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** PLEASE READ if you're Blood Group is RH NEGATIVE **

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looneytune Fri 11-Jan-13 21:09:41

Hi all

For those of you who have a RH Negative blood group, please make sure that if you have ANY blood after 12 weeks pregnant, that you speak to a GP or the relevant department at your hospital and ensure they know you are RH NEG. Ask them if you need an anti-d injection due to the bleed. Please also do the same if you have a bump without bleeding, just in case.

I wanted to highlight the importance of this due to the fact I had 5 tiny bleeds (just on wiping on the toilet) over a 13 day period before I was aware I should have been given an anti-d injection. I'd been to see 2 GPs who didn't question my blood group or mention anything about potentially needing to have a jab. Thanks to Mumsnet I was advised to call the hospital for advice and they said that yes, I should definitely come in and should have done when it all started.

I've now had these tiny bleeds 9 times and each time a new one happens after 72 hours since my last anti-d jab, I need to have another. So it's important that all RH Neg mums who have such issues, get an anti-d injection within 72 hours of any bleed. That is unless you are 100% sure that the father of the baby is a NEGATIVE blood group (as then your baby with be negative too and the issue is only if you are carrying a baby with a POSITIVE blood group).

I'm lucky that my blood tests haven't detected antibodies but the fact I went so long without an anti d COULD have caused awful problems.

This post is not to scare people, just to inform you as had I have known it's importance at the time, I'd have told the GP I was RH Neg and asked if I needed to have a jab!

looneytune Fri 01-Feb-13 13:47:57

Well you learn something new every day!! They told me that it wasn't possible but that when people ask why they can't just go by the father's blood group, they say they can't in case the father is not who they say it is (I understand this if the presumed father was there as they may not want to say but.....). Think I'll mention this to my hospital then. Pleased your baby was ok!

porthcurnick Fri 01-Feb-13 13:26:21

Just to add two RH negative parents CAN have a positive baby, me and DH are negative, our DD1 is positive. It's very complicated, but is possible.

I also didn't realise I should have gone for jabs as I had several small bleeds in early pregnancy, thankfully DD was ok.

looneytune Fri 01-Feb-13 12:44:32

Just emailed my letter to the Drs surgery and told them I want to hear back as to how they are dealing with it!

looneytune Thu 31-Jan-13 23:33:48

blondecat - good luck with changing Drs, I contacted my surgery earlier and am emailing them tomorrow and they'll bring this up in their meetings with all GPs. I told them they are very lucky that it turned out ok but that it was only down to my baby's blood group being negative too! If it wasn't for MN I may still have been unaware of the need to be seen! Anyway yes, half way there now so fingers crossed it either stops or doesn't get any worse. Good luck with yours smile

atrcts - I feel for you, I was going in every 3 days to be stabbed and was driving me mad, so grateful I don't need to go any more - my consultant has written all over my notes that I no longer need anti ds! Hope it settles down for you smile

Snowflakepie - learnermummy is right. As for jabs, I always pulled my own trousers down and they'd ask which side I wanted - I started a pattern of taking it in turns between cheeks! lol

Peregrin - this is the problem, I don't think all GPs realise the importance of these jabs! My story could have been so different as a result and all can be simply sorted by a simple jab.

For those who are interested, one thing I found out at my appointment yesterday was that the anti d mops up the blood (I knew this bit) and takes it to your liver (I didn't know where it went until then). Just a bit of useless information but I like to know exactly how it all works! wink

Peregrin Thu 31-Jan-13 22:50:12

Very useful info, thank you! I am also rh negative, and I didn't know that I'd have to get the injection within 72 hours, despite having raised the topic with my GP.

looneytune Thu 31-Jan-13 19:31:34

Very odd, I refreshed loads before typing that but now I've posted again, it's showing so ignore me! LOL

looneytune Thu 31-Jan-13 19:30:37

Will come back a little later to reply but quick question - anyone else not able to see this thread in the list of threads in the pregnancy section? I'm only able to find it by looking on 'threads i'm on' or via the search option!

learnermummy Thu 31-Jan-13 16:35:20

Hi snowflake yes you only need anti-d after the birth (within 72 hours) if the baby is Rh+, no need if they're Rh-. During pregnancy they give one or two routine anti-d injections, I'm having mine at 28 weeks. No need for any more during pregnancy unless you have a bleed or a bump to your bump so to speak. Hope that helps.

Snowflakepie Thu 31-Jan-13 16:26:47

Hoping you knowledgeable ladies can confirm things for me please!

I am O- and DH is A+. Had one anti-d with DD when I was about 34 weeks, no bleeding issues etc. DD turned out to be A- and I'm sure I didn't have any further anti-d, would that be correct?

This pg, no bleeds so far at 20 weeks, so I think I am just expecting the one jab at around 34 weeks again. If this baby is +, will I need another jab after or is that only if there are bleeds during pg? I just want to be sure because I'm not entirely convinced they read notes in hospital after previous experience lol and then DH can make sure he mentions it if it is recommended.

I also have a lump deep in my bum cheek where I had the jab last time, so am wondering if they might do it the other side if I ask nicely!

Thanks x

atrcts Thu 31-Jan-13 15:27:48

I am resus negative and only knew this because when I was pregnant the first time it was picked up at my routine 12 week blood tests.

I was then scheduled to have the automatic anti-D at various intervals throughout the pregnancy.

This pregnancy, I have been bleeding regularly, so after 12 weeks they have begun to inject me with anti-D.
I have been told however, that the injection should be given within 72 hours of the bleed taking place, and lasts for two weeks.

As a result, I am going back fortnightly for anti-D injections – joy!
I wonder if each hospital uses a different dose and has a different policy? Six weeks sounds great!grin

blondecat Thu 31-Jan-13 15:14:13


Thank you! I think I will be changing doctors and going to the university hospital

It's so cheering that you are 20w. Almost there. Mine was 7 weeks and then nothing until 11 and now non stop, every 3-5 days and spotting. Just get me to 28 weeks, maybe 32 and I will breathe again

Will look into it

looneytune Thu 31-Jan-13 12:28:57

Hi. I'm 20 weeks, bleeding started at 14 weeks and is pretty much every 2/3 days just when wiping so we're talking tiny amounts. The scan showed a small amount of blood just sitting under the placenta but there is no explanation and they are no longer concerned unless I start getting more than a teaspoon of blood and/or stronger pains.

As for the blood test (non-invasive prenatal diagnosis (NIPD), they made it clear how they wouldn't normally do it but they were in a bit of a panic about my blood mixing with baby's when I hadn't been getting anti ds. They wanted to start a special care plan asap if baby came back positive as was a high chance as my middle son is. Having said that, at £15 a shot for the anti ds, having them ever 72 hours would have been much more expensive so I think they're pleased they spent the money as otherwise I'd still be having jabs a couple of times a week! I googled a bit when this all stated and found these links which you might find useful:


blondecat Thu 31-Jan-13 12:05:10

Sorry I posted to early I meant to ask what was your bloodtest? The one they did to find out the baby's blood type?
I would love that as we have a 50-50 chance the bean is Rh- too

blondecat Thu 31-Jan-13 12:03:32


May I ask how far along are you?
It must depend on dozens of things I guess. I found the 6 week thing encouraging since I hate the shots but you have to trust your doctors. Well except for mine who said no more shots until 28 weeks which even I knew was rubbish. confused

Btw had their bleeding / spotting explained in the absence of SCH or placenta previa? Noone seems to have a clue about mine

looneytune Thu 31-Jan-13 11:09:55

Interesting blondecat as my hospital insist that it's only effective for the first 72 hours so I did have to keep going in, they said it was to do with what they see in the lab from the blood results and the dose. I've no idea if they were just being over cautious though?

Luckily I no longer have to have them thanks to finding out this baby is 99.9% rh neg too, phew! I'm lucky I have a very senior consultant and saw him yesterday, he told me that the blood test I had done cost £259 and they don't normally do them but they were worried about the fact I had 5 bleeds over a 13 day period before any anti d was given as my blood showed my blood had mixed with baby's! We are all relieved I don't need to worry but he said it could have been a different story had baby bee positive thaks to GPs not saying anything about my blood group! Although this blood test was expensive, if I continue with these bleeds every couple of days, I worked out that having anti ds say twice a week for the rest of the pregnancy would have cost them approx. £780 so saved them a lot of money with baby being rhneg wink

And yes, you need them for each pregnancy as you don't usually know what the baby's blood group is (unless you are 100% sure baby's dad is a negative blood group too in which case you wouldn't need them). I had to have one after ds2 as he's positive. I thought he was the last but 4 and half years later, my surprise happened and I'd have been so upset if I'd risked that due to my body now having anti bodies. So yes, always best to be safe smile

I was told by the consultant, health care assistant and midwife that I was a very 'interesting' case and that they had lots of departments awaiting my results from the special blood test - even the department who deal with transfusions had been asking the consultant what was going on with me. I'm just pleased that his blood group means I'm low risk (as long as bleeds remain small) and I'm still on for my homebirth. Now to complain to the Drs Surgery to make sure this mistake doesn't happen again!

blondecat Thu 31-Jan-13 11:01:30


Yep. If you have a small bleed you do as your current pregnancy could be sensitized. And if not you do because they wanting to be sure

It's not a nice jab is it? I find it quite unpleasant. If anyone had told me I would be badgering doctors to give me shots I would have said they are crazy but now wink

MaggieMaggieMaggieMcGill Thu 31-Jan-13 10:09:25

Laly, you'd still have to gave them. I tried that with my second pregnancy, said I was never intending on having anymore so was it really necessary, the answer was yes, just in case I changed my mind. hmm
it's four years later now and I still have no intention of ever having another child!

LalyRawr Thu 31-Jan-13 09:55:46

I had the Anti D at 14 weeks, after a bleed. At 28 weeks because they said I had to and again after I gave birth as my critter is positive.

If I get pregnant again do I have to have the shots again or will it be ok now?

<ridiculous fear of needles>

blondecat Thu 31-Jan-13 09:50:29

A good reminder


Just to add you don't need it after every bleed if they are within a max 6 weeks window from your last shot. But depends how pregnant you are - past 20 weeks it could get more frequent.
The anti d is effective for up to 6 weeks. Otherwise I would be having them daily. Having said that many obgyn's are not that up to speed or at least mine wasn't. He thought it could wait till 24 weeks after the initial shot at 7

You can find the British hematology institute guidelines here. See section 5

Let's all have happy safe pregnancies

looneytune Tue 29-Jan-13 22:19:02

Just bumping to make sure people stay aware smile x

looneytune Tue 15-Jan-13 21:20:48

That's good you with have DH with you smile

InNeedofSomeSleep Tue 15-Jan-13 09:00:27

I'm surprised they have never said anything to me because I have a problem with my heart to. (think I'm falling apart!) my sister is the same as me and she told me loads about it thankfully (she researches everything) were both AB-. Glad I'm not the only one the injection didn't agree with, thought it might of been my weird body. DH was away with work through my 1st pregnancy but he will be here this time and come to every appointment with me.

looneytune Mon 14-Jan-13 13:59:48

Very good point! Before my first and second Anti Ds they took blood to check for this and I had the anti d anyway. I guess if they'd have come back as antibodies detected they'd have known they shouldn't bother with not anti d with future bleeds as no point. I think they might have done a Kleihauer test (I believe confirms if there has been a mixing of blood) with the first too but I'm not sure as they don't usually til a long further gone (just might have because of the length of time between bleeding and getting the jab).

scissy Mon 14-Jan-13 11:54:02

however, I'd like to add that it is possible to get a positive result for antibodies if you've had an anti-D injection close to when they do the blood tests. This happened to me this pregnancy - I'd had a bleed (but they knew I was RH- from previous miscarriage) and gave me anti-D, the day before my routine 13 wk appt was due! I had a positive result, with a note saying it was probably due to anti-D. They ended up having to repeat the test at 28 wks when it had gone back to negative.

looneytune Mon 14-Jan-13 10:26:42

fackinell - thanks and best of luck to you :-) x

toomuchribbon - yes it's important so I'm pleased you got seen, even without a bleed as you have to be careful! My booking bloods are listed in my hand helds notes (full blood count, blood group, antibodies, rubella, syphillis, hep b, electrophoresis, HIV & MSU) and next to antibodies it just says NIL which is good. Antibodies are then routinely checked with a blood test at 28 weeks and there is a box for that (I'm not at that stage yet). If you'd have had antibodies detected they would have told you and put you under a consultant and you'd have been monitored a lot more often (or at least this is what SHOULD happen). They would NOT give anti-d to someone who has antibodies as it wouldn't help. The anti-d is only given to stop your body creating antibodies if yours and baby's blood have mixed and this is only effective if given within 72 hours of that happening. I'm therefore lucky that I didn't have a problem after a 13 day wait and 5 bleeds, obviously the bloods didn't mix at that point so my body didn't start producing antibodies. Sorry you also had a bad reaction! I haven't had that with the anti d but I had a specia blood test done recently where they took about 8 viles of blood (so we know this baby's blood group) and thank god I was lying down as I went funny and she got my husband to lower he back so my head was right down, she said my blood pressure suddenly dropped as when I felt funny, my blood also stopped coming out (which then made me think about what was being done and I felt worse - I hate blood!! lol)

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