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Late pregnancy lower abdominal pain due to previous cs adhesions or weak ligaments.

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Melody3boys Sun 30-Dec-12 15:16:10

Long story short. I'm not pregnant (yet!) but am planning fourth. Had three previous CSections. Last time I experienced A LOT of lower abdominal pain from about seven months. Admitted for checks, twice, scar all ok. Seen consultant before TTC this time to check ok to go ahead with fourth pregnancy and cs, and he has no concerns.

I'm hoping the pain I experience is not related to adhesion from the three previous surgeries. I'm doing some research and trying to find out if weak ligaments/muscles could be to blame.

The pain I felt last time was under the bump. As I've said, I only experienced it from about 7 months so I'm pretty sure it's to do with the weight of the baby. If I could have spent all day with my hands under my bump it would have felt better, but not perfect.
The pain would always be worse after a busy day and would improve with rest.

Has anyone else experienced anything similar?
If it's ligaments/muscle weakness is there anything I can do to improve strength now before I'm pregnant or in early pregnancy?
Would one if those support belts help? I've heard mixed things about them so not sure if they're a good idea or not. Anyone used one? Recommend what to buy?

My previous community mw wasn't really very helpful (I'm hoping I get a different one next time) so that's why I ended up phoning hospital and being admitted twice.

If I do get pregnant again, I'd like to be more prepared for it this time - looking after three other children, pushing pushchair, walking for school runs, housework etc isn't going to make it any easier!!!

All help/advice/view points much appreciated.
M xxx

Nicknamegrief Sun 30-Dec-12 15:28:07

Am 39 weeks in my fourth pregnancy, having had two previous sections.

Have had very little discomfort/pain around my scar this time if you exclude days where I have over done it (we moved 4 weeks ago and after that I had a chest infection with horrible cough). Overall it has been a lot better than before. I have had a three year gap this time between births and took up running in the gap (not long distance 3/5 miles twice a week).

Have my section booked for tomorrow and I hope that all looks good. The consultants and midwives have said my scar looks good and doesn't look under any strain.

Hope that helps.

Melody3boys Sun 30-Dec-12 16:21:58

Wow... Tomorrow!!! Exciting!!! Congratulations. How are you feeling about the cs tomorrow?

Running... Ugh, can't think of anything worse!

I'm pleased you've had a better preg than before. Did you suffer with pain around your scar last time? Do you think it is scar related/adhesions related? I'd be interested to hear if people with only vaginal birth history have experienced it.

I'm hoping NOT to have the luxury of a three year gap! DS3 has just turned 1 and I'd like a new sibling close in age for him. My last gap was four years between births and that was when I experienced the worse pain - as opposed to two years between births the time before.

Thanks for your response Nicknamegrief. All the best for tomorrow xxxx

Melody3boys Mon 31-Dec-12 11:25:25

Anyone had lower bump pain WITHOUT caesarean history?

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