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What happens about bottle feeding and expressing in hospital?

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12ylnon Thu 03-Jan-13 13:26:50

I hated bf last time, and it gave me massive anxiety, so we've made the decision to give it a go once or twice, but if it doesn't work out, just to express and ff.
Not sure how this is going to work in hospital- do you bring your own bottles, formula, breast pumps etc- what about sterilizing?
Or do they provide it all. Bit nervous about borrowing as i've got MAM bottles and they have a very distinctive shaped teat- don't want the baby to get used to the wrong kind!
What are my options?

Emsyboo Thu 03-Jan-13 13:43:26

I think it may vary from hospital to hospital and will depend how long you are in. I expressed due to issues with baby latching on then he was too weak so had to syringe the whole time I was in till I went home and finally got the hang of breastfeeding.
Due to some problems we were re admitted as I was ill but my milk dried up due to a temperature so midwives snook me some SMA with the teats.
You may have to prepare yourself for a bit of a battle but ask the midwives what the protocol is -my hospital had sterilizing solution which was a pain as you had to clean and sterilize by hand - no easy microwaveable sterilizers.
Sorry can't really help but my advice would be ask your midwives hopefully some one else will be along with better advice.

newgirl Thu 03-Jan-13 13:49:37

I was in hosp for 4 days with dd1 and breastfed but due to exhaustion my milk was quite low for hungry baby (10lb) and they gave me expressing hand pump which helped boost my milk and they fed her at night once or twice. They put it in a fridge for use at next feed. They were quite firm - once when we'd warmed it dd didn't fancy it and they said it couldn't be saved. But it all worked and I was able to breastfeec and express. So bit of waffle bug they know how to help - if you own your stuff already take it in. Bit also you might find it easier second time but best be prepared for all options!

scampidoodle Thu 03-Jan-13 18:59:43

With DS I ended up in hospital for a week and they were desperate for him to have feeds of any kind, so although I was trying to breastfeed they also got me to try formula. They had the small bottles of ready made formula (about three different types) that come with separate, wrapped teats, so you could choose whichever one you wanted - all freely available. Once he was starting to breastfeed they also encouraged me to express and they gave each of us who were expressing a separate sterilising container etc, which they dealt with (changed the water and whatever else needs doing).

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