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6-8 weeks pregnant, symptoms have disappeared and cramping started - should I be worried?!

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Girraferama Wed 16-Jan-13 17:47:39

I found out I was pregnant a week ago after 3-4 weeks of missed AF and BFN tests. I've now had loads of BFPs so def pregnant. As a result I'm 'officially' 8 weeks pregnant but could be as little as 5 weeks. I had very few symptoms to start with - very tired, indigestion and starving hungry. In the last week I've had a bit of queasiness, nothing major but definitely noticeable.

Today I've had cramping on my left side and the tiniest, palest pink in my discharge (so slight I probably wouldn't even notice if I wasn't looking for it!) but all symptoms have vanished; no sick feeling, hunger or indigestion.

I've not heard from the midwife with an appointment yet and I'm sure I'm being paranoid but its my first and I've no idea what to expect... Can anyone help?

clare8allthepies Fri 25-Jan-13 22:23:31

So sorry to hear this Miss Raindrop I was just 6 weeks last week when started bleeding, was referred to EPU on Monday but by the time I called them I had started bleeding heavily with clots sad

I went today and had a scan and a blood test and it looked as though everything has passed already and hormone levels already back to non pregnant levels. Although I had a couple of days of really heavy painful bleeding, overall it didn't last any longer than a period and the nurse I spoke to seemed really confident that things would be ok next time.

Hope you're ok, take care of yourself x

MissRaindrop Fri 25-Jan-13 22:34:03

Thank you so much will pm you over the weekend... Thanks for making things easier & understandable, appreciate it so much, ty xx

MissRaindrop Fri 25-Jan-13 22:55:52

Hi Clare sorry missed you message, sorry for your loss too, isn't it awful. My bleeding has been constant for almost two weeks now & the clots are mortifying me the most - you are so strong to get through it. The pain on and off - and the cramps - have been the worst experience of my life. Was not prepared & wish they had given me a leaflet or something. Glad your nurse is confident for the next time - that does seem to be the case (as with Reebok) so fingers crossed for us all xxx

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