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Fantastic, fabulous 40+ Mums-to-be! Part 3

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eagleray Mon 14-Jan-13 20:38:19

We've run out of space so here's a new thread so we can support each other and talk about the trials, tribulations and utter joy at being pregnant at 40+

All new members welcome smile

BadMissM Tue 05-Mar-13 12:30:27

cylecamper It's how long is a piece of string...depends if I get the ELCS or not, and how it goes... was ill for weeks after DD and if it's episiotomy time won't be able to sit on it for an eight and a half hour day in court...

Somewhere Might just use it as an excuse for birthday party...have a Carmen Miranda birthday!

Still nervous about scan, but as you say, had good Harmony results.... DH IS gorgeous (but maybe I'm a bit biaised!)

Used to control chocolate spread with DD after the amount of times we got out and I had to do emergency repairs (and it looks so much like poo!)

Oh Scarecrow, do they not realise that if they carry on like that you'll be back on 'exhaustion' leave in no time at all!

Sparkly All Tribunals stressful, but this one worse than usual apparently, even according to court.... I got a written aplogy from senior Judge, and has been delayed agin since then... ex-employers aren't helping...

ChairmanWow It's my usual sort of outfit...pregnancy has calmed my look down a lot, maybe because I can't find pg clothes as outrageous as my normal ones!

Psychologically, and financially, I need this tribunal over and done with. It's been the Sword of Damocles hanging over my head for five years. Having to be constantly available means you can't plan anything, or guarantee you'll be able to do things.... As most of my friends and all of my family at other end of the country, that's hard...

The tribunal seem to think you can be there the day before and after the birth...don't even know when it will be and how... plus if it goes on after will have massive childcare issues as have to be there for three days (staying over).

Yes, DH has his failings but I will never starve to death...the opposite, maybe!! Though when am starving to death sometimes and he makes elaborate and lengthy dinner, just wish he would do egg and chips for once!

Even we have sunshine!! But I have to go and spend half the day at the hospital for DD's toes...pah! Then again tomorrow... (wouldn't be so bad if hospital didn't say appts can be up to 2 hours late for each!!!)

NewChoos Tue 05-Mar-13 19:10:39

Sorry I have been a rubbish poster - life very busy in general.
To update the stats: I am 40, DC2 (or should I say DD!) due in July. DS is 2.

20 week scan was fine, starting to feel more real now!

somewherebecomingrain Wed 06-Mar-13 08:26:55

having a crap day - trying to make a cake with DS and actually that has gone fine but am in pain - SPD seems to have leapt up a notch. Am joining the criers as feel a bit tearful. Just wonder how I'm going to get through the next few weeks doing childcare and being so heavily preggers. Anyway mustn't grumble (despite having just done so rather vehemently). Chin up.

newchoos brilliant about the scan - hopefully we'll hear more from you from now on!

scarecrow22 Wed 06-Mar-13 08:58:57

Somewhere, poor poor you. Know how you feel. Sometimes going to work is easier. Please promise me <stern face> you will go to GP and ask for specialist (not general) Physio. If thy refuse tell them despite reassurances you know somebody (you sort of do as I talk about my sister a lot) who has been left in chronic pain and bed ridden by SPD and you will not take the risk. If they still refuse ask for a second opinion. I stress you will not be like my sister - she had three under 3y, but it can leave you with problems for longer than they say. Rarely, but don't take the risk.
Lecture over wink

Mmm, what sort of cake? I've just had an almond croissant to stave off nausea on train - really this Shd have gone by now confused. Suspect is the underlying tiredness. Still not too bad apart from morning train journey.

Anyone going to be treated for Mother's Day? I'm dripping big hints for a card - which wd be a big improvement on last year. Mmmm.

Have a good day x

scarecrow22 Wed 06-Mar-13 09:07:22

BadMiss. Just remembered is scan day!!! Thinking of you lots and lots and please come and tell us how you get on x

somewherebecomingrain Wed 06-Mar-13 09:26:27

Thanks scarecrow. I love Gonna keep an eye on it but reckon its not that bad. Actually so sick of engaging with health services - have been having a root canal which has gone on for ages - appointment after appointment- on top of everything else.

I also feel sick quite a lot - my sympathies there although what lovelt medicine - an almond croissant.

Just heard my DP's best prospect for investment in his company has said no. Maybe this was what I felt coming down the wire. I admire my DP for getting as far as he got and I also know he won't give up but it's giving me an ache - we both put so much work into it.


somewherebecomingrain Wed 06-Mar-13 09:27:10

I love instant sympathy that sentence meant to read and not being flippant!

somewherebecomingrain Wed 06-Mar-13 10:07:47

Ps Hugh fearnley whittingatall's essential choc
Cake which is almost entirely butter choc sugar and egg - flour barely get a look in. At least now I have 'nice sick' which responds to - almost enhances - the pleasure of eating. Will send a cake over to the cafe lounge.

ChairmanWow Wed 06-Mar-13 10:39:08

Ha ha. Snorted tea out my nose at 'nice sick'. I know exactly what you mean. I'm a habitual vommer still and what has gone in makes such a difference. Made cornflake cakes with DS a couple of days ago and having one after tea last night made such a difference when it made a repeat appearance. I can't believe how casual I am about it now. 'Just popping up for a quick puke love. Put the kettle on!'

Sorry to hear of your other tribulations somewhere. Is there anyone who can help with childcare? I notice how much better I am when DS is at nursery. The weekends are killing me at the moment. I'm really lucky we can keep him in for a little while. Try and take it easy if you can.

Right, a short one from me. Got MW this morning, then bathroom fitter coming with tile samples, then friends this afternoon. Might get the kids making more crispy cakes to keep my vom delicious grin

Have a good day all.

knickyknocks Wed 06-Mar-13 11:18:43

YY to nice sick grin - whilst the MS was ongoing would purposely eat vanilla ice cream as it didn't taste so bad on the way back up. Aahh..the joys of this pregnancy malarkey. And yes kinow how the sickness becomes so casual. 'Just need to pop upstairs for a quick vom' was regularly used in this house too grin. chairman loving the thought of the crispy cakes - though would prefer the un-regurgiated kind......wink

scarecrow I second that the sound of the almond croissant is divine. You're nearly upon mat leave - I take my hat off to you - the amount of hours that you've been doing whilst pregnant would have rendered me to a complete mess.

Also Hugh's cake....Made some fairy cakes with DD yesterday, she was off nursery with a heavy cold. Huge sympathy to somewhere about childcare. Completely underand, childcare is completely flooring me too. Thank god DH will be around this weekend so it's not all down to me - though he has just appeared in the living room saying he's got a bit of a cold so feels a bit sh*t hmm I suspect I have some idea what that may feel like. somewhere agree with chairman anyone you can rope in to help?

somewhere sorry to hear about DS recent prognosis re hand - really hoping that there's some positive news soon. And haven't asked for ages so huge apologies, but how's your mum and her treatment going? xx

badmiss how did the scan go?

That bloody pain hasn't disappeared from under the bra line at the top of my bump - feels like the muscle is tearing slowly. Yuck! All of this not helped by yesterday's antics......
Dropped my wedding ring in our bedroom. Me and hubby spent 3 hours trying to find the ring. Literally tipped the bedroom upside down in a quest to find the sodding thing. Had lost all hope in finding it, so 3 hours later rang Halifax to discuss a possible claim on our contents insurance. It was whilst i was on the phone I found it nestling in one of my many pockets in my ridiculously huge maternity trousers. Damn those maternity combat trousers. Still, on the upside, underneath our bed it now all looks super neat and tidy grin.

Lots of love to all xxxx

knickyknocks Wed 06-Mar-13 11:20:09

Meant to say Hugh's cake equally sounds divine.....surely I'm allowed a huge slice of it now that I'm nearly imminent? I can work off the calories in labour can't I??

ChairmanWow Wed 06-Mar-13 13:58:06

Oh god have to come in and share my embarrassing incident. I had MW this morning and it's at a SureStart children's centre so they give you your wee sample to dispose of elsewhere. So, decided to pop into Morrisons on the way home for a few bits. Whilst paying at the checkout the wee fell out of my bag and rolled out of the tissue is wrapped it in. Before I could do anything the kindly lady behind me, noticing my big bump, bent down to pick it up. I shouted 'no! I mean, it's okay' and scooped it up but not before she'd seen what it was.

Somebody shoot me. I'm so embarrassed.

ChairmanWow Wed 06-Mar-13 13:58:44

Sorry for typos. iPhone and shame combo!

knickyknocks Wed 06-Mar-13 16:22:52

chairman grin grin grin - I'm sorry but laughed out loud when I read your weewee-gate!! Sod the shame, you're nearly 9 months pregnant you can do what you like (least that's what I'm telling myself.......)

BadMissM Wed 06-Mar-13 21:24:43

waves to NewChoos

somewhere It damn well hurts, have moved from support belt to crappy crutches in the last week for mine (and it still hurts..)

I echo scarecrow I have a friend permanently crippled by SPD...

Thanks scarecrow!!!

somewhere Wish DP luck in his search for investment...Nearly fell off sofa at 'nice sick' too smile

ChairmanWow don't envy any of you with small LOs as well... at least DD occasionally helpful!

knicky I used to get that with DD...around the ribs, it really hurts....

Wedding ring saga made me laugh (I'm always losing things)...thought had taken entire jewellery box to the tip during move (though DH did take my gorgeous vintage coat by mistake....sniff...)

ChairmanWow Oh god, that is so like things that happen to me!!!!

Me...scan was absolutely brilliant...had (male) sonographer who did it and explained EVERYTHING and addressed all my concerns really well. Everything is where it should be, and I'm having a little boy!

Midwife also did brilliant report for tribunal telling them exactly and just about what they need to know, but keeping rest private...

So, a good day!!!

scarecrow22 Wed 06-Mar-13 21:28:29

BadMiss posted big congrats on grad thread. Have been logging in all day to see your news!

Am I only post 20weeker who does not know sex of baby? Feeling left out... An want to know now!!

cyclecamper Wed 06-Mar-13 22:23:12

badmiss congratulations smile, hurrah for the fab scan! Glad you've finally found some helpful professionals!

Scarecrow I don't know the sex either.

Waves at everyone else - I'm reading more than posting at the moment. Halfway through my 3 week job now. It isn't as bad as I feared - although it's been more restrictive due to one of my charges being unexpectedly off sick for the last week.

chummy1 Wed 06-Mar-13 23:25:34

Lovely news Badmissm blue gingham curtains or little soldiers ?! smile

We are biting the bullet and have applied to the ARGC. We are out of time!
DH is now 54 and the guilt of ttc at our age (me 41) is wearing me dow. So worried that our longed for child may feel 'different' or get picked on for having such an old Daddy....but selfishly we desperately want our own little family. Forms sent, deposit paid, sleepless night ahead!! lol!

Scarecrow - admiring your will power!

Chairmanwow you've made a tearful me ......... giggle out loud! funny funny funny smile

Glad you found your ring Knickynocks lost my engagement ring this week - found it a few hours later ........ in it's box! LOL! mind has lost all ability to function properly........ totally absorbed in baby dreams ........ even dreamt that DH and I were collecting longed for child from nursery using Zimmer frames!!! am I over thinking this?!?!?!?!?! GP's reaction to our request for bloods didn't help........ a frozen stare! followed by a quick recovery..... and rustling of papers .

sparklysapphire Thu 07-Mar-13 04:16:44

grin at chairman's "incident". I completely forgot to remove my sample from my bag last week after my M/W appointment, so DH found it when he took it shopping (it's a rucksack), was not impressed.

Excellent news about the scan MissM, and your little boy, I hope you can relax a bit and enjoy your pregnancy despite the SPD.

hi to all, it's very late/early, I'll catch up properly soon

notsoold Thu 07-Mar-13 10:52:09

I am posting from hospital to say thank you for holding my hand for the last week.
The scan today showed growth and a fetal pole with a relieved!!! I was dated 6 weeks almost 2 weeks behind my dates....told not to worry and to get hold of midwife..
Thank you all

ChairmanWow Thu 07-Mar-13 11:30:37

Yay, yay, yay! That is such fantastic news! So pleased for you notsoold. What a massive relief. Hope you have a healthy and happy pregnancy thanks

blueblackdye Thu 07-Mar-13 11:34:23

Notsoold, this is very good news ! Yeah !

BadMissM Thu 07-Mar-13 11:39:35

Thanks scarecrow and cyclecamper!

Chummy Neither...stars and moons in blue, I bought the fabric the other day before I knew! Good luck with your application, fingers, toes, and anything available crossed that it all works out for you xxx

Thanks sparkly

Notsoold So glad that it's all going well!!!

cyclecamper Thu 07-Mar-13 13:21:38

Brilliant news notsoold! So happy for you thanks

somewherebecomingrain Thu 07-Mar-13 16:11:02

badmissm andnotsoold so thoroughly delighted for both of you. Badmiss unlike when they say it's a girl if it's a boy thwy're usually right. You are gonna love your adoring little man even if he does seem to find making a mess an end in itself! (my short intro to gender differences there!) notsoold just lovely - wishing you plain sailing from here (as far as pg can be!) and blooming.

chairman and knicky thanks for laughs! Knicky that is the sort of thing that happens to me - thinking I've lost or forgotten something I haven't. Btw very concerned for your poor DH and his cold - we all know how discreet men are about their illnesses - we cannot imagine how he is suffering!

AFM it's my birthday today and I'm 41. Dp gonna cook dinner and put boy to bed. Once in 365 days! Almost rather he didn't as it hurts to know I'm gonna have to wait another year for a repeat! Except while my c-section is healing - that will be pure luxury. Having said that dp putting back into job and I'm really proud of him - getting in around half seven every morning and I can't really fault him.

My mum is v tired halfway through chemo but it seems to be working. She's under orders to eat a weight gain diet so it's an excuse for ds and I to bake cakesz. They are just round the corner (my parents) from
Our new flat which is lovely- I can give ds his hit of grandparents joy, give my parents their DD and (more) DGS joy, semi put feet up while not really asking the grandparents to help, and Avoid telly all in one go.

I wish I could say I'm feeling good physically - lungs, acid reflux, rectum, cervix, bladder, symphis pubis, inner thigh and back all constantly complaining. Was able to swim this am - hoping it will work miracles. Most important thing is to be fitter after the c section than last time.

knicky chairman mrsw I've got my eye on you! Hope these last days are relaxed and full of good food, sleep, telly, all of that.

What are you doing to prepare siblings? My ds likes to crush my bump but then has spontaneously drawn pictures for 'my sister'. I want him to feel this is his. Debating an extra day in nursery for first few weeks - easier for me but will it make him feel more rejected?


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