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Feeling exceptionally anti-social.

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nananaps Wed 02-Jan-13 16:06:12

Seriously do not want to have anything to do with anyone.

I am putting everyone off visiting, not answering the phone, answer an occasional text though.

I have had to force myself to say yes to a couple of friends but have just lied to put off one of my very good, long term friends and her family because i just cant face the noise, hassle and length of stay. This is NOT like me at all, have never done this before.

ALl she wants to do is come with her DH, 2 kids for a takaway. Kids are noisy and boistrous, usually i dont mind so much but i just dont want them here.

My dad popped round with his 2 little boys the other day, the boys were into every room, every cupbourd, left an absolute tip and i cant bend down to pick up or tidy up so i was very pissed off.

DH had passed my dad on the doorstep and told him he was off out taking our ds with him to give me said "ay ok" then came in anyway with his whirlwinds.

I normally ADORE these two boys, but i actually would have pretended to be out had my DH not let him in...thats awful.

WTF is wrong with me? Freak or not.

36 weeks btw. Anyone else?

Dogsmom Wed 02-Jan-13 16:34:11

Lol, me too smile

It's my first so I have no experience of it and assume it's just hormones, I'm 31 weeks and would love to sit indoors all day with the dogs and hibernate, I'm even starting to resent the thought of visitors once she's been born, I don't want to entertain people or be sociable, I want to be left alone and I've already started deliberately distancing myself from family & friends so they'll get used to it and hopefully not notice as much once DD is born.

I've told people that I wont tell them I'm in labour, I want DH, myself & DD to have a few hours 'just us' when she's born and am still irritated by the fact that I'll HAVE to let people see her at some point!

PhieEl06 Wed 02-Jan-13 16:52:19

I'm only 11+3 & I hate being around all my friends, my friends that know I'm finding so irritating that I am making up any excuse to not see them & I feel really bad about it but I am not enjoying their company, their comments are doing my head in. My OH just thinks I'm being a bitch, he doesn't understand that I love them to bits but they are just really getting on the wrong side of me. I completely sympathise I just hope it doesn't carry on for my whole pregnancy as I may possibly have no friends by the time baby is here!! sad

SweetTeaVodka Wed 02-Jan-13 23:05:37

You're not alone, I'm 37+1 and seem to have gone into hibernation mode. Don't want to go out or see anyone, feeling really adverse to venturing far from home and don't really want anyone coming round except my mum. Feeling quite territorial and reclusive.

DH reckons it's an extension of the nesting instinct - like how cats etc go and hide somewhere dark and quiet before birthing a litter.

Paradisefound Thu 03-Jan-13 10:05:17

Me too! I'm 25 weeks and irritable with a capital I. I would quite happily hibernate until this little one arrives.

Bunnychan Thu 03-Jan-13 10:29:02

I'm feeling this today! I've got to travel into Birmingham city centre to meet and old friend ( a 40 min drive). I really wish I could stay at home; I can't face the hustle and bustle and lately I hate going anywhere unless DP is with me! I'm 20 weeks today x

Artemis206 Thu 03-Jan-13 11:03:07

YY. I'm 38 weeks and really unsociable at the moment. I don't want to go out or talk to anyone. I know that I have to at some point but really don't want to.

eagleray Thu 03-Jan-13 11:16:19

I'm with you Nana - am 38 weeks now and had 3 days in a row of visitors over Xmas, including DSis with her 2 boys (ASD, behavioural probs etc). I ended up going to bed before lunch was over as just couldn't cope

And then they stayed until well into the evening - I couldn't even sit on the sofa as the kids were there, fighting and throwing things around angry

SweetTea - think you are right about the cat thing - I am feeling very homebound and unsociable now, in fact I might go and see if there's room to sit in the basement cupboard until it's all over smile

gemdrop84 Thu 03-Jan-13 11:58:02

omg, I thought it was just me feeling like that, glad to know it's somewhat normal and I'm not being a complete cow smile 38wks today and feel really grumpy- just want to shut myself away now til the end!

beaver33 Thu 03-Jan-13 12:51:11

ha - you're not alone! This really struck a chord with me, and I'm only 22 weeks... Can't face it. Any of it. Nothing is more attractive at the moment than a snuggle on the sofa under a blanket in my onesie watching some Scandinavian crime drama.

Go out? See people? Pah. What can they offer me?

I'm ignoring texts and phone calls and only really reluctantly agreeing to see someone if I literally can't avoid it. And I don't feel guilty. Well....only a bit.

Embrace and enjoy, I say.

Notmyidea Thu 03-Jan-13 14:41:33

I'm feeling pretty antisocial, too. (26 weeks.) dh keeps asking what I want to do for my birthday and how it's our last chance before baby arrives. I quite like the idea of palming the older dc off on grandma for a bit but I don't really want to see anyone or do anything.
Think I felt like this with all of them, but very happy to show off a new baby afterwards.

Snowflakepie Thu 03-Jan-13 15:26:49

I was certainly like this with DD, we had to do Christmas with all the families when I was 38 weeks and it was horrendous, we did the absolute minimum and ran screaming. You need your own space when pg, for sure. When she was born I refused to let either set of parents stay with us despite the 2.5hr drive each way, and the thick snow, because I wanted it to be just us. I feel the same again already at 16 weeks. My parents were fab but my in laws got a bit funny, thing is I wasn't an invalid and my mil in particular goes ott about everything. I can wash up, carry the shopping in, drive the car, lift DD... It just gets too much for my naturally introverted self. I nearly did a happy dance when I realised the in laws are on holiday for the 2 weeks before my due date, fingers crossed this one is early like their big sister lol!

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