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Fantastic, fabulous 40+ Mums-to-be! Part 3

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eagleray Mon 14-Jan-13 20:38:19

We've run out of space so here's a new thread so we can support each other and talk about the trials, tribulations and utter joy at being pregnant at 40+

All new members welcome smile

rosiedays Wed 01-May-13 09:17:09

Grrr for the 3rd time of retyping post... internet a nightmare today!!

morning cycle how was your first night in hospital?? another first of many from BFP to uni fees!! at least you well versed in changing nappies grin glad you got your phone to keep you sane, i got mine last week, still trying to get used to it. hate the keyboard, my fat fingers are to big to hit the right letter! i have worked out how to download books... Fab. no need for kindle now. will look for planet Rock later!
do you have the honor of being 'oldest mum on ward?? I love prem babies they stay little babys for so much longer. smile

July is looking very busy for babys. we obviously all had a fun october! before my BFP i had NO idea how many 40+ mums there were.

word of advice.... don't get whooping cough and anti d jabs on same day.... couldn't lie on either side last night as both arms hurt!!

cheese hope the BF gets easer, are you getting help/support from MW etc?
only 10 hours till bed time now scarcrow

i'm stuck in doors today waiting for the boiler man to finally come to fix our hot water (it's been a month) it will be so nice to have a shower that doesn't fluctuate from freezing to boiling and be able to run a bath without boiling pans of water.

scarecrow22 Wed 01-May-13 07:28:11

er sadly not 6h 35 but 11h...on the plus side now only 34m grin

scarecrow22 Wed 01-May-13 07:27:06

cycle hope last night was okay and you got some sleep. Thinking if you lots...
T is having his 3 wk growth spurt (he does not get this punctuality from me hmm ) and DD has discovered DisneyClub on YouTube and smeared Weetabix in the rug. 6h 35m to bedtime chez Scarecrows.

sparklysapphire Wed 01-May-13 01:26:12

Thinking of you cycle, you're in the best place.

Congratulations cheese on baby cheese. Sounds like it was a bit scary, but I'm glad you're both ok. I hope you manage to sort out the feeding before your DP goes back to work.

Animol, great news about the scan, it didn't seem real to me until I had a scan either.

notsoold, 14 weeks already, that seems to have gone quick, though I'm sure not for you.

Nice to see you somewhere, I hope all is going ok.

Thanks to everyone who posted about having an August baby, I'm sure it'll be fine, as it almost certainly will be August, though I'm keen to avoid an induction if possible. My DB is also a late August baby, & he's done ok.

Blundermum 40, DC2 due early May?
Lotsofcheese, 40/41, DC2 (girl) due May (DS 4y)
Onemoreforgoodmeasure, 40, DC1 due 06/06
cyclecamper, 42, DC1 due 14/06
Newchoos, 40, DC2, due early July
Blueeyes1970,42, DC1 due on 8th July
BadMissM, 45, DC2, due 22/7
Rosiedays, 43 DD3 due 23rd July(ish)
ScubaSarah, nrly 40, DC1?, due July 22-Aug 1
Iclaudius,45, due 29/07
LottieH, 44, DC5, due mid August
Sparklysapphire, 44, DC2, due 28/8
BuzzBee, 40, DC2, due Sept
Notsoold, 41,DC3 due end of October
Animol, 42, DC5 due 13th

It looks like July is going to be another busy month, after our March/April flurry!

lotsofcheese Wed 01-May-13 01:01:16

Typing this one-handed on the overnight express! DD won't take from me as she was used to bottle/tube on scbu , so am expressing but it's meaning all my time is taken up feeding or pumping. Not practical when DP goes back to work next week & have DS on my own.

BadMiss - hope you're sorted with elcs date soon - still can't believe it's not resolved.

Cyclecamper: Hope bubba can hang on a bit longer - great you've had the steroids - they make a real difference. I found Mothercare had the best prem clothes.

Night night!

cyclecamper Tue 30-Apr-13 23:17:10

Definitely! I have Alice on the headphones (until I go back to radio 4 extra for a bit) and my netbook for forums and facebook and stuff - and cancelling tomorrow's milk because we have loads and they will probably forget to get it in!

BadMissM Tue 30-Apr-13 23:13:38

cycle This is why I need to sort a decent phone out BEFORE I'm taken in!!!

cyclecamper Tue 30-Apr-13 23:07:43

The good news is that I've managed to download the planet rock app to my phone so I don't end up listening to tales of graphic torture on the world service at 4 am! Alice Cooper's program cheers me up grin!

cyclecamper Tue 30-Apr-13 22:58:29

Yes thank you, rosie, I'm actually feeling much better for having an afternoon in bed, as well as knowing that if something happens I don't need to call a cab or get a bus! Things seem to have settled a lot, but the midwife reckons it's only forward now! Gad I didn't spend ages on a birth plan, because I don't reckon I'm going to get much say in it!

rosiedays Tue 30-Apr-13 22:39:44

Wow cycle so soon! My dd 1 was a 34 week er 25 years ago. You ok?
Welcome mini cheese.

BadMissM Tue 30-Apr-13 22:35:17

Cycle Turn my back for a minute, and everything happens!! I had DD at 31 weeks and she is enormous with no actual side-effects now!

Lotsofcheese Congratulations!!! thanks thanks thanks Hope the BF starts going better!! xxxx

Naughty Bump scared me yesterday by being so quiet he frightened me to death. Even at the ante-natal class. It was only when we'd got to the hospital, panicking and the midwife put the monitor band on...he kicked it off. Typical.

Still have no birthplan as consultant never at damn clinic, even though have warned them how early DD was. Everyone else agrees ELCS because of medical history, but only consultant can sign it off....

cyclecamper Tue 30-Apr-13 22:18:22

Thank you lotsofcheese that's very kind! I'mm 33+4 and they seem to expect me to have it at 34 weeks if it hasn't turned up first shock!

scarecrow22 Tue 30-Apr-13 20:35:47

cycle - so glad you got sister to help. very considerate of her to have prem clothes smile Still sending lots if strong baby vibes

Blueeyes - so close. Am Virgo. Was 3 wks over due (them were the days) but still wd have been Virgo. 2/3 ain't bed though (now that's a 40+ reference!)

Cheese - so glad you and the cheeselet are one safe despite rushed appearance. Sounds like you have experience if prem babies but hope all settles down soon, and it will be lovely to see you on the grads thread if the fancy ever takes you

lotsofcheese Tue 30-Apr-13 19:56:16

Ps Cyclecamper - how far along are you? I've had 2 prems, please PM me if I can help with anything. Take care & crossing everything for you xx

lotsofcheese Tue 30-Apr-13 19:54:06

A very belated update from me: Mini-cheese born 18th April by emergency c-section, due to being breech & having low fluid around her. She was 5lb 3oz at 35+5 and needed a week in scbu for low blood sugars & jaundice.

She waited till 4 days after my 41st birthday. Considerate girl!!!!

We're home now & I'm trapped in expressing/bottle-feeding/refusing boob hell hmm

Sorry didn't get much chance to post on thread latterly - events took over somewhat!

A big hello to everyone - will look forward to your updates.

I'm done now, pregnancy-wise. If it hadn't been an emcs I'd have got my tubes tied!!!!!

NewChoos Tue 30-Apr-13 19:42:55

cyclecamper thinking of you.

My stats are DC 2 due early July. Sorry not been posting much, find it hard to keep up, with work and DS etc
I am going to be induced/have c section at 38-39 weeks due to GD. Had 28 week scan last week and baby big for dates, so trying to be better with reducing carbs.
Consultant trying to encourage me to go to vaginal birth after c section class but I can't think of anything worse!

Hope everyone else is well.

blueeyes1970 Tue 30-Apr-13 19:28:23

cyclecamper Good to see things under control. Thinking of you

scarecrow22 - go for triple snap if you are a Leo or August baby?!!

cyclecamper Tue 30-Apr-13 17:52:17

scarecrow That's really kind, thank you. I'm waiting to see at the moment. I think I have things under control- my sister had a prem baby and has found some things for me, if I need them. She is coming up here to collect my husband and take him home to pack a bag for me. Fortunately, I was pretty much packed! They're going to keep me in for a couple of days to see if I go into labour properly and if I don't, they'll send me home and wait till next week. It's the first time in my life that I've spent a night in hospital!

scarecrow22 Tue 30-Apr-13 17:25:46

blueeyes - am also a 1970 baby with blue eyes! double snap

scarecrow22 Tue 30-Apr-13 17:23:31

oh cycle, glad you being looked after, but sorry for worry.Am here to hold hand, lurk, chat, whatever.

also I'm nit far from Epsom. Do you need some basic maternity /New baby kit, nipple cream and so on? am v happy to get some bits together and delivered to you if it helps.

take v good care x

blueeyes1970 Tue 30-Apr-13 16:15:20

Hi everyone,
Not a regular contributor to the thread but always good and reassuring to see everyone's progress!
Cyclecamper - hope everything is OK.
Notsoold and Sparkly for stats purposes, I'm 42, DC1 due on 8th July.

blueblackdye Tue 30-Apr-13 15:52:40

Cycle, hope you and baby are fine, thinking of you

rosiedays Tue 30-Apr-13 15:28:12

finger (and legs) crossed for you cycle thanks

cyclecamper Tue 30-Apr-13 15:04:42

Well, I've been admitted to the antenatal ward, which is a lot more comfortable than hanging around the assessment unit. Got to have antibiotics and a steroid injection and see if it develops into labour or not.

rosiedays Tue 30-Apr-13 14:43:52

hand holding and brew cycle.

on my way for whooping cough jab! had Anti d this morning so both arms will hurt! sad

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