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Private scans - how do they handle giving out bad news?

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FoofFighter Fri 11-Jan-13 12:18:48

I have a private scan tomorrow, for peace of mind after a missed miscarriage in my last pregnancy. I had an NHS one at 7 weeks and there was a heartbeat so I know realistically that chances are high of a successful pregnancy, but still am worrying, especially as this is the stage it was discovered last time sad

I am worrying about how sensitive they are with nervous "patients" and also how they are with breaking news of miscarriage/problems compared to NHS?

wifey6 Fri 11-Jan-13 12:24:17

foof...I have no experience of private scans I'm afraid, but just wanted to say I'm sure all will be absolutely fine. smile
I told the nurse & sonographer of our previous MMC etc when I went for my scan recently & they were so kind & reassuring.
Will be thinking of you smile

FoofFighter Fri 11-Jan-13 12:30:31

thanks wifey smile hope you are keeping well

WeeWeeWeeAllTheWayHome Fri 11-Jan-13 12:32:02

I don't have any experience of this but wanted to send you reassuring vibes <<sways in the corner with incense>>

wifey6 Fri 11-Jan-13 12:33:24

Yes thank you foof...we are 15 weeks today & so far, so good. smile
How many weeks are you now?

Onlyaphase Fri 11-Jan-13 12:34:04

IME the sonographer will spend ages and ages looking on the screen and poking about, then take out the internal scanner tool, then say something like "I'm sorry but there isn't any sign of a heartbeat" and then wait for you to respond.

I've had this with the NHS and privately, and there wasn't any difference in how I was treated, both sonographers were exceptionally kind to me. It must be the worst part of their job.

FoofFighter Fri 11-Jan-13 12:36:35

I found with the NHS that she told me the news, then was looking at the clock and wanting me to leave asap, wondered if they have counsellors or anything with private?

Obviously hoping all is well but if not, I have to travel back on train over 100 miles sad

Weewee thanks you made me smile lol

BrightAngel Fri 11-Jan-13 13:52:50

I got bad news at a private scan after having seen a heartbeat at a NHS scan the previous week - but I had been bleeding and having cramps in the interim so went expecting the worst. It wasn't the greatest of experiences - it didn't feel like they were very geared up to dealing with bad outcomes and felt a bit like they wanted us out of there. We had quite a long journey back on the tube which wasn't much fun, but it would have been the same wherever we'd found out. They also weren't able to offer us any advice about next steps or explanation - other than refer us back to the NHS. We went to the EPU the next day for confirmation and it was there that we got advice about our options.

sundaesundae Fri 11-Jan-13 14:01:44

They have to refer you back to the NHS, but it does depend on what you mean by a private scan. A private scan at a private hospital will be more geared up to deal with things than one of the "leisure scanning" places. The person doing the scan at a non-NHS scan may or may not be willing to discuss what bad news means and just tell you to contact EPU.

Hope all is well and you get good news.

PhoebeC Fri 11-Jan-13 14:04:19

I had a private scan at 7+5 because a previous mmc and long history of infertility left me really anxious, but not eligible for a scan on the NHS (quite rightly, I think, when resources are limited, but hard all the same). I went to Kent Medical Imaging in West Maling, near Maidstone and paid only £50. I was doing fine and was perfectly calm until I got on to the couch and tried to explain my history then I started to cry. The sonographer couldn't have been kinder. She patiently waited for me to calm down a bit, I was actually crying so hard my stomach was going up and down too much for her to get a good view, then very quickly found and showed me the heartbeat. Once I had calmed down she really took her time and talked me through everything and finished by offering us a free follow-up scan just for reassurance two weeks later.
Obviously, for us it was good news (I'm 35 weeks now) but I have no doubt the sonographer we saw would have been exceptional at managing bad news.

Good luck

Chigley1 Fri 11-Jan-13 14:14:44

If you have already seen heartbeat I am sure all will be well.

To answer your question though...

I had a MMC and it was discovered at 13 weeks during private nuchal scan. However, I had somehow 'known' for weeks despite the absence of any bleeding or pain. It wasn't really a shock hmm
From what I remember the sonographer was very kind and took his time to explain what would probably happen. I then had to make an appt with my GP. He then knocked some money off the bill, still not sure how I feel about that, especially as it was then clear to the lady taking the payments what had happened.

grainmum Fri 11-Jan-13 14:44:01

I had an MMC diagnosed at a private scan. The lady was very nice and kind (no counsellor) but then said that she wasn't able to refer me to the EPU that day because it was Saturday (I wish I'd asked her to try - I'm a GP I know there are people there on a Saturday). So I spent all day Monday waiting for her phonecall to tell me what was going to happen, and eventually got news at about 3.30/4pm. OK, not terrible but just added anxiety when I was trying to manage it all with work etc. However, at least she didn't say I had to go back to see my GP to get referred. EPU then repeated the scan themselves when I did see them.

resipsa Fri 11-Jan-13 14:51:07

I went to Pall Mall in Manchester and the sonographer there was lovely. They fitted me in at very short notice as I was in a (post-bleed) mess and offered a free follow up the next week. She delivered the news gently but without ambiguity.

FoofFighter Fri 11-Jan-13 16:25:57

Well it's just babybond, there's no symptoms or reason for me to believe anything is wrong other than previous history and age, just mentalling I guess.

So sorry for those who have had bad news and have shared their stories so far.

lovemybabyboy Fri 11-Jan-13 17:21:15

I had a scan with babybond yesterday evening, a dating scan as I am 13 weeks and probably wont get an NHS dating scan for another few weeks at least!! All went well with my scan so don't know how they would handle bad news but the sonographer actually also works for the NHS in the hospital that I will be having my NHS scans in so I'm sure bad news would have been handled just as well as the NHS. This baby will be DC3 but between DS1 and DS2 I had a missed miscarriage at 13 wks so I know what its like. Best of luck with your scan.

FoofFighter Sun 13-Jan-13 00:23:24

Just a quick update, all was well smile

I warned the sonographer lady that I was nervous and why and first thing she said when scanning was yes healthy heartbeat, so at least I could concentrate on the rest of the scan then smile

Glad to hear it Foof x

wifey6 Sun 13-Jan-13 06:34:51

That's fantastic news smile

Chigley1 Sun 13-Jan-13 09:03:05

Fantastic news!

sundaesundae Sun 13-Jan-13 09:15:10

Great news!!

NotSoNervous Sun 13-Jan-13 12:00:34

Congratulations smile I really hope all goes well for you

WeeWeeWeeAllTheWayHome Sun 13-Jan-13 14:15:07

Yay! <<douses incense sticks in water and breaks out the non alcoholic fizz>>

FoofFighter Sun 13-Jan-13 15:13:12

Pic on profile (I hope!?) can't really see the arms at all, and can vaguely see where legs are, head is on the right <

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