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Fantastic, fabulous 40+ Mums-to-be! Part 3

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eagleray Mon 14-Jan-13 20:38:19

We've run out of space so here's a new thread so we can support each other and talk about the trials, tribulations and utter joy at being pregnant at 40+

All new members welcome smile

knickyknocks Wed 16-Jan-13 08:11:26

PS scarecrow just noticed the time you posted and you saying you just got back from work? Sounds like a very long day, hope today is a far shorter day for you and bump XX

somewherebecomingrain Wed 16-Jan-13 09:29:20

Yes Knicky it was an excellent NHS experience - they were just doing their job but they were saving my sons future. We had a bit of luck too that the damage was not deep but he still had to have a two hour operation. When I was three I cut my forehead falling in a stone in the garden and I was perfectly prepared for ds to do similar but not this sad.

Glad u feeling better - such a relief.

Eagerlay's conception story is beautiful.

DAMASH sorry I'm distracted didn't realise it was today - have really enjoyed having someone to share the extreme pregnancy moans with - its nearly over and you will see your baby!

Ps scarecrow my sister And I are doing your box of presents idea for my mum for her next round of chemo - thanks so much for such a great idea . Plus agree u need some r&r v urgently. U sound shattered.

Hugs to all xx

jj247 Wed 16-Jan-13 12:12:54

Ooh, only just found this thread, can I join? <waves> to scarecrow and somewhere smile

41 and DC1 due 22/04 so currently 26+1

found this thread while browsing for info as latest thing to get paranoid about is: not putting on sufficient weight (although can't imagine why as I've been eating enough chococlate grin) and bean seems wriggly enough that definitely stuff going on in there. I've not been measured/weighed since 12 week scan, but at 24 week she listened to the heartbeat and said I had a "nice bump" so guessing things are all on track..? I am naturally paranoid that something is amiss, I just nudge from one concern to the next as pregnancy progresses... think this is because Istill can't believe I'm lucky enough to be PG (I'd been in being tested for early menopause 2 weeks before discovering I was pregnant!)

somewherebecomingrain Wed 16-Jan-13 12:22:31

hey jj247 please join - its lovely to have some new folk. your due date is good - you can join the very vocal march/april cohort that is on here.
26 weeks is a good place in terms of pregnancy paranoias i think - you're through the worst ones!
re not putting on enough weight there seems to be tonnes of natural variation. I am trying hard not to put on weight! putting on too much can be very disabling. if the midwives and the scans are ok then the weight isn't something to worry about - just count yourself lucky!


knickyknocks Wed 16-Jan-13 13:58:48

Hello and welcome to JJ247 - lovely to have you on the thread. Another April baby? It's going to get very busy in March/April grin. As for weight, I shouldn't worry - in my experience they don't start measuring bumps until the 28 week check with the midwife - and if the midwife has any concerns they will let you know, but it sounds as if you're doing fine. I'm with somewhere though, that I'm trying my best not to put on too much, but I haven't weighed myself in weeks and not looking forward to what the scales will say (that is if I can even SEE what the weight says over this enormous bump.......grin). Anyway welcome, and lovely to see another first timer - lots of experienced and non-experienced mums and mums to be on here so you're in good company.
somewhere a 2 hour op? Oh the whole thing sounds very traumatic. Really I think it's time you deserve a bit of TLC what with things with your mum (although I know she's doing OK, it's all been a dramatic few weeks). Maybe a well deserved pedicure at some point - may not be your thing, but just think you deserve a little bit of luxury.

Pleased to say that DD is better, and nursery looks almost certain for tomorrow - which means that I can at last have my bit of R and R. Not sure what to do about Friday yet and work - looks like much of the country is going to be swathed in the white stuff and I for one, do not wish to be stuck at work.....and London and it's rail and road systems don't seem to be able to cope at all. May just have to take Friday off after all......

blueblackdye Wed 16-Jan-13 14:43:08

Just a quick post to say I am thinking of all of you and reading your journeys through pg made me envious, but I have 2 DCs already, not ready for a 3rd !
BadMiss wonderful news, so so so glad for you.
Eagleray, it is imminent now, take care, you will be absolutely fine, I am keeping your sofa warm on the Grads thread, not sure you will still have some cake to bring over... smile
Hello to new joiners.

BadMissM Wed 16-Jan-13 14:53:01

Knicky Glad to hear you're all feeling a bit more human! If it's going to snow in London on Friday I'd give it a wide berth.... The whole place grinds to a standstill with 2 flakes...

Somewhere You were lucky they reacted so fast and the outcome was so good for your DS....I know you're never prepared for accidents, but some seem harder than others to deal with!

As for putting on weight...anything I can face eating seems to be doing that....and I'm still having to test for diabetes (ugh)

Damash Ooh, today...Thinking of you! xxx

Hello and waves to jj247 ...welcome!

Today is DD's birthday. She was leaping round the house like a dog with two tails this morning.... so have to make special dinner for her tonight...

I've got first consultant appointment tomorrow...goodness knows how that's going to go, followed by my Polish friend bringing her visiting parents, DH and 2 year old DS to dinner (the parents are really shy so it was to show them what another English house was like really...they don't speak any English so will be fun!)

At the weekend house will be invaded by hordes of squeaky 14 year old girls...for a moustache party. Somehow I have to find the time and energy to tidy up this tip of a house.....

cyclecamper Wed 16-Jan-13 15:45:09

I got my scan appointment in the post at 2.30pm today - for a scan at 2pm today! It was franked with yesterday's date so I think it must have spent some time wandering around a postroom or something. I phoned and they re-booked for tomorrow afternoon, so fingers crossed for then.

BadMissM That all sounds a bit frantic! I'm looking at the complete tip that is my house and thinking that burning it down and collecting the insurance may be the only solution!

knickyknocks Wed 16-Jan-13 16:20:25

badmissm I have to ask....a moustache party?? This may need further explanation! Do they all wear moustaches? Blimey things have moved on since our day - a sleepover at 14 for me would have been tizer, boy talk, listening to Swing Out Sister, then feeling daring having a sip or two of babycham. Not sure what I would have been watching in 1986 - was that the year of Top Gun?? Hope the dinner goes well for the Polish visitors - what are you going to make? Typical Brits fare?
cycle how frustrating!! But glad they've managed to get you a space for tomorrow.
Waves to bbd hope to see you on the grad thread March/April time!

CaliBee Wed 16-Jan-13 16:22:25

Hi ladies....I've not been around for a while.
Sadly I have just been diagnosed with a mmc at 8+6.
I have a few days to think about how I want to manage it before Mondays appointment at EPAU...hopefully mother nature will take that decision out of my hands before then. Thanks for all your support xxx
Hopefully I will see you all here again before too long.

eagleray Wed 16-Jan-13 17:51:20

Calibee I am so, so sorry - that is such sad news. I am glad you found out now, rather than having to wait another few days, as I know each day not knowing would have been incredibly distressing and worrying.

Please look after yourself (and hope you have people around you who can support you) and really, really hope you are back on here very soon. Sending you big hugs and all my sympathy xxx

scarecrow22 Wed 16-Jan-13 21:02:24

CaliBee another Scarecrow hug from me: you sound so warm and balanced I hope you have the support around you you deserve and you can share the journey with your DP(DH?). We will all be thrilled when you come back to join us, here and on the grads thread. Take care.

Somewhere - I've been waiting to be alert enough to message properly about your DS's accident, but fear now. I am starting to look uncaring. I can't imagine how scary it must have been, and a two hour op sounds super serious, but so thankful for you it was quickly attended and the op was immediate, and that the prognosis is, if I understand correctly, v g too. I can empathise a little as slammed car boot shut a couple of weeks ago and then saw DD's hand was in it over the main knuckles, and she was looking up at me with bewildered surprise with her big brown eyes. For a moment all I could think was I'd crushed her hand and she'd be damaged forever. As it turned out some frozen peas and a Peppa Pig plaster were all we needed (the plaster was simply a distraction) and she was right as rain. She does now daily tell me the 'story' of "I doi. Hand in car. Mummy car. Hand doi." just in case I wasn't feeling guilty blush(doi is hurt). Please update on how DS progressing.
So glad you doing bag. Hope your mum enjoys!

Welcome j245 (hope I remembered that right) - we are due a day apart I think? Mine 22 April though will prob have during week before by ELCS. Fab to have more joiners. Hope the others have shown you around our chilled coffee lounge. Last night we had muffins...tonight I rather fancy a hot choc (or does the sexy waiter rustle up cheese omelettes for those of us who have had a glass of wine and an indecent amount of nuts for "supper"?? Was at work networking blah event.) Also don't worry about weight too much if bump growing: I have a neighbour well over 20 weeks and you can hardly see a bump even, but docs happy.

Now can't remember other news. Happy birthday LittleBadMiss ;)

scarecrow22 Wed 16-Jan-13 21:04:43

JJ247, sorry - was in the right ballpark! Great initials, if they are yours ;)

Kazmog Wed 16-Jan-13 21:35:37

Pls can I join! I am 41 with a DS1 who is almost 2. A bit panicky as I unfortunately had a stillborn son also so pregnancy is a bit of a concern for me. Have been ttc for a few months and really thought this month didn't work as timings etc were way off! Missed my period on Monday and did a test yesterday which was negative and today's was positive saying 1-2 weeks! I am really worried as I really thought I was not pregnant and went to parties last week and drank alcohol almost every night! I really hope that I haven't hurt the little one.

BadMissM Wed 16-Jan-13 23:23:05

Waves to Kazmog You're not the only one, had a stillbirth before DD, so am the world's most paranoid a bit cautious about the pregnancy...!

cyclecamper Would consider it if had managed to get house insurance since I house backs onto old one, yet insurance quotes are double....

Oh, Calibee, I am so sorry to hear that...sending love and hugs xxx I know whatever I say won't make much difference at the moment, but thinking of you xxx

Knicky Yes, they all wear moustaches.....why, I have no idea! DD is going as the 118 man, her bf as Sirius Black, and another firend as Papa Smurf.... With moustache games, cakes, etc....!

I know, my idea of fun at 14 (1981) was to listen to Toyah and Lene Lovich, (I'm older than you!) slather eight tons of eyeshadow and eyeliner on, then hang around with a bunch of other girls claiming to get tipsy on Pomagne....

The Polish visitors are having stew and dumplings, as my friend's Dad 'doesn't like funny foreign food'! Also, I have my first consultant appointment tomorrow, quite late, so I had to cook it today.

Tonight brought the news of one of my bf's marriages imploding, she has a 2 year old and a 10 week old baby in the mix.... Gosh, life's such fun.... It's all happening in small northern seaside towns....

knickyknocks Thu 17-Jan-13 11:31:23

calibee I'm so sorry to read your news. Such sad news. I hope too that mother nature steps forward and is able to help at this stage. Holding your hand and thinking of you. I really do hope that this year your dreams do come true. Much love.

kazmog a warm welcome to the thread. You've had a rough ride in getting here. I hope that your journey ahead is uneventful and as smooth as can be. Congratulations in the meantime on your BFP thanks.

badmissm Pomagne!!!! grin Oh how I remember that drink! I remember feeling soooo grown up drinking my babycham. I'm sure my mum and dad would have a bottle of pomagne at christmas time (and that other bloody awful stuff - advocaat......eeurrghh!!) As for the make up reminiscing - I was very much a sugar pink lipstick and electric blue mascara/eyeliner combo. A bit of sugar pink blush aswell (being careful not to drop any of the powder blush on my snood grin). On a completely different note, sorry to hear about your BF. That must be so rough for your friend with a 10 week old baby - I hope she has all the family and friend support she must need right now.

DD back in nursery today giving me and DH a break. Have done some work this morning, and now intending on lying comatose on the sofa until we collect her later, as I'm well aware it's the only opportunity I will have to do this for the foreseeable future. We're starting to feel slowly better and are easing back on the number of boxes of balsam laced tissues required.....

eminoxford Thu 17-Jan-13 15:32:31

Can I join? Only 'just' 40 last month, and found out we were expecting our second on the 6th January. V. excited but oh lordy the wait until the first scan is excruciating, I'd forgotten. No MS yet (didn't have it last time either), so apart from being perma-tired and moody (no change there, as DH says), I don't 'feel' v PG!

blueblackdye Thu 17-Jan-13 19:40:14

Calibee, don't give up, take care, thinking of you.
Knicky, looking forward to welcoming you in March/April.
And every one else in due course !
Eagleray, we will have a special drink tomorrow at the meet up ! Good luck, hope all goes smoothly for you and baby Eagle

FoofFighter Thu 17-Jan-13 19:45:04

Hello all, been waiting for a new thread to happen so I could join you all smile

Am not quite 40 but very close (!) and 10 weeks pregnant with dc3 for me dc1 for my partner.

Dc1 is getting married next week and they have a 6 month old daughter, dc2 is in the Household Cavalry.

Been very tired and cannot manage a day without a cheeky nap somewhere along the way!

eagleray Thu 17-Jan-13 20:34:41

Good evening and welcome to FoofFighter, Eminoxford, Kazmog and jj247 - amazed at the high intake this new thread has had (I feel a little bit like we are recruiting for a cult!) and a bit sad that the size of the last thread might have stopped people from joining. It is lovely that there are so many of us in the same boat, and I'm sure this thread will soon be very fat with supportive messages, useful information, cakes and a lounge full of lust objects....

I have been living in interesting (although thankfully not too dramatic) times these last few days. Got in a right old state yesterday morning trying to beg the council to grit our street (a steep narrow hill notorious for ice/snow problems) and then went off to my MW appt. Had a successful S&W no. 3 but BP, HR and fetal HR all raised and wouldn't come down after 'resting' in the waiting room (full of screaming kids) so off to hospital I was sent. I packed my bags just in case and took some lunch too and ended up having a fairly nice and peaceful 30 mins hooked up to a monitor stuffing my face and having a chat with the lovely MW (and she made me a massive mug of tea). Only dramatic moment was when I lost my carrot cake down the side of the trolley but luckily it was rescued by MW. After 30 mins, baby HR found to be normal and my BP had dropped loads so was sent home.

Feeling quite achey down below today but otherwise ok. Really hoping that baby and snow don't conspire to appear together tonight as DP still away and is at risk of being caught up in snow. Got more BP checks and a sweep on Saturday if nothing has happened before then.

BBD - hope you all have a lovely meet-up tomorrow and please toast my due date!

Knicky - glad you are all feeling a bit better now and hope you got your peaceful time on the sofa this afternoon

BadmissM - I hope the consultant appt went ok today, and that your guests are enjoying the stew and dumplings!

Scarecrow - bless your little DD! If it makes you feel any better, I had some terrible accidents when I was very small - cot collapsed on me, accidentally had my hand ironed, fell headfirst down a flight of metal steps on a ship at sea, cat badly shredded my face, and all before I was even school age!

Cyclecamper - you must have had your scan by now - what did they say? I hope they have been able to give you some clear ideas of dates? So annoying the first letter didn't reach you in time - have had a couple of those myself from the hospital!

Somewhere - re the weight thing: I started this pregnancy with a BMI of 30 and was very, very anxious at first regarding my weight, then somewhere along the way I stopped giving a shiny sh*t about it as have had good health and no one has made an issue of the BMI since my booking appt. Then I saw on my notes yesterday that my BP had been taken with a large cuff due to BMI >30 blush and my arms aren't even that bloody big!!! I can still run up the stairs and so take that as a measure of my good health rather than my weight. Sounds like you have a very sensible attitude towards it all, but hope you are getting the chance to enjoy eating after all that awful MS.

The 2 hour op your DS had sounds very gruelling - hurrah for the NHS though!

Baked 2 banana loaves today - my excuse was that the 4 manky bananas on the kitchen table were begging to be saved and converted to cake. Was thinking about leaving one on the ward when I go for my appt on sat (once I have tested the first loaf thoroughly for quality...)

MrsWooster Thu 17-Jan-13 20:53:08

Welcome to all the newbies. Another vote here for don't faff about weight; I was over 30 bmi and no-one was fussed and have now lost over a stone with the g. Diabetes and no-one's fussed about that either!

lotsofcheese Thu 17-Jan-13 21:06:11

Just a wee hello from me! Don't get a chance to post here often, but do enjoy read all your updates.

Am currently 23 weeks & feeling huge tonight! Starting my regular growth & BP readings scans next week - hoping I'm not early again but trying not to stress about it.

For the master list: I'm 40 (not for much longer though!) & due a baby girl in May. Have DS who is 4 & only wants a brother!!!.

Sorry I don't have time to name-check everyone or welcome the new ladies individually.

Looking forward to hearing how everyone is doing.

scarecrow22 Thu 17-Jan-13 21:11:05

Flip they are coming thick 'n' fast smile Big welcome to Kaz, EminOxford and Fooffighter. 40 by birth is def allowed. As Eagle says glad we have new thread as sad to think people were put off... I joined 1st thread (or 2nd technically) near end, so was in similar boat.

Am so emotional tonight - intense day, but on way home at last - I nearly cried at Knicky's post and then nearly cried with laughter at Eagle. DH off on a jolly field trip to S Africa tomorrow so single working parent for two weeks. Yikes! Not worried about parenting, just nobody to make tea or give me ten mins peace or a lie in...I will have to come to lounge for some wink

Talking of which, the long awaited Malteaser Traybake recipe...


• 100g butter
• 200g milk chocolate
• 3 tbsp golden syrup
• 225g finely crushed digestive biscuits
• 225g Maltesers

1. Melt together the butter, chocolate and syrup, then add the crushed biscuits and the Maltesers.
2. Mix together quickly then pour into a lined Swiss roll tin and chill until set.
3. For a special occasion drizzle with some melted white chocolate.

Note, no baking involved... Also I've never made it, so don't blame me. Trying to imagine a scenario in which the Malteasers survive being eaten long enough to make it into a tray. Is this scientifically possible? Has it ever been proved?

I'm horribly giddy again this eve. Pales next to some of your recent illnesses, but makes me frustrated and a bit insecure because feel like I'm going to lose consciousness at any minute. Will ring for anaemia test results in case ready tomorrow. Any other ideas?

Eagle, take good care. So excited for you - I had DD in middle of that freezing snow for 10 days in Dec 2010 so sympathise. Hope you've got a good snow suit to hand to wrap up LO. Can't wait for news. Talking of news, any from Cycle's scan or Damash's induction. About time we all produced an actual baby...

GoatBongosAnonymous Thu 17-Jan-13 21:17:36

<wanders across from the grad thread>
Hello everyone, just delurking after following you all across from the last thread! I used to post on one of the old ones as Brizzmus, but have a shiny new name (well, not that new now). I'm afraid I went AWOL a bit when my DS was born 9 weeks early - it took about four months for my brain to catch up with events! He is now 6 months old and doing brilliantly.
I was 42 when he was born (should have been 43) and here are some of the things that I have learned as part of the steepest learning curve of my life:
1. Ewan the sheep is a god
2. Forget the words of Incey Wincey Spider at your peril
3. Bliss is a cup of coffee that has even the remnants of heat in it
4. Chocolate is the only foodstuff that will do in the middle of the night
5. And the latest, you need adult bibs as well as baby bibs for weaning hmm

Hope you are all enjoying sleep... smile

eagleray Thu 17-Jan-13 21:33:36

Hello Goat - lovely of you to visit and I remember you as Brizzmus now! (I have a strange talent for remembering every single poster on MN, but forget my notes at every single MW appt). It's great that BabyGoat is doing so well now after his rather early start.

Scarecrow - thanks for the traybake recipe! I will do this one next week if I don't have anything else happening. I do have a sad Malteser story though - last week, DP mysteriously offered me his post-curry complimentary chocolate (most odd) then I realised he looked v guilty. He then confessed to STEALING the remaining maltesers I got for christmas! I was livid angry

Sorry you are so giddy - can you get back to the docs quickly if the results tomorrow aren't the cause? I am normally bombarded with phone calls when I have bad blood test results but it would be a good idea to chase them up anyway. I can't think of anything else that could cause it, but hope you get some answers soon.

Cheese - great to hear from you - was just wondering today how you were getting on. Fingers crossed you have a good few more months yet, and hope DS realises the merits of sisters when his appears smile

MrsW - that's incredible weight loss! Do you feel healthier for having a GD diet? I can remember you were very understandably daunted when you started on it a few months ago - I hope it's not been too hideous.

Had some funny pains since last posting, but they seem to be settling down again now. Am in strange position of wishing baby was on her way (in order to avoid pressure of induction) and also thinking 'please not now' due to snow and DP's absence!

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