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Solero Sat 26-Jan-13 20:37:56

Anyone give me an idea of what spd feels like. I am 13wks tomorrow and for the last 2 days I have been getting pains in my groin, like pulled muscles and my pubic bone feels bruised like I have been kicked. Also my lower back is in agony but don't know whether that is usual pregnancy aches and pains. I work on my feet all day and I am finding it hard and uncomfortable already.

redandwhitesprinkles Sat 26-Jan-13 20:41:36

Yes sounds like it. Get a referral to a physio and wear a maternity belt. I ended up on crutches and still have probs 9 months post-partum and I had a section!

I found a cold pack wrapped in ice down my pants helped (on advice if midwife).

Solero Sat 26-Jan-13 20:46:09

Ice pack sounds good right about now. See my ante natal team on tuesday, will mention it to them.

Msbluesky32 Sat 26-Jan-13 20:55:48

Yes, it does. There is a lot of good information on the pelvic partnership website:

I started to get pains like you describe at week 12. It can really grind you down, so I sympathise. You can do a lot to help relieve the pain though -try not to carry heavy shopping bags or anything heavy, distribute light loads evenly on both shoulders, avoid hoovering, avoid ironing, avoid lifting, avoid pushing shopping trolleys...all of these things might aggregate it further. I also found it helped to not to sit or stand for too long. If you work at a desk set a timer so that you remember to take breaks from sitting and get up and walk about.

I found physio really helped (my doc referred me) and after a while it calmed right down. I get a few clicks and creaks now and then but I'm not in as much pain as I was a few weeks ago. You are better off getting it checked out ASAP. Your physio should give you a support belt and these are better than any you can buy yourself.

Best of luck, I hope you are feeling better soon

Msbluesky32 Sat 26-Jan-13 20:56:52


TwitchyTail Sat 26-Jan-13 21:08:46

I was amazed at how quickly I was seen by a specialist physiotherapist after midwife referral - literally 5 days from referral to being seen (and all on the NHS no less! grin ) I've only seen her once but she knew exactly what she was doing and I've already noticed a big difference. She's arranged to see my weekly from now until the birth. So I definitely recommend asking for a physio referral sooner rather than later.

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