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Anyone any experience with haemorrhage on placenta?

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10storeylovesong Fri 04-Jan-13 19:19:43

Just that really. I've just come out of hospital with bleeding and the scan showed a haemorrhage on the edge of my placenta which is fundal.

I'd gotten my head around it until the doctor came to discharge me and announced "I do need to tell you that worse scenario means baby could die." Although I knew this hearing it put so bluntly has really shaken me and I could do with hearing some real life stories, good and bad.

Tinselandchocolates Fri 04-Jan-13 20:22:16

Funnily enough I've just got home from MAU and scan showed placental haematoma, so not quite the same i guess. Baby very active today (more than usual) and quite a few tightenings (26 weeks). All ok and midwife said she was a bit surprised I'd not had a bleed. Said it wasn't anything to worry about and not that uncommon.
I suppose you have to remember that there will always be risks, even after baby is born. Try to only worry about things you can change.
All the best for the rest of your pregnancy.

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