped in a blanket instead? I have two such sleeping bags - if I can use them right away, do I need more?

2. How many blankets do I need to buy and what are they used for? Have a cosy fleece carseat / pram blanket for outside use, a largeish soft cotton blanket and one cellular blanket. This doesn't seem enough. Is the baby wrapped in a blanket while at home being held or is it just in a vest / babygro? Is a blanket only really used for sleeping, whether in pram or cot or are there other uses? I feel I need more cellular blankets, but how many to buy (was keen not to get too many as we don't know sex and would prefer not to have all white for stain purposes!!)

3. Should I buy a baby bath? We have a really large, shallow and long sink in our bathroom which a friend who stayed recently said was perfect for bathing her little one. Would a baby bath be a waste of time? Someone else mentioned a baby bath is better because you can use it in any room and, for example, living room is often warmer / cosier and more spacious.

4. Do I need a bouncer? We have opted not to have a moses basket - baby has a cot upstairs and downstairs will sleep in pram which is completely lie flat and has a safe mattress. The pram can be wheeled from room to room downstairs if I am doing stuff. I also have a moby wrap sling and plan to have the baby in that quite a bit, even at home as I figure it will keep him / her close and safe but allow me to have hands free. Do I need a bouncer as well to keep the baby safely strapped into something when it is not sleeping nor in the sling? Thought, for example, that a bouncer might be useful for when I am in the shower or cooking when I might not be able to use either the sling or pram?

5. As I plan to have the baby's downstairs 'bed' as it's pram (if indeed he / she will ever want to be put down which I understand is not a given at first), I assume should buy sheets for the pram? Or not? I take it one doesn't use sheets on the pram when out and about, only if the baby is at home sleeping?

Ok, those are the main burning issues at the moment blush. Be gentle with me....

PhieEl06 Mon 28-Jan-13 23:21:30

I have so many questions to ask like this (not at all silly), will have to compile a list to put to you seasoned MNetters!

BonaDea Tue 29-Jan-13 17:48:41

Adding sheepskin to the list as a few people have mentioned it now.

I have 4 large Aden & Anais swaddle muslins plus a pack of 12 other muslins. Should I buy more?!?

LimelightsontheChristmastree Tue 29-Jan-13 19:10:36

Sounds like enough. I bet people buy them for you too.

Remember that you don't need to get everything now. There's a lot to be said for waiting to see what your baby is like and what the reality of life in your house with a kid is.

You need: (a) clothes; (b) a sleeping place; (c) a means of transport; (d) some nappies; (e) a car seat. If you've got these things you'll be fine. Post birth and if and when you work out you need something, you can pick it up.

mamabrownbear Wed 30-Jan-13 08:57:50

Ok, have managed bedding for the moses basket but what do I actually need for the bed cot we have? Obviously won't be using it as her actual bed for quite a while but as we have a bouncy westie we thought it would be safest for her to sleep in her moses basket in the do we just need to worry about a fitted sheet to make it look nice? Do they need anything more than a blanket to cover them at a later stage? What about pillows? I'm seeing people use Seems so basic yet I'm confused by the whole thing!

havingastress Wed 30-Jan-13 09:51:18

We have one of these in our moses basket, because poor DD has reflux and needs her head raised. However, we removed the side bars off it. No sheet, just a muslin under where her head is! She loves it, and is still on it, in her moses basket at 12 weeks.

Don't buy anything huggies imo! Nappies are awful and the wipes rip :S..not ideal when you have the babies legs in one hand, a pooey bum up in the air and you're using your other hand to get a wipe out of the packet!!! Johnsons are the best, and Pampers nappies are lovely. Asda Little Angels are pretty good too.

havingastress Wed 30-Jan-13 09:52:30

OH and definitely no pillows!

pipsytwos Wed 30-Jan-13 12:58:53

Up to you with pillows, I use one to prevent flat head syndrome (pretty much every child I know atm has a flat head, so i've been really proactive and did lots of research) You can just makes sure they aren't always put on their back all the time and turn their head different positions when they are. But yeah, you could get a sheet or tuck a blanket in to make it look nice.

Don't worry yourself over things, I promise everything just comes together. When you have the baby if you decide they need something I'm sure someone will pop and get it for you. I got really stressed with dd and found myself thinking that I knew nothing of baby care and I'd be completely lost, it did just come together and me and dd found our own way in the end! grin

A list of things I loved:

Sleeping bags-I felt more confident about using them because she couldn't get covered by them. (although still spent the first few nights unable to sleep and constantly checking her-

Aiden and Anais swaddle blankets-so handy I used to swaddle but now just use them for the pram or to cuddle her up when it's a bit chilly out.

Pillow-my dd has a great head so I'm pretty pleased, plus it must be more comfy.

Doomoo and rocking bottom part-great for when I was in the bath or washing up

Play mat- she loves it, and loves looking at and grabbing the things. I got it when she was about 5/6weeks.

LimelightsontheChristmastree Wed 30-Jan-13 21:23:45

You need a couple of bottom sheets for the cotbed and that's it for now. You can worry about pillows and other bedding etc when your baby is older and out of sleeping bags.

owlface Wed 30-Jan-13 21:49:33

Thanks for the link to the pillows, they sound good.

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