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maternity nightwear - what are you wearing?

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tasmaniandevilchaser Mon 14-Jan-13 22:23:59

My bump is starting to stretch my nighties, and I haven't found anything particularly great to replace them. I just wore giant pyjamas last time but just wondered if anyone had any bright ideas. A bit of support around the bust would be good and I don't want to spend too much cash.

cyclecamper Mon 14-Jan-13 22:36:30

Long johns and long sleeved vests so far. When we wer camping at the weekend I wore a pair of fleece trousers and a fleece on top. When I get bigger, I have plans to pinch my husband's fleece trousers grin. After that it should be warm enough to wear his t shirts, I reckon. I do have an old sloggi bra that I sometimes wear, which is totally useless during the day, but ok for sleeping. I'm putting off any further bra purchases for as long as possible, since my sister ended up as a 34J and so far I'm on 32F and I don't want to end up with 3 of every size in between shock!

Littlemissexpecting Mon 14-Jan-13 23:00:54

I've seen some maternity pyjamas in m&s that in going to order this week. The bottoms are over the bump and if I remember the top is like a vest top with support that can also be used for feeding if required. They are cheaper than I have seen else where and reviews are good. Sorry cant link right now.

eagleray Mon 14-Jan-13 23:11:00

I have felt the heat throughout this pregnancy (am now 39+3) and have got by
with a variety of old vest tops which are now all stretched beyond recognition. All throughout winter, I prefer the heating off, and often end up on top of the duvet.

shock at your weekend activities Cyclecamper - the only tents I have seen of late are the ones I wear...

Sorry that is a fairly rubbish contribution to this thread - I am good at advising on day wear though smile

LadyMaryCrawley Tue 15-Jan-13 01:01:26

Tesco man pyjamas bottoms and a vest top with "secret support". the jama bottoms are great as they sit nicely on the bump and don't roll down, and the vest top is also good as I stay nice and cool as well as my boobs not flolloping about everywhere. I think the jamas were about 12 quid and the top I can't recall. neither are proper maternity wear.

berri Tue 15-Jan-13 03:00:45

Nothing! grin

For some reason I'm freezing all day but sweaty at night. Lovely!

If you're warm enough could you just wear knickers & one of those stretchy bra tops?

adagio Tue 15-Jan-13 03:18:54

I am not pregnant anymore (Baby arrived three weeks ago), but I got the most awesome PJ's from La Redoute in the sale last year (can't see them now sorry) - cotton bottoms with a jersey over bump band and a long sleeve top with poppers right down to below boob height which is perfect for nursing now baby has arrived.

These ones:

I tended to sleep in just top and knickers but lounge in the full ensemble every night after bath/before bed and these were the comfiest thing in my maternity wardrobe and probably the best thing I bought. Thinking about it I also wore the bottom with an old T shirt over the summer when the weather was warmer.

At the end when I got too fat for everything else I then picked up this in a 30% off sale and have been living in it as bottoms look ok for daywear and the top is easy for boob access in the night. Its 'under bump' so was never quite as comfy as the pink ones throughout the pregnancy, but was about the most comfy thing I had towards the end and as a bonus acceptable to turn up at hospital in when I went into labour (I really couldn't bear anything like my maternity jeans or leggings by the last week or two as the elastic was soooo uncomfortable)

I love my lounge wear!

Twattybollocks Tue 15-Jan-13 09:01:57

I wear cheapo maternity leggings and a maternity vest top with the built in bra thingy. I'm tall though and most pj bottoms are half way up my calf and drive me mad riding up in the night. Pj tops (even maternity) are also lacking in the belly coverage department I find.

jimblejambles Tue 15-Jan-13 13:17:03

I got 2 pairs of pyjama bottoms from jojo maman bebe in the sale. They are over the bump and the most comfortable things ever. Got some bigger tops from m&s

Mammy2Be Tue 15-Jan-13 22:47:47

I got a 2 pack of maternity/nursing nighties in the sale via the mothercarewebsite for £12 the other day so should last me quite a while with a bit of luck.

I have some XL tshirts from primark and bought some stretchy pjs two sizes up from there too to wear when I get out of bed etc. also feeling the hear do just wearing tshirt and pants to bed at the moment, with my feet sticking out from under the duvet. From my last pregnancy I have a posh maternity nightie, with lace et al, from mamas and papas. But last pregnancy I felt sexy so wore it, this time I feel plain rough and exhausted, hence the primark tshirts grin

MollyMurphy Tue 15-Jan-13 22:55:13

I wear a giant tent-like shirt and giant tent-like maternity pants.....throw in a little gas and some hairy legs and you have one sexy pregnant lady grin.

Mutley77 Tue 15-Jan-13 23:03:58

An M&S maternity nightie - cost £12 each so I bought two. V comfortable and don't think it looks hideous either.

lauraellajane Tue 15-Jan-13 23:32:55

H&M Mama over the bump yoga trousers - made of soft jersey and the most comfortable thing ever! About £15 but worth every penny, they are about the only maternity wear I've bought brand new. I will wear with stretchy H&M vest tops (normal, not maternity)until I get bigger

flywiththeeagles Mon 11-Feb-13 12:09:59

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Paradisefound Mon 11-Feb-13 13:05:18

At 31 weeks I am still in my non- maternity pre pregnancy size M&S nighties. I've got a huge bump now and the nightshirts are getting shorter and shorter, just ordered some maternity ones from m&s as they are very reasonable price .. Like the button through ones as they will allow lots of skin to skin contact once baby due. I am finding that as my pregnancy progresses I am starting to get really hot .. So go for cotton/ summery stuff... I think I'll soon be going starkers ( in bed) once the weather turns milder.

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