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i have no idea if my waters have broke...

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treenbean Fri 04-Jan-13 22:16:01

Im 41weeks+1day...ive been feeling leaky,backache/BH/period like cramps and when i bend over my stomach feels rumbly at the top..ive no idea if thats to do with baby being so big or maybe waters are leaking? help! confused

MiconiumHappens Fri 04-Jan-13 22:30:33

Hmmmm well I knew as water came out of my fanjo smile

Sounds very much like early labour though.

My experience of waters breaking was completely different each time DS woke up in a damp bed and trickled for aaaaages, DD pushed the waters out in a big woosh.

Hope you're ok, rest if you can

SweetTeaVodka Fri 04-Jan-13 22:33:23

I was uncertain of whether my waters had gone recently. Midwife advised me to put a pad in and see if it filled up within an hour or two. She also said if you lay down for a bit the waters pool, then ou get a bit of a gush once you get up. The fluid should be clear or ple straw coloured and melts sweet. Brown or green indicates meconium.

I was advised to always contact midwife/labour ward if you suspect waters are leaking, as if they have gone and baby doesn't arrive within the next day or two there is a risk of infection.

I ended up having to go in, they inspected my pad and did a speculum exam to see if they could see the leak (concluded there wasn't one, but was told I was right to call).


SweetTeaVodka Fri 04-Jan-13 22:34:18

Forgot to add I've been having backache, period like pains nod string

Purplehonesty Fri 04-Jan-13 22:34:42

Sounds like early labour I agree. Congrats not long now to meet dc.
My waters went pop and gush with dd and were broken by mw with ds and there was lots and lots.
Good luck!

SweetTeaVodka Fri 04-Jan-13 22:37:12

Shit, posted send too soon, silly iPad.

Forgot to add that I've been having backache, period like cramps and strong BH on nod off for a week now, so I was really hopeful that it was my waters! No such luck for me though, but I hope your body has more off clue than mine and you are soon enjoying cuddles with your new baby

treenbean Sun 06-Jan-13 21:33:55

i feel like im never going to go into labour naturally sad induced on the 8th..this will be 2nd baby and waters just popped and gushed when i was on the toilet before delivering.had severe urge to push after maybe im just leaking urine...this baby is well down and have to pee so so much lol blush but still dont get the gurgly squelchy noise at the top of my stomach...

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