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Period cramps (just in back) at 33wks

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maximusminimus Sat 05-Jan-13 12:32:29

Been having these for a few days now. They're only in my back (not in my tummy/abdomen) and around/above my hip bones. They come and go - no real pattern really. Feels just like the start of my period. Baby moving fine.

Are these BHs? My tummy doesn't get hard or anything like that with them, which is what I thought happened with BHs...I hardly got any first time around so not really sure what they feel like!

owlface Sat 05-Jan-13 15:35:06

I'm 28 weeks and had this this week - mine was sort of low hip pain going into the top of my thighs, exactly like a period is about to start, but it didn't feel like anything to do with the baby if that makes any sense. I asked my midwife about it yesterday. She said not to worry but keep an eye and if the pain got stronger or turned into contractions I should phone the hospital. She didn't mention BHs and I don't know how they feel. My pains have gone now thank goodness. It was odd having period pains again after nothing for 6 months, I'm not looking forward to my periods coming back! I wonder if it was the baby having a growth spurt as my bump suddenly got big this week.

maximusminimus Sun 06-Jan-13 01:18:53

Thanks - hopefully that's all it is (although I'm already at the stage where I just don't understand how the bump is going to get any bigger!!). I have a doctor's appt this week so will mention it then.

TeaandHobnobs Sun 06-Jan-13 01:29:33

maximus I'd say its probably a good sign that they are irregular, but I would mention them at your drs appointment. Perhaps you might have a touch of a UTI or something? If you are at all concerned, speak to your MW smile

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