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12 week wait!!

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mummyin9 Mon 14-Jan-13 10:30:47

Good Morning

I am 5weeks 4 days pg and finding it hard to keep my pregnancy to myself. I know it is super early and I know the reasons why but so hard keeping it from close friends.

We have told immediate family so we have an immediate support network around us, but it is soo hard!! Yesterday my friend was speaking about her pregnant colleagues and asking us about holiday plans for this summer and we should have a wild new years this year?! And I'm thinking hmmm, i'll have a 3month old and probably be in bed by 7pm! lol

Lucikly I work in public health, so have dodged questions about not drinking and eating a healthier diet by saying I'm doing it for work. But i have friends down this saturday who are trying for a baby, so I know it'll be on their minds more, and they might be more aware of it. I dont actually mind telling my closest friends, because if anything were to happen I wouldnt mind telling them that either, and would prob turn to them for support anyway. But i cant let work know yet, as contract up for renewal and am awaiting confirmation.

Though very excited niw, pregnancy wasnt planned so cant let on to anyone yet.

Anyone else struggling with the 12week wait! Feel like whenever the topic comes up I go silence...which is very unlike me haha!

Sending good wishes to all those struggling to keep quiet!! grin

mumof2girls99 Mon 14-Jan-13 11:02:02

me i just got my bfp few days ago yay early days but i am keeping it quite because i had a mc in sep 2012 so im quite anxioues at the moment were considoring paying for a private scan at 8 weeks to chekc everything then we might tell but for now im joining u on the 12 week wait congrats on your bfp smile

Hooya Mon 14-Jan-13 11:05:41

Hello and congrats! I'm almost as pregnant as you (5 weeks) so I can totally sympathise!

The only help I can offer is that I had a mc last year, and it was great hardly having to tell anyone at all, just the 3 or so close friends we had told early. I am sure everyone is different, but it meant the mc just felt like a medical thing to get done with rather than a pregnancy gone wrong, iyswim?

So this time around I am telling myself that if I tell people and it does go wrong, it will be rubbish, whereas if I can just hold on and not tell them, and it goes wrong, I'll only have a couple of people to break the horrible news to!

Hope that makes some sense - good luck and here's hoping the next 7 weeks flies by!

BabyOuch Mon 14-Jan-13 11:20:44

Hi Ladies I am exactly the same. Will be 7 weeks tomorrow found out at 5 and the last two weeks have been hell!!!! Only family and my bessie know. I too have a contract up in work and need to keep quiet.
I am going to pay for a private scan at 8 weeks as I just cant bear waiting any longer and really need to know that everything is ok in there.
I am even avoiding some mates as I dont want to lie to them. It is very hard keeping it to yourself xx

mummyin9 Mon 14-Jan-13 12:41:04

Congrats everyone on their BFP's. I spoke to my mum, and she said years ago you had to wait till you missed two periods then go to doctors, at which point you were already 8-10weeks! I found out at 4weeks, so knowing early is def harder. I completely understand the reasons why not telling people though. This is my first, and trying to stay calm but want to get excited! I am avoiding certain groups of friends because its just easier, plus its all i want to speak about so, being by myself means i can indulge in it haha. xx

mummyin9 Mon 14-Jan-13 12:45:57

Also, has anyone paid for a private scan before, end of feb seems ages away and just googled it, there is a place near by me for £60?? I am the most impatient person in the world! This is the only reason, I have no reason to suspect MC, or is there any familt history of it and i'm healthy just impatience. what dos eveyrone think??

june2013 Mon 14-Jan-13 14:06:46

I also found the wait to 12 weeks impossibly long! I thought about a private scan but then decided against. I figured that I would just want a scan all the time afterwards! I'm now 18weeks and have a scan tomorrow but it has felt soooo impossibly long!! It's excruciating! Not sure what advice to give, aside from trying to be patient, especially up until 12 weeks before you tell people. After 12 weeks it's a little better, cos you know everything is ok and you start telling people but then there's the wait for the bump to grow (still not really happening over here) and the next scan and waiting for the kicking and waiting for it to become a reality for DH and the list goes on... so if you can wait, you'll be rewarded by practising patience for the whole loada weeks that come after the 12 week scan!!

Good luck & congrats!!

mummyin9 Mon 14-Jan-13 17:53:23

Thanks, I suppose if I'm impatient about this, you're right, I will end up being impatient for all the other things!! Just need to relax into it and enjoy it. Off to New York in March so hoping the bump holds off till then heehee!!

Best wishes for your pregnancy!!

LouiseD29 Mon 14-Jan-13 21:48:53

Congrats on your BFPs, ladies. I'm 9+4 and have just had scan confirmed for 1st Feb. I can't wait! I keep starting stories about things in conversations and then realise half way that they relate to the pregnancy and having to backtrack massively or make something up! I'm getting out of people asking why i'm not drinking by pretending I'm on a January detox and just avoiding nights out where possible - seems to be keeping suspicion at bay so far!

We've told immediate family, and I've told just a couple of close friends who have promised to keep schtum.

Mummyin9, don't think there's much point to a private scan unless you have health concerns. I think the wait and keeping the secret is all just part of the journey, although i'm so looking forward to it being out in the open. Good luck, and enjoy it!

sumrandomgirl Mon 14-Jan-13 22:50:12

7 weeks pregnant an told family an close friends an my local landlord as he knew wen I turned down my usual haha,
My friend pointed out that even if it does go wrong not to feel stupid telling her so early on, 5 weeks or 30 weeks I am still pregnant so I shouldn't feel stupid.
It's hard to keep your mouth shut wen hen do's are being planned for abroad an listening to wedding plans that include haybales for seats (i will be 8 months at this point)
On the other hand there are people I don't wanna tell at all as I know they will annoy me during pregnancy haha...I just wanna appear wiv a baby haha

june2013 Tue 15-Jan-13 17:42:58

I just had a scan today - oh my word the wait was loooooong!! But so so so worth it! - We've also started telling more people, but now that I've told the main people I'm actually enjoying still having people to tell!!

Good luck & enjoy NYC (I'm so jealous about that!)

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