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37 weeks - anyone else feel like their uterus is 'bruised' inside

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snowqueenrollo Tue 29-Jan-13 18:51:43

well.....I had my baby on Monday I'm not uncomfy anymore

wickedorwhat Sun 20-Jan-13 18:38:09

hello, im 36+1 and this is my 3rd dc. mybelly hurts sometimes too when he squirms round and pushes. the other day it really hurt in my bum ,sorry for that!. and it feels like his long nails scraping. i ache between my legs , cant get comfy, stomach up at my throat, just cant wait now really. still got a month to go. groan............good luck everyone, counting down

Twattybollocks Sun 20-Jan-13 14:24:26

Not for another 3 weeks or so, but today I've gone into the realms of bizarre pregnant behaviour after 9 months of being mostly sane if a little grumpy. I'm currently stripping off the murals on the nursery wall and repainting them because I don't like the colours.....

snowqueenrollo Sun 20-Jan-13 12:45:40

when are you due?

Twattybollocks Sun 20-Jan-13 11:45:17

Mine feels like this. My whole belly from ribs to fanjo feels like one big sore spot. When she wriggles it makes me squirm because it's uncomfortable, and when she kicks I swear! It's no fun at this late stage. The only thing we can do is get as comfy as we can and wait!

snowqueenrollo Sat 19-Jan-13 17:21:09

just 12 and 20 week scan here. I'm under Community midwife care, but my Home Birth risk assessment was done by the Supervisor of Midwives on Thurs. She even saw what I was like after she palpated me, and told me I just need rest/paracetamol/hot water bottle. It does settle if I rest completely.
I wonder if it's irritable uterus? my stomach is hard a lot of the time, but again she felt it and wasn't unduly concerned.

I have a routine m/w appt on Weds, but if this keeps up I think I'm going to ask to go into the Mat unit to be checked over.

lljkk Sat 19-Jan-13 16:30:31

That sounds odd to me, sorry.
Do you get a 36-37 week ultrasound/hospital appointment where you are? It's standard here.

snowqueenrollo Sat 19-Jan-13 11:44:29

i've been on total rest for just over a week as movement is triggering lots of painful Braxton Hicks. I need to get to tomorrow to eligible for my Home Birth (all set up for it)
The last few days though it hurts when my baby moves and it almost feels like my uterus has stretched so much that it is bruised and the baby pushing against it, rubbing it's limbs across from side to side etc is painful. It's getting to the point when baby is very active that it is making me speechless, and I'm having to breathe through it.
Midwife seems unconcerned about this, but being palpated the other day was agony.....and set of two hours of awful pains.
This is DC2 and I had a very uncomfy pregnancy with he first one, but not like this - that was more SPD/long baby/feet in ribs etc.

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