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Low Blood Pressure - how can I help to get it up and feel better?

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looneytune Sat 05-Jan-13 19:09:19

Hi all. From memory, my BP tends to be on the lower side when pg but I can't remember any readings (as a while ago, boys now 9 and 4). Well since yesterday I've been feeling very very tired, light headed (even though just laying down) and even my eyes are not quite what they should be. Yesterday I thought it was because I'd overslept and had to rush off to an appointment before having the chance to eat or have a proper drink so I spent yesterday drinking lots, eating etc. and today the same but I still feel rubbish, no energy and can't do a lot and my BP isn't getting to what it was at booking in. FYI, I'm 16+5, had my BP checked at the hospital a week ago and it was 127/84 (think a little higher as was a bit worried about baby at the time), at booking in (was done early at about 4/5 weeks) it was 110/60 but this weekend it varied between 77/41 - 89/52 which I think it pretty low and probably explains me feeling like I do?

Anyway, just wondered if there are any suggestions for helping this to go up apart from the obvious drinking lots and making sure I eat?

looneytune Sat 05-Jan-13 21:47:54

Bump smile

crunchingicicles Sun 06-Jan-13 02:16:51

Not sure how to get BP up but this article is useful for how to deal with some of the side effects of lower BP & how to avoid making it even lower. a
Also, this is just a bit of guesswork, but if you're meant to avoid/reduce salt intake with high BP, perhaps it would help if you increase salt intake. If you do this I'd so it very slowly and carefully. Perhaps add a little salt to meals you have. But only so it tastes good. If it tastes too salty it probably is. Of course, if you already add a fair bit of salt or have lots of prepared foods (which tend to be higher in salt), ignore this thought. Also, chat it over with MW or GP, as this is purely guessing. It may be that they are happy with the lower BP readings you're getting.

Musomathsci Sun 06-Jan-13 02:20:27

I think you would be wise to go back and see GP or MW and get checked again. In the meantime, don't stand if you can sit, don't sit if you can lie down. When you get up from lying down, take it slowly in stages - hand your legs down first and sit until you feel comfortable then stand up gradually.
Perhaps wearing support stockings might help a bit?
Are you absolutely sure you aren't anaemic or something as well as having low BP?

HavingALittleFaithBaby Sun 06-Jan-13 09:16:58

I had this in early pregnancy. I'm generally on the low side but it really was low. I found it gradually improved - remember you're effectively sharing your blood supply until the placenta fully takes over. I found the main thing that helped was drinking plenty every day. I took a water bottle to work with me and sipped all day. My MW said you need to drink double what you normally would. If you're quite dehydrated, one day of drinking won't be enough to rectify things. Keep trying to drink plenty. I agree though, if you're really struggling, you should go back to your MW because it can be a sign of iron deficiency.

Emsyboo Sun 06-Jan-13 15:22:55

I agree get your bloods checked just in case.
I have low bp normally which lowers in pregnancy the main risk is fainting and hurting yourself so take things slow.
Also your uterus can fall onto a blood vessel when you lie down so if you still feel dizzy move onto your side.
My bloods were fine which was good but they couldn't offer me any other advice. If anyone else has better advice will be interested to see.
Good luck hope you feel better it will probably go up a bit later in pregnancy and better low than high or so they tell me smile

Rowan1204 Sun 06-Jan-13 15:42:58

I am afraid i am unable to offer much advice as i am suffering from the same thing and also could do with some advice! I am 14 wks with twins and have had quite big dips in my bp since about 5 weeks. I have actually passed out a few times but it has got slightly better as time has gone on.
I have found myself sitting on a chair at the stove to make the dinner as i felt like fainting! I find just sitting down with my legs up helps. Also having a sugary and cold fizzy drink and making sure i have a snack like a banana handy.

looneytune Sun 06-Jan-13 20:52:33

Thanks for all the replies and sorry for the delay in posting (friends litle girl passed away this morning so been a very sad day).

crunchingicicles - thanks for the link and yes, I've since tried some salty crisps and definitely perked me up more than any chocolate did so salt was a help. Just didn't stay that way but have felt better today, well better than last 2 days. I've got my MW appointment on Tuesday so will discuss with her then. I don't mind the readings so much as how I've been feeling.

Musomathsci - that's a good point, I will check about my iron levels etc. when I see MW on Tuesday. In the meantime, I've been taking your advice about getting up slowly.

Emsyboo - thanks for the advice, yes I've noticed I'm worse on my back so tend to be on my side.

Rowan1204 - wow twins! No wonder you're feeling rough. Take it easy, I've never fainted in my life but I think it's because when I feel very dizzy I do sit down. You take care won't you!

Well this afternoon I've felt so much better than I did (slept in til near 1!) and just taken BP again and it's 90/51 which is better so fingers crossed. I just need to get through tomorrow (6 children in the house - I'm a childminder and it's inset day at school) then I can speak to the midwife the next day (plus I've got a much lighter workload after tomorrow. Was just really worried about managing to work considering I couldn't get far from th sofa for 2 days. The joys of pregnancy eh! smile Thanks again for all the advice x

DoNotDisturb Mon 07-Jan-13 12:28:37

Can't really add much as I'm suffering the same. I'm 18 weeks and my bp is low. It's really interesting reading the posts though as I've massively craved salt so I wonder if that's my body's way of telling me how to fix it..

looneytune Tue 08-Jan-13 20:33:00

I reckon there is definitely something in the salt thing! And also make sure you drink plenty of water! I'm feeling much better today and at my MW appointment this morning it was 90/55 which was much better (although it was commented on as being low so guess they were pleased it wasn't as low as I'd had). I ended up having a few hours in hospital last night after another bleed (7 now) and when this was mentioned the took a little extra blood when they tested me (have to each time I bleed) to check my iron levels but this morning I was told all fine so I think it was just a dodgy couple of days but a good excuse for eating some salty crisps! wink Apart from my BP getting very low this afternoon (purely due to tons of blood being taken for yet more tests down the hospital), I've felt much better the past couple of days. Hope you're feeling better soon too x

HavingALittleFaithBaby Tue 08-Jan-13 20:35:39

Yes it's reverse of the advise for high blood pressure - salt should boost your BP along with plenty of fluid. I'm glad it's improved and you're feeling better smile sorry about the bleed but glad all looks ok.

looneytune Tue 08-Jan-13 20:41:47

Thanks, I'm sure the salt did help! smile

Rowan1204 Tue 08-Jan-13 20:44:40

Blimey Looneytune sounds like you have a lot going on!

Thanks for the salt tip, I will be trying that too! anything to help! : )

looneytune Tue 08-Jan-13 21:03:37

Rowan1204 - LOL, yeah thinks that's 4 times I've been in the last week! Was in for few hours last night and told I didn't need an anti-d jab this time (I'm RHNeg blood group) so went home and got a phonecall from hospital this morning whilst I was at my normal MW appointment telling me to come in. Expected the same quick 10 mins in and out jobby so DH dropped me outside and waited in the car. Poor thing was waiting in his car 2 hours then I had to phone him to come in for blood too and in the end I was there for almost 4 hours (meant my kids and a mindee were let at school for over an hour after home time sad - I did keep them posted though). Anyway, now under consultant care so guess it's the best place to be but it's just been a big headache. Keep getting told as my boys were no trouble, this one must be a girl and causing me grief already! wink

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