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LucindaE Wed 09-Jan-13 18:32:37

We need a new thread.

I hope everyone suffering from the Horrors of Hyperemesis will find this thread useful as a source of support and information.

There's no TMI on here - can't be by definition - and nobody should feel ashamed of moaning as much as they feel the need to.

I used to include extracts from MOH's wonderful website
but I think that makes this link less visible so am merely putting the link. The information on this site is invaluable.

I would like to thank MOH MOP Ovaltine Caramellokoalalover (I think she's changed her nickname) Fluffy, Horsey Kali and Everyone who has given such invaluable support and advice on previous threads.

Remember when you are at your worst, 'This Too Shall Pass'. It really will.

Lotta1234 Fri 08-Mar-13 13:06:38

flobot I'm convinced my medicine reduced the vomiting but worsened the nausea.

pregnancymonster Fri 08-Mar-13 17:19:18

Hi all,

Been lurking for a few days taking comfort (sorry) in the fact that I'm not the only one this miserable. You do really start to worry that is in your head no matter how supportive your family and friends are.

Waiting on a call from my doctor to try to talk him into putting me onto ondansetron as am already on cyclizine and metaclopramide and still being sick several times a day even if I just sit on the sofa...going to the store or even in the car is impossible. Guess it's lucky I work from home as can't imagine trying to go to work like this.

Anyway nice to have some company even if I wouldn't wish this on anyone.

LucindaE Fri 08-Mar-13 20:01:09

PregnancyMonster Welcome, Sorry you're suffering.It is very isolating, you do begin to wonder about your sanity, for all y ou know you are not making a fuss about something normal.
Poll I do think you should be signed off, working from home or not, and if you are too ill to leave your bed, they'll have to improvise. Sorry to sound bossy.
Princess Glad you are feeling a bit better.
Waves It's sweet o f you to sympathise over migraines, but don't worry about me - I'll be fine in no time. This situation being a day patient, I hope doesn't last for too long - I hope it causes the turnaround for you.
Plastic Thanks for encouraging message.
Lotta Poor you about drain episode, horrible. How have you been generally?
Flo New meds sound like a good idea.
Apologies to anyone overlooked. HOw is Everyone?

wavesandsmiles Fri 08-Mar-13 20:24:06

Good evening everyone and welcome to pregnancymonster. Hope you get medication sorted soon.

I endured 6 hours in hospital today, went in for 9am, and came out at 3. Back tomorrow at 9 and hoping that I start to improve soon. Started being sick again around 4 (ondansetron wore off) but only have to wait til 9 to go bak for my next lot of fluids. DS now has the chicken pox that DD had a couple of weeks ago, so feels like everything is happening at once!

Whilst the day patient admissions beat the spiral down to severe dehydration and unpredicatable and lengthy inpatient ones, the cannula is really uncomfortable. I imagine that it will be changed in the next day or so as they aren't meant to be left in for too long, and this one went in on Tuesday.

Blood pressure is still so low, I don't feel like I have any energy at all. During the last admission, when obs were being done regularly, it was hovering around 80/50. I've had no advice on what to do about it, everyone just seems to think it is great because high bp is such a risk in pg. I am truly grateful not to have that, but the fainting is a problem too!

In terms of helpful family and friends, I now want to cry when someone suggests ginger or sea bands. As if I would have got to this stage without having tried everything! Grrrr.

I hope everyone is ok, and resting as much as possible

Reebok Fri 08-Mar-13 20:26:57

Hi everyone hope you're feeling a little better today. Bit annoyed because after a few weeks of no vomiting, I've been sick a few times today and getting worried that I will have a relapse due to the stress of work. Fingers crossed its just normal ms.

fl0b0t Fri 08-Mar-13 20:58:07

waves rules is rules, they mention ginger, you punch them. Hard.

lotta I think vomiting in public feels so humiliating. I met a friend for dinner and retched all the way back to the station. You feel like everyone is watching sad

Can I find the time and energy to get my meds changed? What if I get worse on new meds? sad

wavesandsmiles Fri 08-Mar-13 21:43:42

I'd be up on about 37 charges of ABH if I punched everyone who mentioned ginger wink

With you all on the vomiting in public. It's worse, in my opinion, than fainting in public, both of which I have done too often.

What meds are you on at the moment flo? No harm in seeing if you can get two which can be used at the same time, or just trying one out maybe?

I have potential lodgers coming to look at the rooms I am letting out tomorrow afternoon and Sunday. Really hoping I can avoid vomiting whilst they are here! Also worried about getting through the 2 parent-teacher meetings I have to attend on Tuesday. Fortunately school is a 2 minute walk from home, so no travelling involved, but will take a couple of sick bags with me sad

reebok - hope that you have an improved weekend. I am hoping to be back at work end of this month/start of April. I'm going to ask not to have to do any travelling though. It's air travel between the 2 locations I am involved with and the thought of flying is enough to make me dash to the toilet....

Vickitoriana Fri 08-Mar-13 23:29:05

Hey guys... I hope this is the only post i NEED to make on this thread... I have just found out i am pregnant and have already started being sick... I had HG with both my previous babies.. The first was alot worse than the second... No1 was a low birth weight and the HG continued to the 8th month... No2 was easier and stopped at about 5th month... Both required lots of hospital admissions for rehydration... Its sad to see so many of you going through it, but am comforted that theres somewhere to come if this morning sickness develops into HG.... It doesn't bode well that im only 4 weeks and my period was only due today... The morning sickness started on tuesday... Very similar to the first time. sad anyway, sorry you are all having such a crappy time... Its worth it though, i promise you.

pregnancymonster Sat 09-Mar-13 01:37:15

Up being sick so thought I'd have a rant to distract me..

Furious at the doctor who called me back. He doesn't even want me on the cyclizine and metaclopramide and told me ondansetron isn't given or recommended in pregnancy.

Instead I got a lecture on how being sick in pregnancy is "normal" Somehow I don't feel like not keeping any food or liquid down for 24+ at a time and being confined to your house going on 3 weeks is normal. Most pregnant women I know have been able to walk up stairs or get in a car without vomiting it sure as hell doesn't seem normal to me. angry

Has everyone run into this attitude or is it more unusual now?

The two other doctors I've dealt with seemed to feel it wasn't "normal" how sick I am.

lotta and flo feel your pain....hate even crying in front of people so the idea of vomiting in front of someone is horrid...hate the fact that everyone who's been over to visit me lately has had listen to me vomit sad

RoomForALittleOne Sat 09-Mar-13 07:35:48

Just popping by to see how you all are. DH is away so I'm mustering up the courage to go and change DS's nappy! I'm better than I was now that I'm back on the ondansetron and managing to stay ketone-free smile

Pregnancymonster I have encountered that attitude before. If you get to the stage of vomiting everything including sips of drink for 24 hours, you will be dehydrated enough to be admitted to hospital and they will provide you with anti-emetics. Your GP is talking bollocks. I bet they haven't even dipped your wee for ketones hmm

Tallyra Sat 09-Mar-13 09:46:19

pregnancymonster I don't know if you'll be able to, but try and get some ketostix from you pharmacy. if its at 3 or 4, call the go and say you need to go to hospital. I know being admitted is a stupid farce as I sat in casualty for hours waiting for the gynae specialist to agree to let me in, so get there asap, but preferably with a gp letter. hospitals are idiots but sounds like you are going to need a drip soon. the quicker you get in, the better.

LucindaE Sat 09-Mar-13 10:34:20

Vickitoriana Welcome, oh dear, if it's started so early, I hope you are on pre-emptive meds as you suffered horribly before?
Waves Again, mother hen must be bossy. You can't even think about going back to work until you have been eating and got your strength back a bit. You'll collapse! Nobody could expect it of you. Are they giving vitamins or osme sort of feeding along with the meds with the IV? Sorry about chickenpox and the meds wearing off so soon, and good luck with lodgers.
Waves Flo and Lotta Public Puking Performances are awful. I was good at it when I suffered.blush It's worse than fainting,because seen as rather less romantic.
PregnancyPrincessI so agree with Room and Talyra that you should test with kesostixs and having no doubt found yourself dehydrated, bypass GP and go to A and E for rehydration. Poor you, what an unfeeling GP, did he test your urine?
Reebok Poor you, what a disappointment! It's probably just a temporary glitch, I hope, maybe hormone surge? But do rest this weekend if you can.
Thinking of Everyone.

Vickitoriana Sat 09-Mar-13 11:10:17

Thanks lucinda- no, not on anything atm... Called the out of hours service last night to see if i could get something, but they still havent returned my call. I have another issue too... Puking is hurting like hell because i have a broken rib... Between getting jiggy and finding out im pregnant i had a really bad fall in M&S and broke my arm and ribs. My Dr's practice know this but have still just given me a booking appt in a months time. Grrr!

My sense of smell has gone into overdrive and everything is making me feel so sick... This is so early, i am a bit worried because its a carbon copy of my DD pregnancy.... hers was the REALLY bad pregnancy.I bet its a girl. smile

wavesandsmiles Sat 09-Mar-13 14:28:10

Need to vent sad

Just back from hospital, had IV fluids and anti emetics as usual. But today cannula needed changing as it was sited on Tuesday. Took 3 collapsed veins and nearly an hour before they got one in, and then when that one was flushed through, my wrist swelled (and I nearly jumped off the bed in pain) cos the vein had broken or something, so after all that it had to come out as well. It was so painful a process I ended up crying and vomiting. And tomorrow I have to go back for them to try to site a new cannula again, before any IVs even get started.

Not sure I can face it again tomorrow sad

fl0b0t Sat 09-Mar-13 16:47:28

Sounds horrible waves and back to work sounds like a very bad idea. I have no idea how I got through this week but I've had enough already if the weekemd" as its been busy and just want to sleep. Beautiful, lovely sleep....ah well 12wks on Monday so hopefully things might look up!

RoomForALittleOne Sat 09-Mar-13 17:52:06

Waves I don't understand how they expect to get better IV access tomorrow if they haven't re-hydrated you today. Have you had any non-oral anti-emetics so that you can try to re-hydrate enough orally in order for a cannula to be inserted? (Eg ondansetron melts or suppositories). The more dehydrated you are, the harder it is to cannulate you so I would be concerned that one bag of fluids a day is not keeping on top of your hydration needs. It may be that you could do with having a PICC line inserted if this continues to be a problem but they do have a higher risk of infection so it's not a decision the doctor will take lightly. I can't remember which anti-emetic you are on?

RoomForALittleOne Sat 09-Mar-13 17:57:05

Sorry, just seen that you are on ondansetron waves so you can have it injected in to a muscle in your bottom or thigh, as a wafer that melts on your tongue or as a suppository if you can't tolerate oral ondansetron.

LucindaE Sat 09-Mar-13 19:16:08

Waves Oh my goodness! I can't imagine what they were thinking of, discharging you like that without treatment. As Room says, why no injjection into the muscle to tied you over? You poor thing, this is a real trial of strength an chicken pox in your house and other stresses. Hugs.
Vicki Oh no, about the pain from those broken ribs, that must be awful. Can you get an emergency appointment for first thing on Monday? Have you tested urine?
Floand Reebok you must have a really good rest. Sending over some cyber invisible hands to wait on you, plump up cushions, offer ice cubes, etc.
MOH Sorry, missed your post about Caitlin. That was excellent.

wavesandsmiles Sat 09-Mar-13 19:40:53

Thanks for the hugs and words of support. I did get my litre of fluids before they decided to take the cannula out and re-site it, so that is something, but feeling unconfident about tomorrow.

My poor hands and wrists are so bruised, and my right wrist is still very swollen and I can't bend it. Hurts so much and dreading tomorrow morning still. I'm planning to put myself to bed very soon in the hope that sleep takes me away from all of this.

Pollaidh Sat 09-Mar-13 21:34:44

Sounds horrible Waves.
It probably was stupid trying to work, especially as looking back I can't remember anything that happened last week, and the week before.
After not being able to keep in fluids (even ice) for 48 hours I saw the GP who admitted me to hospital straight away. He was great, and booked me straight in so once we'd arrived and established I was in the right place a nice nurse put me straight to bed in a quiet room. It took a few hours to get a canula and drip started, and cyclizine in my thigh but by the evening I felt like a new person. I've managed to eat today! I thought the hospital staff were great, so sympathetic and kind.

LucindaE Sun 10-Mar-13 11:16:07

Poll You poor thing, if you were confused that's a sure sign of dehydration, as far back as last week. Are you still in or are you out on meds?
Waves I'm glad you got some fluids- phew - and good luck for today. I do feel for you, a broken vein sounds absolute agony, and I bet you grudged those tears as fluid sad. I hope things are far, far better today. Are they giving you some form of liquid feed - goodness, that sounds like a plant. Talking of which, for your beside thanks.
Hope Everyone is coping.

RoomForALittleOne Sun 10-Mar-13 14:09:25

Waves I have virtually no veins left in my wrists and hands that can take a cannula because of the number that have collapsed or cannulas that have tissued in the past. I have a good vein on the inside of one elbow and one in one hand that could be used once I'm hydrated. I was told that after that, it would be a case of using veins in feet or a PICC line. I've managed to avoid that thankfully. I try to not have anything IV unless necessary but that's not always been easy/possible.

legallyblond Sun 10-Mar-13 14:38:16

Hi all, sorry to butt in.... Not sure if I "qualify" as not sure what's normal for morning sickness... With DD I had very little nausea and wasn't sick once!! This time (am almost 11 weeks... 11 weeks tomorrow) I am really really struggling, and have been since about 6 weeks. I am nauseous and retching almost constantly, triggered by anything - colleague walking past with coffee, the dog food, c

legallyblond Sun 10-Mar-13 14:41:29

Grrr... Stupid iPhone... To continue:

Cooking anything, DD's wees/pops, my own, any loo etc. I'm sick mimimum of 4/5 times a day, usually more. The only meal that stays down is lunch and about 75% of drinks stay down, but some days almost none...

Is that normal ms? How bad is HG? I just figure if must be normal and it will pass....

LucindaE Sun 10-Mar-13 14:50:19

Legallyblonde Welcome, that sounds a bit worse than normal m/s, I think there's a borderline area between the two, it sounds as if you are struggling to function and on bad days, becoming dehydrated might be a problem. My usual bossy advice - do get some kesosticks - available from any chemists - to check up on ketones in urine, if you become dangerously dehdydrated - which hopefully won't happen if you can keep liquids down most days - 3+ ketones, y ou will need to go to A and E for IV fluids. It is certainly worth going to GP and trying to get meds - they can be dismissive, it's bad - though ironically one of the safest, cyclezine, is available over the counter at chemists but you have to deny being pregnant. How is the weight situation?

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