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How important are the booking blood tests?

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BeehavingBaby Fri 11-Jan-13 10:14:20

Has anyone tried your foot?

Snusmumriken Fri 11-Jan-13 10:11:40

In each and every pregnancy - I should add.

Snusmumriken Fri 11-Jan-13 10:10:05

I just wanted to add that most women that test positive to HIV assumed that they would not.

It is possible to prevent mother- to-child transmission of the virus in almost all cases (99.9%) if the mother's status is discovered early in pregnancy.

While I completely understand that it is a hassle for many people to have their blood taken, I urge any pregnant woman to take the test!

elliejjtiny Thu 10-Jan-13 20:41:30

I'm wondering if a paediatrician would have more luck with me than the phlebotomist.

nannyl Thu 10-Jan-13 18:15:31

I will not be consenting to booking bloods on my next (3rd) pregnancy (if im ever brave enough to have a third!)

I know my blood group / HIV / hepatitus status and having been in hospital with HG everytime so far, i doubt i'll avoid it next time, so i might give them the option of doing it with those blood samples, which they will inevitabley take.

I have very goos friend a peadatrician, and will become a consultant soon, (FX for passing exams etc).... anyway he was SHOCKED the issues they have getting blood from me (even more of an issue when in hospital for dehydration induced by HG) and he is adament he always manage on even the tiniest & very sick babies, who have far smaller veins than me!

I said, perhaps next time he could fly over from NZ to get it done in 1 attempt.... not failed in every spot "possible"

elliejjtiny Thu 10-Jan-13 16:35:36

Well, I went in this morning, dressed in lots of layers and having drunk loads of water. Got seen almost straight away. Phlebotomist tried 4 times but not one drop of blood came out. So now I need to phone the midwife and find out what happens next.

MaryannM Wed 09-Jan-13 21:31:40

I can sympathise with you a little. I have awful veins, my midwife couldn't get any blood, after 3 attempts I was referred to the nurse at my surgery, she tried 3 times too and failed. I'm now booked in to see a different nurse next week. I was not dehydrated as I'm drinking so much water at the moment but the nurse advised that I drink a couple of pints of water before I come in and wear a lot of layers - making sure my arms and hands (where they normally get blood from me if successful) are warm. Apparently that makes a difference... We will see. Good luck, I hope you get it sorted :-)

elliejjtiny Wed 09-Jan-13 17:21:16

Thanks everyone. I don't think I'm dehydrated as I am waking up to go to the loo 2-3 times a night but I will try drinking loads of water first. Already tried the childrens needles, they used to do the trick but not the last few times. So far the midwife has just sent me to the phlebotomist, haven't phoned her since then. DS2 in school tomorrow (he has veins like me and will probably start howling when he sees the needle) so will give it another go then and then go to tesco and buy a lot of cake

LIG1979 Wed 09-Jan-13 13:47:14

Have you tried with children's needles? I have similar veins and children's needles seem to work. As for the blood tests I think they are good at spotting things that you may not notice.

Littlemissexpecting Wed 09-Jan-13 13:44:21

I am like a stone to get blood out of my veins are tiny. They need to use the smallest butterfly needle and I need to drink at least 2 pints of water before I go. Does that help?
How else will they know your iron levels, your blood levels etc? It drives me mad too as they also struggle on me but its worth it imo

Snusmumriken Wed 09-Jan-13 13:39:15

It is really important that you and your healthcare providers know your HIV status ASAP.

Good luck!

MightBeMad Wed 09-Jan-13 13:30:48

Ellie are you dehydrated at all from MS? I'm just trying to think of something (anything!) that might help! That does sound miserable though, poor you. I don't think the tests are the end of the world especially as you had them all relatively recently, but it is useful for the medics caring for you to have a baseline of where things were at the start of your pregnancy to help them assess you health and monitor your condition as your pg progresses. Best thing is to ask your gp/midwife or consultant I guess. What have they suggested so far?

elliejjtiny Wed 09-Jan-13 12:00:25

I'm not refusing to have it done but I am getting fed up of going to get my blood taken, getting stabbed with the needle and no blood coming out. The midwife has tried, the phlebotomist has tried but it hasn't worked. Last year I had a GA and the anaesthetist who initially said "don't worry, I can get a canula into anyone" tried and failed. In the end she knocked me out with gas and I woke up with a canula in and 6 other puncture marks with bruises.

I'm wondering how long I should keep letting people try and take blood from me before I say enough is enough. What will happen if I don't have these tests done? This is my 7th pregnancy so I already know my blood group. My rubella immunity was ok 2.5 years ago. I've always had awful veins but they seem to be getting worse.

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