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15 weeks weight gain.

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smiler389 Sat 19-Jan-13 16:47:29

I've put on a stone already! Am a teacher so had terrible diet before, always skipping m deals and drank pints of ale. My average day is now cereal and fruit and juice, sandwich fruit and c crisps, square meal for dinner. I do snack when in hungry too. Don't look fatter..size 12 still but do have rounded tummy that I thought was baby ....5"5. Any tips?

gertrudestein Sat 19-Jan-13 17:13:40

Not really, but am in a similar situation so keen to hear other people's advice!

I have found that taking healthy snacks with me all day is a good idea. Cut up pieces of carrot and cucumber can be eaten on the run, also apples and cereal bars. Otherwise I head straight for the chocolate flapjacks!

Cheffie100 Sat 19-Jan-13 17:29:20

I know it's really hard because I am just as bad bit try to not think about the amount of weight you are putting on and just think about what you are putting in you. Eat some carbs and protein at every meal as well as lots of fruit and veg. Steer clear of processed foods and not too much sugar.

I have found dried fruit, nuts, carrots and houmous and bananas to be great snacks if that helps.

Enjoy your pregnancy

smiler389 Sun 20-Jan-13 21:07:22

Thank you both!

chloeb2002 Sun 20-Jan-13 22:18:56

I have put on 10kg with every pregnancy in the first 12 weeks. i m however lighter in my 4th pregnancy than my second... so i figure you can loose it! i don't really add much weight beyond 12 weeks as i struggle to eat then!

Mawgatron Mon 21-Jan-13 07:56:50

Also a teacher, also snack all the time. Take healthy snacks in, then 'accidentally' get chocolate from the staff treaty tuck shop. Your diet seems exactly the same as mine. Curse of the job I think. Sorry that I haven't been more helpful, but you def aren't alone!

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