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30 weeks, Midwife still not mentioned NHS Ante Natal classes...

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Bambi86 Sat 19-Jan-13 16:44:06

I am taking part in NCT classes at the end of this month, but was also wanting to take part in the local NHS classes at my local birthing unit (where I plan to give birth). The unit is in Broomfield Hospital in Chelmsford,Essex. I thought it would be a good opportunity to meet the Unit Midwives and get a "feel" for the place (This is DC1). I would also be interested in seeing what each course has to offer - I'm a bit of a geek when it comes to learning, can't get enough of it!

I know I probably should have enquired earlier than this - but it just slipped my mind, as I knew I would be attending NCT classes.

Has anyone else at this stage in pregnancy been offered NHS antenatal classes? Do you think all the places would be booked up by now? Has anyone participated in both NHS and NCT? What were your experiences?

I have a MW appointment on Tuesday, and of course I'll mention it - just wondering if I should prepare myself for the possibility that it's too late?

Flisspaps Sat 19-Jan-13 16:46:39

They weren't brought up by a MW in either of my pregnancies.

Then again, I didn't bother bringing them up either.

looneytune Sat 19-Jan-13 16:49:58

No idea but I know when I was pg with ds2 (5 years ago), they didn't offer anything as it wasn't my first baby. And I can't remember what happened with ds1 as that was 10 years ago! I'd mention to the MW but wouldn't have thought it was to late as would guess they'd do this later on anyway?

WillYouDoTheFandango Sat 19-Jan-13 16:56:20

In my area you booked at 25 weeks and attended at around 32ish weeks. They said that some of the classes got full but the one I was on was only half full. You might get lucky just ask the midwife on Tuesday.

gallicgirl Sat 19-Jan-13 17:00:14

I got missed off the list due to changing surgeries part way through pregnancy. When I called the hospital for a tour, they were booked up weeks in advance.

I'd done NCT classes so wasn't bothered about that but did want the hospital tour in case I had to transfer in (planned home birth).

Thoughtful baby decided to turn breach so I got to see the labour unit when I went to have an ECV. Sooo kind of her......

InPraiseofOldHouses Sat 19-Jan-13 17:00:14

I asked my midwife about the nhs classes at 31 weeks. She gave me a number to ring and I got through to them at 32 weeks (after much trying). I was booked on to a one day class which was supposed to happen today but was cancelled because of the snow. We'be been booked on to next Saturday's when I'll be 37 weeks. Christmas and new year added to the delay but otherwise it wasn't a problem. Good luck!

Eletheomel Sat 19-Jan-13 17:30:11

Last time, I raised them with my midwife at 28 weeks as, like you, I'd booked up on an NCT course and so knew I had some classes pending, and thought they'd tell me when the NHS ones were.

Turned out they'd forgotten (or I should have asked earlier!) and by the time they gave me the dates, they were booked up, so never got to go.

This time round I got info about nhs antenatal classes at my 12 wk scan, so got the info in plenty of time, but since it's second time round (and only 3 years since last sprog) I'm not going.

I'd definitely mention it to MW, but I would be prepared that it might be a bit late, but you never know, they might have spaces (think positive) :-)

worsestershiresauce Sat 19-Jan-13 19:18:10

I have learnt that if you want something, don't wait for it to be offered.... ask.

TwitchyTail Sat 19-Jan-13 19:34:20

I asked about them, and they gave me the details. Definitely call up and ask - you don't need to wait until your next appointment to do it.

I'm 31 weeks and only booked onto our local NHS classes a few days ago (there were still plenty of spaces), so yours may well have spaces left too!

HavingALittleFaithBaby Sat 19-Jan-13 21:26:02

They don't do them in my area any more!

LouiseD29 Sat 19-Jan-13 21:31:28

My midwife said there was no point in dong both as they teach the exact same thing, so perhaps if your midwife knows you are doing NCT they didn't mention it for that reason.

Happykitten Sat 19-Jan-13 22:21:47

I booked in for my class after 20 week scan. I'll be going tomorrow at 38+ weeks. They seem to have made cuts and only offer you one class just before your due date in our area.

Liveinthepresent Sat 19-Jan-13 22:56:18

Not been mentioned to me at any point in either current or previous pregnancy - though they did mention NCT.
I got the impression that once they knew I was thinking of doing NCT they probably thought no point mentioning them.
Don't think I have missed out on anything though - my hospital doesn't do visits of labour suite anyway.

Fluffeh Sun 20-Jan-13 07:09:20

I never asked about them but we received a leaflet in the post and started a couple of days after calling the number on it.
Where I am they are run by the local children's centre and they just add more chairs for any extra people, they don't 'do' fully booked.

freerangelady Sun 20-Jan-13 07:14:17

I'm 38+5 and did nct around the 30 wk mark and the nhs around the 37 week mark. I would say its worth doing bothe, I found nct fab and v informative but sometimes a little lacking in scientific back up which I could query more in the nhs ones. It's def not too late - ring uo

ZuleikaD Sun 20-Jan-13 08:57:20

Not been mentioned to me in any of my three pregnancies - I think they leave it up to you to sort out.

AmandaCooper Sun 20-Jan-13 11:07:56

Not one of the seven community midwives I have seen has even so much as mentioned the fact that at the end of this succession of blood tests and urine samples I might actually give birth - and I am 35 weeks. One did give me an nct magazine from 2008 because they had run out of breastfeeding leaflets - which suggests that the baby part has not slipped their minds entirely!

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