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Anyone had a VBAC at Lewisham hosp in the last couple of years?

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louschmoo Wed 02-Jan-13 16:25:57

I just had my first VBAC appointment there and was pretty reassured by a lot of what the midwife told me re: their policies on CFM, going overdue etc. i was just wondering if anyone has got experience of what it's like in practice? She said that i would be monitored on admission to the labour ward, but that if all was well then i wouldn't have to be monitored continuously, just for about 15 mins every hour or so, also that i could be monitored whilst standing/sitting/on birthing ball etc so not strapped to a bed. She also said that if overdue i could go to 42 weeks without intervention if i wanted, and that i would have the same midwife throughout my labour (unless there's a shift change of course and allowing for breaks for the midwife). Does this ring true for anyone who's given birth there?

I did have my son there in 2011 but that was induction then emergency CS so different circumstances obs!

louschmoo Wed 02-Jan-13 16:59:14

Just realised i should have put this in childbirth so have reposted there, sorry!

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