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Fantastic, fabulous 40+ Mums-to-be! Part 3

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eagleray Mon 14-Jan-13 20:38:19

We've run out of space so here's a new thread so we can support each other and talk about the trials, tribulations and utter joy at being pregnant at 40+

All new members welcome smile

BadMissM Wed 20-Mar-13 19:43:38

Sorry, Welcome to Greenwitch (Susan Cooper fan???) 'waves'!

scarecrow22 Wed 20-Mar-13 20:39:11

Greenwitch- first welcome! And congratulations: what a wonderful story.
Second do not worry for a moment about Folic Acid. You are taking now and have been a bit. It is fine. Anything helps, and baby has heaps if development left (in assuming you are in early ish weeks, pre 12wks). Don't forget many people get pg by accident/unexpectedly and don't take any for months!
Third you are super normal for being tired and hormonal band you are in totally the right place to share it. We have lots of laughs on here, but also it's a great whinge sponge, and the more people who can come and sound off and share the pain the better. So to speak smile Do though ask for help or cheat if need to - use a bit more telly, buy stickers, ask DP for lie ins, tell work or friends you feel ill...whatever it takes.
Finally, your DD and feeding. You are right to think about this now, but you have bags of time. Would you consider asking advice from a local (or NCT?) BF counsellor? Or La Leche? I didn't have this issue but have been making smaller adjustments to DD's life (she is similar, will be 2y 4m when LO born in a few weeks) - eg not picking her up as much (supposed have a CS). I guess the best approach would be to very slowly reduce BF of DD, perhaps explaining mummy is poorly and can't make as much milk, or whatever. Perhaps you could replace BF sessions though with special time - a cuddle and book, with a cup if milk if she wants, etc?? But as I say would recommend you get expert advice - maybe even post on the BF threads as well?

Hope you can stick around though, keep us posted, and we can all share the journey.

knickyknocks Wed 20-Mar-13 22:31:27

Just a quick update from me. Currently in hospital, after losing a couple of large clots following the sweep today. ThEy've just broken my waters so looks like I'm in till little one arrives. Not particularly contracting so suspect it could be a long night! XX

eagleray Wed 20-Mar-13 22:36:29

Good luck Knicky!!! Will keep my fingers crossed for you that the baby arrives soon x

JBrd Wed 20-Mar-13 22:42:56

Good luck knicky will be thinking of you, fingers crossed that it all goes smoothly and we'll have baby knicky here soon!

sparklysapphire Thu 21-Mar-13 00:12:27

Ooh good luck knicky, I hope things happen quickly! I've been checking often for baby news but no chance to post, I should have time tomorrow instead of packing!

ChairmanWow Thu 21-Mar-13 03:29:01

Wow Knicky. Good luck and I hope you're contracting like a good 'un. Looks like there'll be a baby this week after all. X

knickyknocks Thu 21-Mar-13 06:41:29

No news yet. Been contracting all night to be told have dilated to only 4cm...have ended up having an epidural which wasn't part of the plan but it was all getting a bit much. Hope baby KK arrives soon! Thank you all for your lovely messages of encouragement.

MrsW thinking of you today for your induction. XX

knickyknocks Thu 21-Mar-13 06:41:29

No news yet. Been contracting all night to be told have dilated to only 4cm...have ended up having an epidural which wasn't part of the plan but it was all getting a bit much. Hope baby KK arrives soon! Thank you all for your lovely messages of encouragement.

MrsW thinking of you today for your induction. XX

eagleray Thu 21-Mar-13 06:53:45

Gosh Knicky - so similar to what happened to me - its v hard to manage pain when you've endured a whole night of it. I think I fell asleep once I'd had my epidural.

4cm is bags of progress - I was same at around same time of day and had my baby at lunchtime so fingers crossed you will be the same.

Thinking of you and hope you are pushing soon!!

All the best MrsW thinking of you today too.

somewherebecomingrain Thu 21-Mar-13 06:55:00

knicky! Only just seen this as went to bed early last night. I hope you are comfortable and relaxed ans baby KK will soon be with us! Thinking of you and thrilled. Here you go!


somewherebecomingrain Thu 21-Mar-13 07:02:34

Oh yes mrsw thinking of you today!

And chairman thinking of you too - I hope things are moving or it must be horrendously tough.


somewherebecomingrain Thu 21-Mar-13 07:45:24

cyclecamper sorry about bump top
Pain. Having just had this and explores it with dr google the advice seems
To be don't use your stomach muscles
If you can possibly avoid this. Get up by rolling to the side and using arms. I remember I knew this in my first pg but realise id totally forgotten this time round.

greenwitch I think scarecrow has the practical
Advice covered. But this thread is indeed a whinge sponge - mine in particular I sometimes worry! On a more serious note I am totally sympathetic with the utter terror of being pg as I don't enjoy it either. It sounds like there are some practical reasons why you are so dismayed but I don't think they are insurmountable. As for the less rational side you have my full sympathy and having been through it myself happy to hear what is on your mind.

Xxxx thinking of Knicky, mrsw, chairman and the new human beings they are soon going to add to the world!!

ChairmanWow Thu 21-Mar-13 09:37:38

mrsw I forgot to send you good luck, with all Knicky's excitement. Hope it's a nice, quick induction for you. You and Knicky might be having your babies on the same day!

knicky 4cm is good progress. You're on your way girl!

We're still hanging in there. Getting some strong period-type pains and tightenings on and off but given 2 bouts of latent labour I'll believe nothing til I'm in agony!

Shout out to everyone else. Looks like it's going to be a bumper baby day!

scarecrow22 Thu 21-Mar-13 09:43:18

Knicky!!! How exciting. Hope the epidural helps with pain and you progress soon. Am so thrilled for you and long to hear baby KK is here with us and how DD is enjoying (?!) it all. Do come to the snug and we can cuddle baby while you rest.
My last day at work today - what a lovely way to celebrate. Plus a v special baby to be born on first day of spring smile

Sorry not catching up more, but busy and tired (just normally so!) My team taking me out for Soho dinner tonight. Am so touched at effort making so trying not to slightly rue the fact can't be in bed by 10pm! Am having one of my occasional glasses of wine tonight too, which am embarrassingly looking forward to already!

Sparkly, JBrd et al - glad babyKK brought you out from lurking mode! Special waves to Chairman and MrsW and hope today brings progress or rest, and at least some laughter.


scarecrow22 Thu 21-Mar-13 09:45:37

Ooh MrsW how cd I have forgotten induction? Another Spring Equinox baby?? All round some un-MNetty hugs and support vibes. X

somewherebecomingrain Thu 21-Mar-13 10:31:03

Go baby wow! X

blueblackdye Thu 21-Mar-13 12:18:25

Knicky, just saw your post. To you and MrsW good luck. Hope you have a smooth birth. awaiting your wonderful news.
Yeah Scarecrow last day at work !
Waves to all

cyclecamper Thu 21-Mar-13 12:55:02

Good luck Knicky and MrsW smile. Fingers crossed for yours Chairman!

sparklysapphire Thu 21-Mar-13 13:26:28

Good luck Mrs W today as well. I hope babies arrive before Saturday - yours too chairman as I'm off on holiday and doubt I'll even be able to look at MN while we're there so I'm impatiently waiting for news!!

Scarecrow - your last day, you must be relieved to be finishing, I hope you enjoy your evening out and even though it means a late night, and have a lovely rest over the next few days - not easy when you already have a small person I know! And your comment about babies not talking made me smile - I'm hoping I can remember how to deal with a tiny scrap of person who can only cry....

I have been reading of the various discomforts with trepidation - I had conveniently forgotten how uncomfortable late pregnancy can be. Cycle, I hope your bump pain is easing, and somewhere that yours has improved.

Anyone who moves/has house alterations in late pregnancy has my admiration - the idea of moving when I'm not pregnant alarms me! Although we did have the kitchen done just before DD was born and it only got finished before she did cos she was so late.

MissM, your DH's ex sounds truly awful - I hope you managed to get the papers together to prevent him being arrested. I'm sure you could really do with out the added stress. I'm sorry your mum wasn't positive about your baby too.

Eagle, I hope you're feeling better.

Welcome northern & greenwitch. I too am concerned about DD is going to take the news of a sibling - she's nearly 5 so it's a bit different to your situation greenwitch. I think scarecrow's suggestion of getting expert advice on BFing your DD is a good one, if you feel that's something you want to do. How many weeks are you?

I haven't been posting simply because I haven't had time/opportunity and I doubt I will again before we leave at stupid o'clock on Saturday morning. My mum came to stay at the weekend - we haven't needed her for childcare duties for ages so she just hasn't been and we've been with MIL in school hols (not necessarily my choice). DM surprised and delighted about another grandchild - I'm pretty sure this'll be her last, definitely from me, but disappointed by DH's reaction. Also had a long chat with DB at the weekend who is very supportive and keeps telling me not to worry! DH no closer to accepting pregnancy - he keeps saying he's trying and is doing ok with DD. He's also said he won't leave so I feel a bit reassured by that. I'm not sure if the holiday will help or hinder things, and having MIL in tow (as she's paying) is not ideal I don't think.

So I shall probably go very quiet for a bit, but I will be back!

knickyknocks Thu 21-Mar-13 13:40:33

Baby Luke was born at 10.20 this morning following a ventouse delivery. He's 7lb 12oz. Thinking of mrsw and chairman. Let's make it a hat trick smile.

knickyknocks Thu 21-Mar-13 13:40:33

Baby Luke was born at 10.20 this morning following a ventouse delivery. He's 7lb 12oz. Thinking of mrsw and chairman. Let's make it a hat trick smile.

sparklysapphire Thu 21-Mar-13 13:48:42

Knicky huge congratulations on the birth of baby Luke thanks thanks thanks. I hope you are both doing well, and you can get some rest, it sounds like it's been a long haul. xx

blueblackdye Thu 21-Mar-13 13:49:17

Knicky, congratulations and welcome to the world Baby Luke, be an angel and let your Mum rest a bit.
Sparkly, glad to hear from you and DB and DM are supportive. Wish you a nice time with in-laws. Try to get some rest.

eagleray Thu 21-Mar-13 13:49:37

OMG Knicky - congratulations on the safe arrival of baby Luke!!! flowers flowers flowers

And a great weight too. Hope you are having a lovely time cuddling your gorgeous baby smile

Good luck to MrsW and Chairman

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