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Advice, Experience or support please

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spaghettibolognese Mon 28-Jan-13 00:43:22

Hi, just read this thread. Seems pretty much like you're not pregnant, but unfortunately I dont have any.experiences to share. Hope things work out smile biscuit

JasMumOfFour Sat 26-Jan-13 19:40:31

I have had 4 children, with my second I had a large cyst that masked the hgc and did negative tests. No periods, they found hgc on the blood test but it was extremely low, they assumed it was eptopic and scheduled me to have a camera put in to look. At the last minute they decided to do one more scan and found him tucked behind a cyst. I was 9 weeks.

I have also had periods for the first 3 months of pregnancy, I know they weren't periods but, there was no difference I could see. I did know I was pregnant though.

recently I had a 5 day late and light period, negative tests but, pregnancy symptoms (nausea, sore boobs, craving milk, feeling of fullness and cramping). I also had a pain I recognised as the same as the cyst I had with my second. I had no symptoms of pregnancy with him at all though. I went to the Doctor and he confirmed that he thinks it is a cyst. He would like me to start taking the pill and see if that helps regulate my hormones again. And that it is fine for me to take my medication for IBS and Reflux.

4 days later and I now feel very uncomfortable, my uterus feels as if it is starting to grow, I have lost my appetite. I have slight lower back pain, I am still getting cramps. I still get nausea on occasion as well as indigestion. I am getting pinching occasionally on each side where my ovaries would be, and pain with a hot sensation just under my pubic bone. generally well though with no temperature.

I would just like to state that I do not think I am pregnant but, I feel pregnant. How those two things can go together at the same time I don't know lol Given my past history, I know both I and the Doctor could be wrong. He has said he will send me for an ultrasound in a few weeks if the pain continues but, wants me to take the pill in the meantime to see if that will help the cyst to, well... bugger off lol

I'm trying to figure out if there is any possibility I could have negative tests, "periods" cysts, thinking I am not pregnant and still be pregnant anyway... because if that is the case, I would just not take the pill and wait for the ultrasound.

If there is no chance, I will start popping that birth control because, feeling like this really isn't nice!

And trust me, I am enjoying moving out of the nappy years and really not wanting another!

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