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2 Extremely Trivial / silly Questions - but if you can't ask here........

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iamwhaticallpregnant Sun 30-Dec-12 15:17:14

Thanks everyone - all very interesting and rockchick - that is something to look forward to!! Amazing that we go back to normal after that. Bit of a relief to be honest.

MissCoffeeNWine Sun 30-Dec-12 14:24:20

Had little trims same as usual all through pregnancy, never had any problems reaching so you might not either. Had sex about 3 weeks after each time, though I have been lucky and never torn or had stitches. Felt different, but fine, first few times but back to normal by about week five.

Amnewtoallthis Sun 30-Dec-12 14:16:33

Hi - with DD1 I had an emergency CS but I'd been using one of those bikini razors with an electric (battery) shaver as I couldn't get to the beautician for a bikini wax - basically it kept things tidy. As for sex - managed it four weeks to the day after she was born - my period started the day after - needless to say I was at my GP's asking for the contraceptive jab that day!

SoYo Sun 30-Dec-12 14:08:55

As someone that sees lots of women delivering babies I plan on keeping everything trimmed short (using men's hair trimmer with safety cover! How embarrassing!) but that's because I know it's easier for stitching afterwards and easier to keep clean. Usually keep well waxed too so I'll be booking that in fr about 36 weeks but less bothered about that! If you don't do anything though nobody will bat an eyelid, we see all extremes and it's never talked about! Hope that helps!

Rockchick1984 Sun 30-Dec-12 13:04:38

1. I had booked a wax (NOT brazillian!) for my due date along with a scalp massage, pedicure and haircut. Went into labour before the appt so didn't get any of it done - was very hairy but no comments/giggles/reaction of any sort in hospital grin

2. Had episiotomy, had sex at 3 weeks after birth but was painful; tried again at 5 weeks and was ok-ish although I felt huge down there; all felt good again by about 2 months although had to use lube as breastfeeding can make you dry down there (apologies for TMI)! After about 8 months I realised one day that it all felt the same as pre pregnancy.

A bit more TMI - sex now is actually better than pre pregnancy - I used to generally only come from clit stimulation, however since having DS I find I can come easily from vaginal!! Quite common when I've googled it, so definitely not bad!! smile

eltsihT Sun 30-Dec-12 13:04:10

1. I use hair removal cream to "keep my garden tidy" and did so throughout my pregnancy, I found it helped me keep myself and my stitches clean afterwards.

2. First had sex 3 months after giving birth, my hubby found I was tighter than before and it was sore where I had my stitches, sort of avoided sex for a while but after 9 months everything seemed back to normal, so would agree that pelvic floor exercise before and after birth were a must, 20 weeks ATM and already doing them again

Haha I actually picked my name because a random lady came up to me after I had DS and she asked how much he weighed and then asked if I had any stitches (which is a surprisingly personal but common question, something else I didn't know pre-children) and when I said I didn't she said 'gee whizz love you must have a beaver of steel' and sauntered off. Hilarious.

I know what you mean though no-one ever mentions the trivial things, its like its assumed that we all know what to do.

iamwhaticallpregnant Sun 30-Dec-12 12:11:01

Thanks both. MissyMoo - love that you were the first to reply with a name like that. Extremely trivial I know - but no one ever tells you about these things!

lilly40 Sun 30-Dec-12 12:02:37

Whether you shave your pubic hair or not is personal to you. With my first pg I didn't bother and when I was in labour none of the medical team batted an eyelid. I'll prob do the same this time round.
It was about 6 weeks before I had sex after giving birth. Every woman is different and it depends on how big the baby is and many other factors as to how you'll feel down there. I'd say keep up your pelvic floor exercises throughout your pregnancy as that helps keep everything tight. Good luck x

1 - By the time I was due to drop there was no way I could have done anything about it anyway. I don't think the midwives get offended if you don't have a little trim.

2 - It really depends on how you feel after the birth, whether you have stitches etc. I have varied between 10 days and 5 months after having a baby. It isn't like chucking a tennis ball down an alley but it does feel a bit different.

iamwhaticallpregnant Sun 30-Dec-12 11:54:14

Question number 1: What do you do with your down there hair before labour? I only ask because I am slightly vexed at the thought of people looking down there (no one really has done this before - not without extreme candlelight and wine) and I just wondered if you should get rid? Or leave it natural (as it has been for some time due to being unable to reach)! The indignity of labour worries me slightly more than the actual pain.

Question number 2: How long was it until you were able to have sex again after giving birth? Pure curiosity? Oh, and does it feel the same? Or is it like throwing a tennis ball down an alley? (I jest of course). Happy Christmas.

Extremely prude and not regularly in the nude / 34 weeks

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