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Can you help me work out what my maternity notes mean please.

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AladdinOnRepeat Sat 26-Jan-13 02:03:19

Thank you all, hopefully things might start to happen tomorrow, have had uncomfortable period type pains every 6-8 minutes since she did the sweep but only lasting 60 seconds. Keeping me awake though.

MorganLeFey Fri 25-Jan-13 16:17:30

NAR4 = "Ceph 2/5; babies head is 2/5ths engaged"

Nah, the 5ths thing is quirky - the measurable 5ths are in the abdomen, so if 2/5 can be felt then the 3/5 of the head is actually engaged!

NAR4 Fri 25-Jan-13 15:53:31

Found this for you;

The Bishops Score generally follows this scale:

Score Dilatation Effacement Station Position Consistency

0 closed 0 – 30% -3 posterior firm

1 1-2 cm 40 -50% -2 mid-position moderately firm

2 3-4 cm 60 -70% -1,0 anterior soft

3 5+ cm 80+% +1,+2

NAR4 Fri 25-Jan-13 15:38:11

Cervix soft 2-3cm; how dilated your cervix is and that it is soft (ripe for labour)
Ceph 2/5; babies head is 2/5ths engaged
1cm long and -2 station; this refers to the Bishops score (don't know much about this though, so you would have to google it)

Don't know what the 'm' word could be.

MorganLeFey Fri 25-Jan-13 15:36:31

Cervix soft = describes how it feels - soft is good at 39+ - things starting to happen.
2-3cm = dilatation (still latent phase <4cm)
Ceph 2/5 = cephalic/baby head down, number of 5ths of the head still palpable in the abdomen so how engaged.
1cm long = probably refers to cervix - which shortens as it starts to dilate - unusual to mention it after presentation/engagement
-2 = 'station' relative to the internal spines of your pelvis so how far down things have come

'm' word = moulding and caput? How baby's head feels.

ThedementedPenguin Fri 25-Jan-13 15:20:59

I thought cervix soft 2-3cms was maybe how many cms your dialited. (Sp?)

Ellypoo Fri 25-Jan-13 15:18:30

I think that Ceph 2/5 means that the baby's head is 2/5 engaged.

Not sure about the others, is there a glossary type thing in the back of your notes?

AladdinOnRepeat Fri 25-Jan-13 15:16:40

I'm 39+ weeks at the moment and have been for a sweep this morning. I'm just looking at my notes and they say:

Cervix soft 2-3cm, Ceph 2/5, 1cm long, -2 station

And then there's a word beginning with 'm' that I can't quite make out but it has a + sign next to it.

Any ideas?

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