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15+1 pregnant, previous LLETZ, bleeding, cramping and heavy cervix

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Moominsarescary Mon 14-Jan-13 23:09:06

I found this time that I was just so anxious a few weeks after the scans, we paid for a gender scan at 16 weeks and they checked for funnelling so i felt ok for a while after, then a few weeks later I started to feel anxious again.

The thing with the progesterone is they also use it to prevent early mc and to stop early contractions, it sort of stabilises the womb. Some women with ic go for progesterone and cervical scans rather than going straight for a stitch and there have been a few women on here who have had healthy babies after 1 or more second tri loss.

As you've been cramping too it wouldn't be unreasonable for them to prescribe it for that

atrcts Mon 14-Jan-13 22:20:22

Thanks smile I will do. I guess they will only consider it if it's indicated, however, with all this resting I'm doing, I wouldn't be at all surprised if my cervical length has improved!!! Good idea to request follow up scans though, even if I have to offer to pay for them.

Moominsarescary Mon 14-Jan-13 19:45:24

See if you can push for extra scans at 18 and 22 weeks aswell, if nothing else it might put your mind at rest.

Also ask about progesterone suppositorys, there are trials that are getting good results that they help to prevent pre term birth.

I had them this time from 17-32 weeks as they are supposed to help prevent the cervix shortening and funnelling.

Moominsarescary Mon 14-Jan-13 19:33:31

That's good, I'm glad they are listening to you

atrcts Mon 14-Jan-13 19:09:01

My surgery Midwife got back off her days off today and called me. When I told her about my recent symptoms she was concerned enough to book a consultant appointment in 2 days time to have a proper senior assessment. I am so relieved about that. It seemed madness to have the check when it's too late! Now I am satisfied that on Wednesday I will know how things stand and will have the cervical length scan done at the same time too (I will be 15+5 at this point). I've seen this consultant before and feel confident that he's really good at his job and is nice with it, which always helps!

Moominsarescary Mon 14-Jan-13 15:12:46

How many weeks will you be when they scan you for cervical length?

Also the heavy feeling I had a few hours before my cervix failed was an odd heavy dropping sensation that only lasted a few seconds.

Moominsarescary Mon 14-Jan-13 14:59:40

I had the feeling you describe during my pg with ds3 and inbetween pregnancys, but they didn't think it was because of the ic. Although tbh I don't think they know or really care.

As it happens ds2 was born at 35 weeks and ds3 at 31 after preterm premature rupture of membranes, which I didn't know at the time can be caused by problems with the cervix. I was booked in to have a cervical scan at 24 weeks with ds4 but didn't make it that far so it was obviously something they were considering.

They don't know what caused it, I've had 2 d&cs due to early mc and a d&c to remove the placenta with ds2. With ds3 I had a cord prolapse so had to have the cord held back inside the womb which could also have caused damage.

We couldn't find anywhere local that offer cervical scans either, although they can check for funnelling on normal scans. The 20 week scan is when many people find they have a problem.

I'm 35 weeks pg with ds5 now, I had a stitch placed at 14 weeks and they took it out last Friday. I still haven't been able to get them to check my cervical length and couldn't even get extra scans to check for funnelling

massagegirl Mon 14-Jan-13 13:50:32

Hi. I am 20 weeks now and haven't had any problems so far. No one has seemed concerend that I had that surgery but it was a couple of years ago. I am having 22 week specialist scan (The nucahl fold showed there might be problems) and I will talk to specilaist there as sometimes people who have had LLETZ have a cervical stitch out in but again this has never been mentioned to me and don't think it is standard practice, only if they notice a problem.

atrcts Mon 14-Jan-13 09:54:59

Thank you all for your info.

Massagegirl: I am interested in whether you had a permanently open os after your LLETZ, and whether that mae holding a pregnancy difficult for you?

CatPussRoastingOnAnOpenFire: I had self referred to the colposcopy clinic and their response was to send me an appointment in my 3rd trimester! A bit late by then methinks. When I went to see my GP to say I was pregnant, she said they have a policy where everything is dealt with via the midwife and not the GP, although I guess I could pretend I forgot that! I think a private consultation would be an option I haven't explored yet though, and so will look into that.

Moominsarescary: I'm really sorry to hear your story. Without wanting to take you back there too much (so don't "go there" if you don't want to, I will understand), but if you don't mind, I would be interested in whether the sensation was as though you actually had something you could feel pushing on your cervix, feeling like a tampon not quite in the right place? Thats how it felt to me yesterday and only subsided in the evening after a few hours of rest (feet up). This morning I have woken up feeling reasonably back to normal, however I am scare to move or do too much in case that feeling comes back.
Did you know of any reason that caused your cervical incompetence? In answer to your question I would pay anything to save this little life but I googled private cervical length scans in my area and couldn't find anything other than 3d/4d pictures for the family album. I read a gynae training manual online that said 2d is the best accurate cervical length measurement over 3d scans.
I agree with you that there is no reason they shouldn't be monitoring me, but they say things like "you have to miscarry first to qualify a diagnosed incompetent cervix" or "we never worry after just one LLETZ", and "you do get all sorts of aches and pains with a second pregnancy" etc. All basically fobbing me off, is how it feels.
I appreciate you telling me that the heaviness followed a failed cervix after just a few hours. It helps me realise that I can't afford to be too patient with being fobbed off. Am just off to call the surgery now and see what happens from there.
Thanks again all.

Moominsarescary Mon 14-Jan-13 01:24:06

I have incompetant cervix, it started with funnelling at the part of the cervix near the baby.

I didn't have any pain, bleeding although I did have some heaviness a few hours before my cervix failed.

I'f you have any bleeding go back and insist on a scan to look for funnelling. I know it's scary but you should check the cervix to make sure there is nothing there. The first I knew was when I could feel the amniotic sac comming through the cervix, although my cervix had moved forwards as well.

It is shit but there are things they can do, close monitoring and a cervical stitch I'f the cervix starts to funnel or shorten.

Unfortunately it was to late for me, by the time I saw my own consultant I was 6 cm dialated and the rescue stitch he put in failed.however you know the cervix my be a problem due to the procedures so their is no reason why the shouldn't be monitoring you closely.

Is there any way you could afford to pay for cervical scans?

CatPussRoastingOnAnOpenFire Mon 14-Jan-13 01:06:54

Just an idea, but could you self refer back to the gynaecology dept where you had the procedure.
Or possibly even just speak to the consultant? If not, I'd be making as much noise as possible. See your GP, ask for a referral to a gynae, possibly pay for a private gynae consultation... A midwife is not a doctor. You need to be seeing someone better qualified.

massagegirl Sun 13-Jan-13 21:52:16

I had Lletz too but quite a while ago. I'd get to your gp and explain your anxiety and what you are feeling physically. They might need to do an internal examination though. Sorry to not be much help but go and make a fuss and say how worried you are. Good luck.

atrcts Sun 13-Jan-13 20:03:27

Hi all,

I am 15 +1 pregnant and have been having increasing fresh pink/red/brown bleeding for a few weeks now.
3 months before falling pregnant I had a cervical polypectomy, and 3 months before THAT(!!!) I had a LLETZ for CIN 2.

Each time I have a scan the baby has a good heartbeat which is obviously good. However, my concern is that after all the recent work on my cervix, I may be having a problem holding the pregnancy as it gets heavier.

I am 40 years old this year and so don't feel I can afford to ignore it, as this could be my last chance saloon age-wise. Also this baby has so far proven to be very healthy (excellent low risk scores and good percentile measurements etc). I have a medical condition which places me at risk of relapse after birth - and miscarriage is the same - even more reason to fight for this little life. Obviously I appreciate that EVERYONE would want to preserve the life of their foetus in this position - I mearly mention it because it might help give the picture of my deep unease.

I began cramping last week, a bit like a low period pain and so asked to be seen again. This time I was examined by an SHO using a speculum, and she noted that my external os was open. She said it was likely to be as a result of the LLETZ procedure as well as due to having given birth once before; but they wouldn't worry because the internal os is closed. My cervix was swollen and it looked like there could also be an erosion on it too. But again, she said she wasn't worries about the bleeding as the cervix can become quite vascular when the circulation increases in pregnancy. She said they don't worry about cervical incompetence unless a person has had 2 LLETZ procedures, or has had a late miscarriage of a healthy baby.
I KNOW that my cervix doesn't feel right because when I stand I have a heavy pulling feeling in that area, and I've had enough done to my cervix to know that's where the feeling is coming from.

I had to BEG for a tranavaginal ultrasound scan to measure the length of my cervix. They reluctantly agreed. While I wait for the scan I have begun to experience an achy, heavy, lumpy feeling in my vagina, the closest I can describe it to is a bit like a tampon not being inserted properly. It feels really odd when I walk and if I am sat down and bend over it feels uncomfortable in the same place. When i talk or cough it feels like my cervix is hitting something. If I am sat down long enough it eventually feels better but only properly improves when I lie down for a few hours.

I called the midwife today but she said hat if a miscarriage is meant to be then they can't stop it - I completely disagree because I know this baby is coming up healthy on every scan report/blood test, and if a person has a mechanical problem holding a perfectly healthy baby inside, they can miscarry. I also know there are interventions available to help prevent this. It just seems to be that no one will consider me as a potential candidate until I have lost this baby! The midwife also suggested that I do a self examination of my vaginal and cervix to see if I can see a reason for the "lumpy" sensation, but I haven't done this for fear of exciting the cervix or introducing infection.

Does anyone have any idea what is going on? Or has anyone experienced similar symptoms? If so I'd love to hear from you as the truth is, I am scared of losing this pregnancy and simply don't know where to turn.

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