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Small bump

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butwhatdoiknow Thu 15-Jan-04 14:44:53

I am due in 3 weeks and compared with most of my friends look as they did at 6 months. But I didn't even really show much at 6 months.

Can still see feet fine. Can feel baby and see movement so am sure there is someone in there.

My mum says she was the same. But it was a bit worrying at antenatal classes as was smallest by miles.

Midwives say not to worry and tape measure measurement has been fine all along. Its just when I stand up it goes away.

If I pull my tummy muscles in now I can look as if am not pregnant - but am 38 weeks !!!!

gingernut Thu 15-Jan-04 14:49:30

I had a friend like this and her ds was nearly 9lb at birth! Meanwhile I was like a beached whale and very uncomfortable and my ds was 7lb 8oz (seriously, everyone commented on my hugeness ). I had another friend who was small until the last couple of weeks then suddenly expanded, so there is still time for you!

If midwife is happy I wouldn't worry too much. Are you tall? Most of my taller friends looked smaller.

Good luck with the birth

butwhatdoiknow Thu 15-Jan-04 14:56:15

Well am 5ft 7. Midwife did say that as I was quite tall there was more room. And first baby is smaller. And ab muscles were strong before.

But I do feel a bit of a fraud....

M2T Thu 15-Jan-04 14:56:43

BWDIK - Enjoy! If your Uterus is measuring the right size then you must just have nice tight tummy muscles holding it all inside. Some people can have HUUUUGGE bumps then give birth to a 6lb baby. Don't worry..... just enjoy people being jealous of your neat wee bump.

oliveoil Thu 15-Jan-04 15:04:21

I am tall too bwdik, I didn't look pregnant from the back but OMG, side on or from the front, comedy bump. I looked like those actresses that pretend to be pregnant on films, cushion up the jumper style.

However, this time round, I am only 9 weeks ish and already have a tum AND a starting to round up rear

Have you had to buy maternity clothes or can you still swish in normal jeans? <<<grrrrrrrrrr>>

eddm Thu 15-Jan-04 15:13:45

Don't worry BWDIK – ten different GPs told me I was too small on my due date! I happened to be at a function near the hospital and no-one would believe that I was supposed to be giving birth... DS was 8 days over and a healthy 8lb4oz. We don't all take the same shoe size so why should our bumps be the same, IYSWIM.

californiagirl Thu 15-Jan-04 15:16:48

I'm in something like the same position -- I'm the most pregnant and by far the smallest in my childbirth class, people didn't reliably notice I was pregnant until nearly 8 months, I can still wear some of my elastic-waist non-maternity pants. And in the last month, I've gained no weight. I'm not terrifically tall, but I'm big-hipped and big-busted, which helps hide the stomach. Again, the Dr. says the baby is measuring just fine, my weight gain is perfect, not to worry that it bears no relationship to curves. I'm flabbergasted (I've always gained weight easily, I figured I'd put on tons in pregnancy) and I've just given in and started to enjoy watching people reel in shock when I say I'm due at the end of February.

Blackduck Thu 15-Jan-04 15:27:49

I was still wearing my non-pg clothes at 6 months...everyone thought I was joking when I said I was pg. Funniest moment was afterwards in Safeway, ds in papose - neighbour 'is that yours?' No-one realised! Day after I had him (if I could have walked) I could have walked out with no one being any the wiser! However, he was a dot and I wasn't measuring correctly so spent the last three months going back and forth to Drs and hosptial...but he was okay!

Angeliz Thu 15-Jan-04 15:51:35

I had a little bump too and my midwife told me all the way through that i was having a small baby!!(dd was 7.2). The last few weeks i seemed to shot out though but it was still very "neat".

secur Thu 15-Jan-04 15:54:34

Message withdrawn

Gem13 Thu 15-Jan-04 16:05:16

Lucky you! I was the smallest at the antenatal classes too and desperately wanted to waddle like the others but didn't have a reason to as I was so compact.

DS was hauled out weighing 9'11 and measuring 63cm! He was so big he didn't fit any of the clothes I'd taken with me.

Second time around I have another neat bump (like oliveoil - real cushion up the jumper job) but I know it's all baby. I have 4 weeks to go and those people who don't know me are surprised to find out that I'm pregnant and even more so when they learn how much!

If the MW isn't worried then you must be fine.

Hayls Thu 15-Jan-04 18:14:58

I'm just over 38 weeks and have been exactly the same. I seemed to get quite big quite quickly (around 15 weeks) but then didn't get much bigger for what seemed like ages. I still get comments about how 'neat' I am but I still feel huge. I have got a lot bigger over the past couple of months but could still pass for a lot less pg than I am, even just a bit tubby with my coat on! My mw had no concerns about the size of baby but I had a urinary tract infection at 34 weeks and the doctor I saw at the hospital measured my bump and thought it was a bit small. I had a scan the next day to check and everything was fine- baby's weight was estimated at 2.5kg. I did worry about it for a while but like others have said everybody's individual and babies lie in different positions etc. At least you shouldn't have much non-baby weight to lose afterwards!
BTW I'm about the same height as you and this is my 1st as well so could explain things

zebra Thu 15-Jan-04 18:38:58

I had MW tell me (after she measured my bump, about 34 weeks, 2nd pregnancy, too) that she was very worried when I entered the room because my bump looked too small, but she said it measured precisely right. And when they told me (turned out to be rubbish, mind) I was carrying a very large baby at 34 weeks in 1st pregnancy, the doctors were half-sensible enough to look at me and say "But you don't look that big, do you? Because you're fit/tall" I'm only 5'8! But I wonder if bump is more likely to look small if you have a long back/torso? I do, and relatively short legs, which is a pisser...

Angeliz Thu 15-Jan-04 18:41:56

lol zebra at the short legs! When i was in labour, the doc came in and straight away said she thought the baby was breech as the bump was too high i think!! They did a scan aswell!

butwhatdoiknow Sun 18-Jan-04 23:02:22

Ok thanks all. Will stop fretting. But then am told that pregnancy is the ideal time for 'irrational fears' and the only time it is really socially acceptable!!

Have also realised what an irritatingly long nickname have given myself.

Can I also make some of you feel better by saying it is just BUMP that is small. Me - I have gone from 69kg to 83kg !!!!! hello!!!! its mostly on my arse I think and fair bit where my ankles used to be!!

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