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implantation bleeding

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leigh113 Fri 11-Jan-13 16:58:42

Hi wonder if you can help me, im not sure what im having implantation bleeding....

I stopped the cerezette pill on 6decemeber
I had what I thought was ovulation pains and cervical mucus.
On the 29th December I had cramping and alight pink in my cervical mucus.
Then yesterday I started getting pinkish cervical mucus, and then brown only when I wiped! Sorry tmi!

so this is 6 weeks since i came off the pill (with my first baby i came off the pill and was pregnant within 10 weeks took me a while to get a positive thoe they kept showing negative so don't think my levels may of been high enough
... I also had bleeding for 4 days which i can't remember how much but i thought it was a withdrawel bleed as didn't no nothing about implantation bleeding then ;-) so now im back in the same boat.....

Today i have more bleeding but before i had very heavy periods but then I've had a baby since then not sure id that would male a difference went back on the pill when baby was 3 weeks.

Tmi!! So had nothing during the night, but every time i wipe, ita more then yesterday and I've put a pad on but only covered some of it, and nothing since lunch time except when i wipe.
Could this be implantation? Or my period? I did take a pregnancy test on Wednesday as I've been having so many symptoms like nausua, high smell, tired sore boobs, but i would of thought jt was too early but got a negative anyway.
What are your thoughts?

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