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Double buggy vs buggy board vs sling

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BelleEtLaBete Sun 13-Jan-13 08:32:48

Wasn't sure where to post this:

Am pg with Dc2. Ds will be 2y5mo when new baby gets here. Do I need a double buggy? I love my buggy and don't really fancy a big one (I don't drive so needs to fit on bus etc).

I've been looking at buggy boards but while ds is a good walker, he does get tired and I walk a lot. I was thinking new baby in a sling and ds in buggy if needed (bearing in mind I slung ds everywhere for ages as he hated the buggy for at least 5 months.

Just not sure I want to fork out on a double buggy when DS will grow out of it quite quickly?

Any thoughts?

eltsihT Mon 14-Jan-13 17:04:43

My son will be 25 months if baby arrive on time. I don't have access to a car so walk etc everywhere. I have an uppababy baby pram and am buying the second seat, only £99. (Were planning 2 close together) As I had a lot of back pain from using slings/breast feeding (I have bad posture) but planning in using sling combo if needed.

Been wondering about getting a buggy board - as I have a friend whose toddler fell asleep on one and fell off. And the one that fits my pram is expensive. After chatting with friends and reading here. I think I probably will get one to use as my son gets nearer 3.

cyclecamper Mon 14-Jan-13 17:42:25

I wouldn't get a double buggy at that stage. I would use a buggy + sling. I use an ergo carrier with children so that you can use it for the baby and the older one if they get tired when the baby is already in the pushchair. I don't like buggy boards at all - they feel very bad for your back. I don't use a pushchair for children over 3 even if they are the youngest, even when I don't have a car.

Doraemon Mon 14-Jan-13 18:50:20

I had a 2yr 2 month gap between DS1 and DS2 and managed fine with a single Maclaren and a sling (wrap or meitai). I didn't have a driving license either so was walking or on the bus or train. Having said that though, DS1 had got used to walking a far way while I was pregnant because I just couldn't handle pushing the buggy up hill in the last couple of months, and was (still is) a rather anxious child who would rather cling to mummy's hand than run off anywhere, and was fairly easily hoodwinked into walking further with the 'lets get to the next lamppost then have another raisin' technique (with DS2 this turned into 'let's have another chocolate button').
I've been using a Phil & Ted's Sport double more recently for childminding and I have to say I find it quite restrictive, just because it takes up so much more space than a single Maclaren, doesn't fit easily through all doorways, can't fit on the bus if there's already another buggy there etc. It also takes up more room in the house even if folded.
I would say start off with single buggy and sling and see how you go.

mylittlemonkey Mon 14-Jan-13 19:07:55

DC2 due when ds1 will be nearly 3 but he does need to be in a pram as runs off a lot and gets tired easily. I am going to see how I cope with combination of a sling (from when I had ds1) and a buggy board that has been given to us and try to avoid having to fork out for a double buggy. That said I do have a car so won't be walking really long distances. I have looked at double buggies though on ebay and you could probably get one for £60 second hand but I would see how you get on with sling first.

Ash10691 Mon 14-Jan-13 19:56:47

I'm new to this but will keep an eye on this post. My LO will be 2yrs 5 months when this one comes along, all being well. Tandem 4 wheel buggies seem to be pretty pricey. Not that I'm picky...

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